Travel Guide of Legoland California Resort, Carlsbad, California, United States

Legoland California Resort is a theme park, miniature park, and aquarium located in Carlsbad, California, based on the Lego toy brand. Head to Castle Hill and enter a world of knights and princesses to conquer the Dragon Coaster, get a Driver’s License in Fun Town, and marvel at cities built entirely out of millions of Lego bricks in Miniland U.S.A. Meet Lego costume characters, play at outdoor playgrounds Hideaways or Duplo Playtown, or enjoy the swift speed of the beginner coaster Coastersaurus. Also explore the new The Lego Movie World, featuring Emmet’s Flying Adventure ride.

Legoland California Resort opening on March 20, 1999, it was the third Legoland park to open, and the first outside Europe. Legoland California Resort includes Legoland California, Sea Life Aquarium, Legoland Water Park, Legoland Hotel and Legoland Castle Hotel. All are geared for families with children between the ages of 2 and 12.

Legoland has more than 60 rides, shows and attractions including, our newest land, The Lego Movie World, where the immersive world of the hit movies come to life! Experience Lego Ninjago World where you train with ninja to become masters of the ancient art of Spinjitzu and then demonstrate your ninja skills on the interactive Lego Ninjago The Ride. This interactive, cutting-edge, technological marvel allows riders to control animated fireballs, lightning, shockwaves and ice.

Inside Legoland, you can enter a world of knights and princesses to conquer the Dragon Coaster. Kids can drive their own cars at Driving School and board a real submarine and discover real sea creatures and lost Lego treasure on Lego City: Deep Sea Adventure. Discover more than 30,000 Lego models created out of more than 60 million Lego bricks all throughout the family theme park.

Legoland Water Park and Lego Legends of Chima Water Park span 10 acres and feature more than seven slides, a wave pool, sandy beaches and the unique Build-A-Raft River. Soak up the sun and cool off as you splash and play at the Lego Chima Water Park with over 10 million gallons of fun.

Legoland Resort is also home to Sea Life aquarium, featuring the Sea at Night exhibit where you can learn more about bioluminescence. Sea Life Aquarium is home to more than 5,000 living creatures and incorporates Lego models into a child’s voyage to the depths of the ocean featuring play zones, fun facts and quiz trails. Visit the new Sea at Night attraction featuring an amazing bioluminescence display.

The nation’s first Legoland Hotel features 250 rooms, all themed either as pirate, adventure, kingdom, Lego Friends or Ninjago plus more than 3,500 Lego models throughout the three-story hotel. There are Lego experiences, a wide variety of retail product, and one-of-a-kind food and beverage options for the whole family to enjoy.

At the new Legoland Castle Hotel, discover a family adventure fit for a king with the Castle’s exclusive Lego characters and many mischievous interactive surprises. Every room is themed either knights and dragons, magic wizard or royal princess and they are all bursting with Lego enchantment and captivating tales of kingdoms from distant lands! All rooms at both hotels include a children’s sleeping area, bunk beds with a trundle bed, an interactive treasure hunt and a Google Nest that tells bedtime stories.

Legoland Theme Park
Legoland California is filled with more than 60 kid-powered, kid-tastic rides, shows and attractions all built for fun and geared for families with children between the ages of 2 and 12! Inside Legoland, you can enter a world of knights and princesses to conquer the Dragon Coaster. Kids can drive their own cars at Driving School.

Explorer Island
Explorer Island is a section with themes of dinosaurs and exploration. It contains a large sand area where children may dig for “fossils” and the Gerstlauer-built Coastersaurus mini steel roller coaster, a close copy of the Legoland Germany junior coaster Drachenjagd, with a ride duration of approximately 2 minutes.

Explorer Island was previously named Dino Island. When the Village Green/Explore Village area was taken over by Heartlake City, the Fairy Tale Brook boat ride and Safari Trek on-rail driving ride (originally a walking trail showing life-size African animals built with Lego bricks) were counted as part of the renamed Explorer Island. These rides date back to the opening of the park.

