Urban Art Now, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Urban Art NOW is a multidisciplinary urban arts & culture foundation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We organise festivals, exhibitions, artist-in-residency, entertainment events and social activities in the cultural and artistic sector at a local, national and European level. During the last 5 years, we were responsible for some of the biggest Urban Art, Street-Art and Graffiti happenings in Amsterdam.

Urban Art Festival:
Our yearly focus event invites each time more than 40 international protagonists of the contemporary Urban Art Scene to Amsterdam since 2010. It includes big group exhibitions, murals, city art tours, podium discussions, presentations and much more.

From Urban To Contemporary:
a high-level exhibition and event that presents only top artists, who already made their path from urban art forms into the international contemporary art world. During the years, we brought several big names from around the globe (often for the first time) to Amsterdam.