Yangzhou Museum, China

Yangzhou Museum (Chinese: 扬州博物馆) is the biggest museum in Yangzhou, an ancient city in Jiangsu Province of China It is located in front of the Mingyue Lake (“Bright Moon Lake”) on Yangzhou’ West Wenchang Road, about 4 km west of downtown Yangzhou and Slender West Lake

Yangzhou Museum is housed in a modern building, covering an area of 50,000 square metres It shares its lobby with the adjacent China Block Printing Museum; together the two museums are commonly known as the Yangzhou Double Museum (双博物馆)

Yangzhou Museum is located by the west side of Mingyue lake in the Xingcheng District of Yangzhou The gross area is approximately 36216 square feet, they constitute Yangzhou Art center together with Yangzhou Library and Yangzhou Concert Hall Their unique architectural style embodies the harmony of man and nature, structure and natural environment Yangzhou Museum was established in 1951 Over the past 60 years, the staff has made joint efforts to get an outstanding achievement in aspects of acquisition, conservation, research, exhibition and cultural exchanges with other institutes As a museum of ancient Chinese art, Yangzhou Museum possesses a collection of 30,000 precious works of art It is the biggest collection, research and leisure center in Yangzhou, and is also the Yangzhou Youth Popular Patriotism Education Base Being completed in October, 2005, the new building has five permanent exhibition halls, as The Tide of Guangling —— The Stories of the Ancient Cities of Yangzhou, The Hall of Painting & Calligraphy by Eight Eccentric Artists, The Hall of Painting& Calligraphy, The Hall of National Treasure and The Hall of Ancient Artistic Carving, as well as a temporary exhibition hall In August,2003, China Block Printing Museum was established under the approval of the State Council It takes the 300,000 precious ancient book blockings as the main collections, takes collection and protection as the objective; it works at researching and propagating the culture of ancient block printing The museum has two exhibition halls: The Hall of China Block Printing, the Hall of Yangzhou Block Printing

The museum was formerly located in the 1500-year-old Tianning Temple The museum has had a number of different homes in its history; recently, the museum moved to a new building to accommodate its growing collections

The museum has seven exhibition halls, including Yangzhou history exhibition hall, Ancient Chinese sculpture art museum, Paintings and calligraphy of Yangzhou eight strange men hall, Collection of dynasty paintings and calligraphy in Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty hall, China national treasure hall, Jianyang printing museum and Yangzhou jianyang printing hall Exhibits date from the neolithic age down to late Qing dynasty It features in the relics of Han dynasty, Tang dynasty, Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty

Ancient Chinese Earthenware
Ancient Chinese Jade
Ancient Chinese Calligraphy & Painting
Bronze Ware
Cultural Relics
Yangzhou Paper-cut Art
Ming and Qing Porcelain

Guangling tide
For the general history of display, its theme is outstanding, unique design, information dissemination clear, accurate display language, space processing is meaningful and logical for the Chinese local museums to show the basic style of a new idea.

National Treasure Hall
Display area of ​​184 square meters, the exhibition hall only display one exhibits, that is, Yuan Ji blue glaze white dragon plum bottle. The plum bottle belongs to the Yuan Dynasty Jingdezhen kiln blue glaze porcelain in the large objects, beautiful shape, blue glaze color clear pure, abdomen white dragon around the bottle, with a strong artistic appeal, reflecting the highest in the Yuan Dynasty Jingdezhen kiln Firing level. This kind of plum bottle handed down only three, one for the court old possession, the existing Summer Palace, a hidden in Paris, France Jimei Museum, two bottles are damaged, only my library this piece of the largest, most beautifully decorated, 1992 By the National Cultural Relics appraisal committee assessed as national treasures.

Calligraphy and painting hall
Display area of ​​717.2 square meters, including “Yangzhou eight strange painting and calligraphy exhibition” and “collection of Ming and Qing Dynasties painting and calligraphy exhibition” two exhibitions, display 66 pieces of cultural relics. Ming and Qing Dynasties painting and calligraphy exhibition exhibits are more closely related with the Yangzhou painting and calligraphy works, and Yangzhou eight strange boutique show Chunlan Chrysanthemum, the good wins field.

Temporary exhibition hall
Area of ​​1065.3 square meters, can be open to the outside world. Since the opening of the double museum, we have held various temporary exhibitions or introduced from the outside, or have excavated the theme. We have held the “Yangzhou Cultural Relics Collection”, “Fengming Qishan – Zhouyuan Western Zhou Dynasty Bronze Jade Articles” “” Into the “God five” “God six” large-scale aerospace exhibition “Ambilight – Collection Ming and Qing porcelain exhibition” and other exhibitions.

Ancient sculpture art exhibition hall
Display area of ​​526 square meters, display artifacts 135 pieces. The exhibition exhibits artifacts are divided into nine categories, such as jade carvings, stone carvings, brick carvings, paint carvings, bones, ivory carvings, bamboo carvings, porcelain carvings, nuclear carvings and wood carvings. Ancient Chinese sculpture art.

Yangzhou Shuangbao Museum is located in Yangzhou area Yangzhou Museum of cultural relics collection center, cultural and academic research center, civic culture and leisure center, youth cultural and educational patriotism education base. Museum is the protection, collection, display of cultural relics institutions, the use of cultural relics to convey the history of all kinds of information, is not for profit for the purpose of the unit. Yangzhou Shuangbo Museum has become a landmark building in Yangzhou culture, as one of the most important windows to show Yangzhou traditional culture and modern civilization.