Uncertainty, Connection and Co-existence, Suwon City I-Park Art Museum

Uncertainty, Connection and Co-existence exhibition will showcase the changes of the new paradigm and the change of the topography of contemporary art through a total of 15 large-scale installation works by 13 artists from Korea and abroad.

Participating Artists: Kim Sang-jin, Kim Ji-soo, Kim Chang-gyeom, Mun, An Sung-seok, Yang Min-ha, Lee Background, Lee Chang-woon, Lim Seon-yi, Jeon Ji-gil, Jung Kwang-hwa, Simon Whetham, Song-Ming Ang

Uncertainty, Connection and Coexistence aim to reconsider contemporary contexts and tasks by presenting a moving world through various works of art. The theme of the exhibition is that it is uncertainty that characterizes today’s era after post-ideology, which means that the world is moving in relation to others as relative beings or external objects. The theme of the exhibition is that the change of the world brings a chain reaction by linking from one problem to another. Global warming, economic uncertainty, nuclear and terrorist dangers are driving us to uncertainty that no one can afford. This exhibition metaphorically rearranges these phenomena today through works of art. From the natural ecological environment problems such as climate change that are facing us, the city ecology, human ecology, etc. are divided into relations with others, the anonymity and alienation of the city, the memory of the overlapping space, virtual and reality, etc. To show. The exhibition shows that global problems are eventually linked to ecological cycles.

It is important to keep in mind that what we want to show through the exhibition is that the uncertainty is not a negative meaning, but the relationship between the other and the subject coexists constantly changing each other. The works ultimately express that what we can do in an uncertain world is ‘connection and coexistence’ through empathy and share. Contemporary art is “to display and explore the process that leads to meaning” instead of aiming to present a completed object. At this point, the artists who are invited to the exhibition will show their appearance as ‘image navigators’ in accessing the works.

The exhibition is largely divided into three subtopics. In the exhibition room, works that express synesthesia are mainly displayed on the theme of anonymity of the city. On the theme of ecology, problems such as global climate change are mainly shown in exhibition room 2. 3 The exhibition room is composed of works reflecting our changing nature due to the rapid modernization of the theme of community memory. The members’ lounge is also equipped with video works so that visitors can relax and enjoy the work.

Suwon City I-Park Art Museum

Suwon I-Park Art Museum is a passage that naturally meets the long stretch of city between Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, Paldal Mountain, Paldalmun Gate and Janganmun Gate. It is designed to feel the harmony between modern and nature by borrowing pine pattern based on concrete construction.

The most distinctive feature of the building is the inclined section, and the exhibition stands out based on the design of the achromatic concept where black and white intersect based on the gray background of concrete.

As it is an art museum that has entered a historic place, the surrounding scenery places importance on harmony so that it can be used conveniently as a shelter for citizens.