Xu Daoning

Xu Daoning (许道宁 970 -1052) was a Chinese painter of the Northern Song Dynasty from Chang’an or Hejian. He started out life by selling medicine prescriptions in Kaifeng. While selling prescriptions, he also began painting nature scenes in the style of Li Cheng. After gaining popularity he took up painting murals for Chinese nobles. His most notable work is Fishermen’s Evening Song.

Early in Bianjing (now Henan Kaifeng) to sell drugs for a living, to draw to attract customers, with the drug to send paintings, gradually named, Gongqing scholar rushed to ask. Xu more than painting trees, Pingyuan, wild water three kinds of scenery, his early pen language is simple, the painting peaks and ridges trees, Qiao pull hard.
Song Dynasty Deng Guogong Zhang Shisheng poetry for the gift of Xu:

“Li Cheng Xie Shi Fan wide dead, only Changan Xu Daoning.

Is considered to be following Li Cheng, Fan Guang after the first person in landscape painting. Mi Fu and Huang Tingjian and so we all appreciate the painting. Xu Daoning character bold, alcohol, such as life, the number of “drunk Xu”, Huang Tingjian is in the “answer Wang Daoji Temple Cheng Xuandao landscape map” poem depicts Xu Daoning drunk in the painting look:

“To the drunken Chang in the Changan, a large river drift loose smoke. Suddenly call the silk Yan Yan Yan water, for a long time no pen or years. At the same time stepping into the white head, towel crown oblique more wine. Want to enjoy the basin, lying on the virtual bottle that is eighty. Drunk to pick up the dry ink, the potential if the landslides do not stop. A few feet Jiangshan thousands of miles away. Full of cool style. “It shows its superb painting skills.

(Also known as “fishing boat singing evening chart” or “fisherman’s picture”) as one of Xu Daoning’s masterpiece, silk, light color, painting mountains under the peak of the open river on the number of fishing Boat. Mountain law for a coke and ink straight sweep down the long crack, draw the screen as steep cliffs, the performance of the peaks and ridges of the trend; its mountain and twists and turns of the river to increase the composition of the changes; Tree with a large pen, rough pen, trunk is not cracked, branches like claws, only the little bit of leaves, strong and powerful strokes; distant trees are thick ink for long strips, less foliage, the length of different Painting is different from Li Cheng and Fan wide, reflecting the style of the charm of the characteristics of Xu.

“Autumn River fishing boat map” hidden in the United States Nelson Art Museum
“Guan Shan secret snow” hidden in the Palace Museum of Taipei
“Autumn Hill Temple map” hidden in Kyoto, Japan Friendship Museum