Coastersaurus – Get to go twice around through a prehistoric jungle of Lego brick dinosaurs. Circle around the 1,100-pound Brachiosaurus and whiz by ten-foot tall Parasaurolophus scavenging for food.
Dig Those Dinos – Be a paleontologist, start digging! There is plenty of sand to be moved and fossils to be found.
Fairy Tale Brook – Sail through all of favorite fairy tales as they come to life as Lego brick characters.
Safari Trek – A safari ride in a Jeep brings close with the wildest Lego animals.

Lego Friends Heartlake City
The Heartlake City section, which opened on May 21, 2015, is based on the Lego Friends brand marketed to girls. The area features Heartlake Fountain, a water play area; Friends Forever Stage, where musical performances occur; Heartlake Stables, a play area and building zone; and Mia’s Riding Camp, a carousel. Heartlake City replaced Duplo Village, which included a set of musical fountains and water features collectively called the “Water Works”. A temporary installation of the sets from The Lego Movie opened in 2014 at Duplo Village.

“DUPLO Playtown”, a play area for little kids, and “Legoland Express”, a mini locomotive ride through the Playtown used to be in the Duplo Village/Heartlake City area. When Heartlake City opened, “Duplo Playtown” and “Legoland Express” became part of the nearby area, Fun Town. On May 9, 2019, Duplo Playtown reopened in the queue of the Kid Power Tower in 2019 Heartlake City was removed and replaced with a Lego Movie themed area.

Fun Town
Fun Town is a role-playing amusement area where guests simulate adult skills or professional identities, such as driving cars, steering boats, or fighting fires.

Adventurer’s Club – Take a Lego journey through the Amazon rain forest, ancient Egypt and the icy-cold Arctic.
Driving School – Red means stop. Green means go. That’s pretty much all you need to know as you drive your own car through the city streets.
Fun Town Police And Fire Academy – It’s rescue time! Put out the fires and save the day.
Junior Driving School – Kids weave in and out on this oval course to earn a Legoland Driver’s license.
Kid Power Tower – Climb to the sky for an amazing view of the Park. Let yourself fall back to the bottom and then do it all over again.
Lego Dots Build Your Art Gallery – For the first time ever, experience the creative possibilities of Lego Dots at LegolandCalifornia Resort! Use bold and colorful Lego Dots tiles to create your masterpiece and add your unique design to the gallery wall where your creativity will be put on display.
Lego Factory Tour – If you’ve ever wondered how a Lego brick is made, this tour will show you from start to finish. At the end of your tour, remember your day by having a special item engraved!
Lego Hero Factory – Check out Lego Hero Factory where real heroes are built! In this next generation Lego story, heroes are designed, equipped and built depending on specific missions that beam in from across the galaxy and across time.
Lego Life Zone – take your building to the next level and share your creations with other Lego fans in a safe, social app Lego Life! Smart phone charging station for parents, air conditioned and a variety of engaging activities.
Legoland Express – All aboard this mini-locomotive for a fun-filled ride on the edge of Fun Town.
Skipper School – Captain your own boat like you’re on the high seas. There aren’t any tracks so you can even pass your family and friends.
Sky Patrol – Go for a spin in your own helicopter. Left or right, up or down, you’re the one in control.

Miniland USA
Miniland USA is a 1:20 scale model miniature park featuring prominent architecture and symbols from seven areas in the United States. Certain models are visible throughout the Legoland park. It was constructed over the course of three years using more than 20 million Lego bricks. The Coast Cruise ride, which departs from Miniland USA, travels through the lake in the center of Legoland. The lake covers 1.73 acres (0.70 ha).

Miniland includes the Model Shop, the main design and building office for Legoland’s US parks. A large viewing window allows guests to watch master model builders working on new models. Repairs and refurbishment of existing models are also conducted in the Model Shop.

The Star Wars-themed Miniland was expanded with a life-size model of an X-wing starfighter, on display in 2013. A large-scale model of the Death Star was added in 2015, along with a recreation of the trench run scene from the climax of Episode IV. Scenes from The Force Awakens were added in 2017, including what was billed as the longest Lego model for Star Wars Miniland, a 16 ft (4.9 m) long Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Finalizer. On January 6, 2020, Star Wars Miniland closed permanently.

