2019 China Guzhen International Lighting Fair, Zhongshan, China

China Guzhen International Lighting Fair is based on the Guzhen of “China’s Lighting Capital”, based on the source of the industry, integrating the advantageous resources of the lighting industry, adopting the innovative model of exhibition-shop linkage, and creating a super large scale for lighting manufacturers and purchasers. Distributors build a one-stop business platform for lighting products with direct purchase, convenient trade and super cost-effective lighting.

China Guzhen International Lighting Fair is held twice a year. The spring exhibition focuses on domestic sales of lighting, and the autumn exhibition focuses on external sales of lighting, covering the entire industry chain, providing more professional services for exhibitors and buyers.

Spring Lighting Fair 2019
The 23rd China Guzhen International Lighting Fair takes “the art of light, the sea of ​​light” as the concept of exhibition arrangement. Highlight the taste of “lamps” and enhance the attractiveness of “lamps”, so that the majority of merchants can fully appreciate the charm of “Chinese Lamp Capital”. Focusing on smart lighting, it promotes the development of Industry 4.0, and creates a professional, market-oriented, international and branded professional lighting exhibition.

The conference is in the form of 1+7 exhibition shop linkage, forming 8 conference venues, more than 1.5 million exhibition area, 2000 famous lighting companies “headlight fair” pattern, with the unique advantages of “lighting source production area”, open the “front show and back factory” Purchasing model started the slogan of “Spring Procurement”.

The 9 theme exhibition areas at the main venue of this year’s Guzhen Light Expo cover midstream finished products such as decorative lights, home lighting, electrical and electrical, commercial lighting, LED technology and lighting, and outdoor lighting, while the Guzhen manufacturing exhibition area includes machinery, raw materials, accessories and components. , 3D printing and other exhibits, etc…

This year’s Light Expo also realized the “exhibition network linkage”, through the linkage of the Internet and offline exhibitions, greatly enhancing the competitiveness of the exhibition. At the same time, more than 20 high-end forums will be held at the Light Fair, and experts will broadcast live, fully presenting the era of the headlight fair.

Relying on the precise grasp of the pulse of the lighting industry, the conference is the first stop for domestic lighting procurement to build a direct, convenient, and super cost-effective one-stop business platform for suppliers and buyers, and realize online resource collection, communication, and line Under the integration of supporting services, we will create a professional, market-oriented, nationalized, and brand-oriented professional lighting exhibition.

Autumn Lighting Fair 2019
The 24th Guzhen Lighting Fair is based on the Guzhen’s over 100 billion lighting production and trade industrial cluster, with over 2000 high-quality enterprises covering the lighting industry chain in an all-round way, creating an original design highland, driving the industrial development strategy with innovation, and shaping the “Guzhen Lighting” regional brand , Brilliantly present the specialization, marketization, branding and internationalization of the lighting autumn harvest procurement feast.

This year’s Guzhen Lighting Fair adopts the 1+7 “exhibition shop linkage” exhibition mode. The main venue, Dengdu Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and Lihe, Huayi, Star Alliance, Times, Baisheng, Huayu and Streetlight City have joined forces to form a one-stop shopping feast with 8 venues and an exhibition area of ​​over 1.5 million square meters. As the main venue, the Convention and Exhibition Center of Guzhen, Lamp Capital, focuses on industry development trends, covers the entire industry chain of lighting, and detonates diversified business opportunities for exhibitions and sales.

As the highlight of this exhibition, the “Global Buyers Procurement Bank” was built by the Light Fair with a lot of money. By matching overseas buyers and exhibitors, it can build an effective international trade exchange platform for the main venue exhibitors and branch venues. The “Global Buyers Sourcing Line” project covers overseas buyer matching parties, industry forum, and guided tours of branch venues, etc., allowing buyers and exhibitors to shorten the communication cost and make accurate and efficient matching.

With the continuous advancement of the intelligent era, this exhibition aims at industry demand, expands the “smart lighting” section of Hall A, guides more companies to follow the trend of the intelligent era to accelerate innovation, and find the driving force for new breakthroughs in the lighting industry.

Exhibition Halls
China Guzhen International Lighting Fair takes the Guzhen Town Convention and Exhibition Center as the main venue. The five major lighting professional stores are Lihe Lighting Expo Center, Huayi Plaza, Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center, Lighting Times Square and China Lighting International Street Light City. In the branch venue, a new model of exhibition and sales with more than 1.5 million square meters of exhibition shops will be built. The five major lighting stores continued to cooperate with the exhibitors in the main venue to deepen the linkage, mainly launching boutiques and new styles, allowing buyers to enjoy the lighting and lighting procurement season.

