Western painting, Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

In the new building · permanent exhibition room, it mainly exhibits the Western painting collection of the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum. I will show you thoroughly! Fujimi’s Western Painting – The largest Western painting collection in Japan, the whole picture is released! ~

Especially from the Renaissance era through the baroque · rococo · neoclassicalism · romanticism, the oil painting collection which can overlook the flow of Western paintings from the Impressionist · Contemporary to the 500th year, and the photo collection which can outline the photographic history from the birth of the photograph to the present age Is the largest feature of the hotel.

In the 33 years since the opening in the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum, Italian Renaissance painting of the 16th century, Flemish painting of the 17th century, French Rococo painting colored 18th century, neoclassicalism of the 19th century, romantic painting, 19th century We have collected a wide range of Western painting collections that can trace the flow of Western art history such as the Impressionist blossoming in the latter half and the unique 20th century paintings. In this exhibition, we will use 22 exhibition rooms in the new building · permanent exhibition room, main building · planning exhibition room, and western paintings (oil painting, pastel painting, watercolor painting, sketch drawing) Initially, 275 points by 202 artists who are the largest scale in Japan will be exhibited at once and will introduce the charm of “Fujimi’s Western Painting” one by one “Tonight”.

Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

Tokyo Fuji Art Museum (Tokyo Fuji Art Institute) is a museum located in Hachioji, Tokyo.

Opened on November 3, 1983 (昭和58年). With the motto of “Museum telling the world”, he holds about 30,000 pieces of various art works (paintings, sculptures, prints, etc.) in Western and Oriental. About 100 masterpieces making it possible to overview the flow of Western painting from the Renaissance to the present age, in particular, are permanently displayed. In addition, we organize exhibitions that display exhibits from our collections and museums around the world under a specific theme, and overseas exchange exhibitions introducing cultures around the world from time to time. The new wing was opened in 2008 (平成20年).

I want to connect the people of the world with nature, the heart that loves human beings, the pursuit of beauty. The founder’s intention to establish the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum gradually becomes shape.

Art that gathers the spirit of human beings also connects people’s minds. The Tokyo Fuji Art Museum has actively held a special exhibition on cultural exchange overseas that introduces excellent cultures from around the world from a new perspective both in Japan and overseas.

As a bridge of culture connecting the world, the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum wishes to continue various activities from now on.

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