ArchiLab is an annual architectural exposition and conference held in Orléans in France. So far, there have been ArchiLab projects every year from 1999 to 2008.

ArchiLab brings together architects from around the world for whom collective or individual housing is also an opportunity to reflect on new conceptual strategies.

The meetings are organized by the city of Orléans, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the regional art fund of the Center region.

The first meetings took place in 1999, then every year until 2004; since 2004, they are held every two years.

ArchiLab 2001
More than 90 architects were invited to present their projects during the Third International Meeting on Architecture held in Orléans in 2001. This meeting brings together the architects of the world for whom lodging together is a chance for thinking about new conceptual strategies. Faced with an increasing standardization in the construction industry and the fashion of dwellings in constant change, the challenge of the innovator is to adapt to these times of constant change. Modern communications have introduced us to a greater cultural diversity but, on the other hand, increasing industrialization has led to uniformity in the construction process.

The projects are grouped in a way to represent various attitudes towards the question of housing.

Individual or collective habitation
Effects on landscape
New life styles
Form and process of creation

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