The main venue:
The Convention and Exhibition Center of Dengdu Guzhen is composed of three exhibition halls A, B, and C and a two-story conference reception center as a whole. Among them, Hall A is an exhibition area for interior decoration lights, smart home lighting, comprehensive branding, and original design. Hall B is an exhibition area for interior decoration lights, home lighting, commercial lighting, germicidal lamps, education lighting, health lighting, and cross-border e-commerce. C The hall is equipped with smart light poles, special lamps, outdoor lighting, cultural and tourism lighting, and LED display; 2 temporary halls are added, hall D is for mechanical equipment, hall E is for lighting accessories; the front hall of the main hall is newly added to the F exhibition area Smart home, smart appliances, smart systems, smart locks, kitchen and bathroom, hardware & doors and windows.

Lihe Light Expo Center
Different from the traditional professional lighting stores, the Lihe Lighting Expo Center relies on the comprehensive facilities of the 1.6 million square meters urban complex-Guzhen Lihe Plaza. On the one hand, it provides a full range of service escorts for the lighting and lighting exhibition and trade services at home and abroad. In addition, the inter-industry inclusive and complementary cross-border integration has promoted the accelerated development of the lighting industry. On the other hand, it is based on the innovative development model of “themed management + experiential trade + situational leisure shopping”, gathering the most influential industrial energy of China’s lighting industry, forming an international lighting industry exhibition and trading platform, leading the Guzhen A new revolution in the lighting industry.

Huayi Plaza
Huayi Plaza takes Huayi International Lighting Plaza as its core and gathers more than 300 well-known lighting brands at home and abroad. It is divided into seven themed lighting pavilions: Crystal Pavilion, European and American Pavilion, Chinese Pavilion, Modern Pavilion, Import Pavilion, Lighting Custom Pavilion, and Foreign Trade Pavilion. , To create an international lighting business platform with first-class environment and first-class service. At the same time, Huayi Plaza is equipped with shopping malls, 5A Grade A office buildings, convention and exhibition centers, five-star hotels and other business formats. It provides a one-stop lighting procurement service integrating clothing, food, housing, travel, shopping and entertainment for customers from all over the country and the world.

Star Alliance
The Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center is located in the center of the town, adjacent to the Twin Towers, with a total construction area of ​​nearly 360,000 square meters. It is an international professional lighting store integrating procurement, experience and lighting culture. Star Alliance brings together well-known lighting brands at home and abroad, and sells lighting products covering all styles of decorative lanterns, home lighting, commercial lighting, engineering lighting, smart home, light sources and switches. From architectural design to landscape design to environmental design, Star Alliance has always followed the positioning and concept of “world model, international standard”, and fully integrated the characteristics of light in the lighting industry to present a technology, avant-garde, fashion and Humanized visual experience and shopping enjoyment. With its simple and stylish architectural aesthetics and beautiful lighting art, in June 2016, Star Alliance was officially named the first national AAA tourist attraction in the Guzhen.

Dengdu Times Square
As a super large professional lighting plaza in the Guzhen, its architectural planning and design concept draws on the internationally popular “experiential marketing” concept. According to high-start planning, high-standard construction, high-quality service, and high-level management, the professional market, exhibition, experience, logistics and other functions are combined to form a multi-functional and efficient unity.

China Light Capital International Street Light City
China Lamp City International Street Lamp City is located at No. 139, Xinxing Avenue East, Guzhen Town, covering an area of ​​more than 110 acres and a business area of ​​more than 200,000 square meters. With smart street lamps, solar street lamps, landscape lamps, garden lamps and other outdoor engineering lamps as the core, it integrates display, sales, engineering negotiations, and engineering customization. It integrates development, technical exchanges, office and forums, and strives to become a global Well-known LED outdoor lighting exhibition center, procurement center, online and offline exhibition and sales platform.

Forums and conferences
In order to guide innovation and upgrade and lead the industry trend, the wonderful forum during the exhibition brings together professionals in the upstream, midstream, and downstream industries, new technologies, new models and other fields to share the latest trends and prospects of the lighting industry.

This exhibition also comes with many welfare activities. For example, 20+ high-end industry conferences and forums will be held during the exhibition, allowing you to communicate with industry experts at close range, learn about the lighting industry, capture market information, stay close to the pulse of the market, and capture market opportunities. In addition, the “Mingren Online” column hosted by the Lighting Fair and lectured by industry experts will help you analyze the mysteries of the leading edge of lighting technology and market models.

Market Trends
The Guzhen lighting industry focuses on emerging industries such as smart light poles, smart homes, and cross-border e-commerce, insists on one specialization and multiple functions, strengthens the chain and supplements the chain, and promotes the intensive, high-end, and full-chain development of the industry. The lighting industry needs to grasp the “smart city renewal” and seize the opportunities of emerging cities, old city renovations, smart home living rooms and other opportunities.

The lighting industry needs to implement the concept of “innovative development”, expand the application of information technology such as 5G, industrial Internet, and big data, make every effort to build an industrial collaboration platform, a shared design platform, promote the construction of a “future factory”, and inject new impetus into the lighting industry with digitalization.

In order to further improve the quality of lighting and lighting products, formulate industry-interactive standards for groups and alliances for the control of lighting materials, accessories, processes, and product quality, strengthen the construction of a rapid intellectual property rights protection system; further improve the networking, digitalization, and digitization of lighting and lighting manufacturing industries. Intelligent manufacturing level, to create a public technical service system covering the entire life cycle of lighting and lighting product R&D and design, intelligent manufacturing, product intelligence, inspection and testing, and certification.

China’s Lighting Capital
The economic structure and industrial structure of the Guzhen are very prominent, the individual and private economy is very active, and the atmosphere for entrepreneurship is good. Among them, the lighting industry is the leading industry of the Guzhen and the economic pillar of the Guzhen. The lighting industry covers 11 towns and districts in the surrounding three cities, and the lighting industry cluster with an annual output value of over 100 billion yuan has become one of the world’s major lighting professional markets and the largest professional lighting production base and wholesale market in China.

Guzhen has become a pilot country-level market procurement trade method, and established a new regional international trade trading platform based on lighting clusters and a variety of trade methods. The products are not only sold nationwide, but also exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, the United States and Europe In more than 130 countries and regions, it enjoys a large reputation and reputation. The China Guzhen International Lighting Fair twice a year attracts more than 100,000 professional lighting buyers and spectators from more than 120 countries and regions.

China•Guzhen International Lighting Fair is co-sponsored by China Lighting Association and China Lighting Capital (Zhongshan•Guzhen), and undertaken by Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting Expo Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting Expo Co., Ltd.
It is a joint venture jointly established by the People’s Government of Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City and Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (subsidiary of Informa PLC Group-the world’s leading B2B information service group and global exhibition organizer). Lighting in China With the strong support of the Electrical Appliance Association, the “China Guzhen International Lighting Fair” certified by the Global Exhibition Industry Association UFI was held, and the Guzhen Lighting Production Equipment, Raw and Auxiliary Materials and Supporting Services Exhibition was held at the same time.

In conjunction with the lighting hypermarket in Guzhen, the exhibition will be organized with two exhibitions a year and a linkage of exhibition stores, combining domestic and foreign sales, covering the entire lighting industry chain, creating an international lighting exhibition of over 1.5 million square meters. Together with the professional B2B trade website “Lighting Online”, a high-end and high-quality communication platform for professional exhibitors and buyers

Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest exhibition organizer of Informa PLC and Shanghai Huazhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and the first Sino-foreign joint venture exhibition company in China established in Shanghai in 1992. Since its establishment 28 years ago, Shanghai Bohua’s 2019 exhibition area has reached 1.5 million square meters, creating multiple trade opportunities for nearly one million purchasers from all over the world. At the same time, it vigorously develops online business and builds an online platform composed of 8 B2B websites, 2 B2P procurement through applets, 2 information applets and 2 APP products. The company has branches in Beijing and Guangzhou, and cooperates with the town government in Guzhen, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, and has a lantern exhibition company to organize lantern fairs locally. The total number of employees of Bohua Company exceeds 450 people.

Informa Group
Informa Markets aims to provide trading, innovation and development platforms for various industries and professional markets. The business includes more than 550 international B2B activities and brands, covering multiple fields, including medical, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, construction and real estate, fashion apparel, hotels, food and beverages, and health and nutrition. By holding face-to-face exhibitions, providing professional data and executable data solutions, providing global customers and partners with opportunities to participate, experience, and close transactions. As the world’s leading exhibition organizer, Informa Markets injects development momentum into a variety of trade industries, releases opportunities, and contributes to their vigorous development.

Informa Group is an international B2B exhibition, academic publishing and business information group. The group promotes trade, business development and exchanges in different industries, professional markets and communities, and provides professional digital resources and content, contacts various industries, and leads people and business organizations to continuously learn to make better decisions. Informa is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE 100 Index (FTSE100), with more than 11,000 employees from more than 30 countries and regions.