Coast Guard Build-A-Boat – Build and race your own Lego watercraft.
Las VegaS – Largest Miniland expansion ever – the fabulous Las Vegas Strip made entirely out of Lego brick, including ten different hotel properties chosen for their unique architectural style.
New Orleans – Miniland version of New Orleans was built in Billund, Denmark. During Halloween, the famous New Orleans cemetery “comes alive” with dozens of zombies and skeletons crawling out of the graves!
New York – More than two million Lego bricks are used in the reconstruction of the city that never sleeps. Our Central Park is filled with as much diverse activity as the real park. You can find people ice skating, roller skating, practicing Tai-Chi, going for carriage rides, listening to concerts, sunbathing, sailing model boats, or just out for a stroll.
San francisco – The Miniland version of San Francisco was constructed in Billund, Denmark. Our Miniland Pier 39 has a working carousel and sea lions basking in the sun. The sounds you hear coming from the pier were actually recorded live at Pier 39.
Southern California – Come see the Griffith Park Observatory perched on the hill above the Hollywood Bowl and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Also, don’t miss our version of San Diego’s historic Mission San Luis Rey, complete with the signature red tile roof. Surfers and sunbathers alike line our miniature beaches.
Washington D.C. – Every four years, the two Lego mini-figures appearing in the presidential motorcade are changed depending on the outcome of the election. So far Bill and Hillary Clinton, George and Laura Bush, and Barack and Michelle Obama have been built and displayed.

Castle Hill
Castle Hill is a medieval castle-themed area. The area includes two coasters and a wooden playground for little kids. In 2005, Legoland opened the Wild Woods Golf putting course decorated with off-green Lego models on the west side of Castle Hill. Wild Woods Golf and the neighboring Enchanted Walk were replaced by the submarine ride Lego City: Deep Sea Adventure, which opened in July 2018.

Hideaways – Kids can climb up, crawl through, slide down, cross over and swing around on ropes, ladders and tunnels.
Lego City: Deep Sea Adventure – Come aboard a REAL submarine and submerge underwater with real sea creatures as you dive for treasure on an interactive treasure hunt
Royal Joust – Even the youngest of knights can ride a Lego horse through this fun-filled forest.
The Dragon – Enter the enchanted Legoland Castle and then come out soaring on this legendary indoor/outdoor coaster.

Imagination Zone
In the Imagination Zone, visitors can ride a Wild Mouse-style roller coaster called the Technic Coaster-Test Track, Bionicle Blaster, or the Aquazone Wave Racers, a dual water carousel. Kids can also build and race Lego cars down a ramp at Build ‘n Test, play Lego PC games at the Maniac Challenge, and program robots in Mindstorms.

At the park’s opening in 1999, the Imagination Zone only referred to the Maniac Challenge/Mindstorms and Build & Test/Duplo Play buildings; the other rides had not yet been built. The Maniac Challenge/Mindstorms building was distinguished by large Lego models of Albert Einstein’s head, a submarine, and a Technic Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Lego Show Place theater screens 4-D films. In the initial incarnation, the movie was interactive and the audience could decide the ending. Later, more movies were added, including Bob the Builder and Clutch Powers (a racing movie). Racers 4-D began alternating with the new Spellbreaker 4-D film in May 2006.

Bionicle Blaster – The more you spin the wheel, the faster it goes. The faster it goes, the dizzier you get. The dizzier you get, the more fun it is.
Duplo Play – Every young builder needs a start. There are tens of thousands of Duplo bricks here ready to be put to use by small hands.
Gamespace – Put your gaming skills to the ultimate test, brick-by-brick in the GameSpace.
Lego Ferrari Build & Race Opening Spring – The new Lego Ferrari Build and Race is coming to Legoland California Resort. Featuring a life-size Lego Ferrari F40, Build and Race puts you in the driver’s seat as you make your way through the “garage” to the “racetrack” using your creativity and imagination to build, test and race your own Lego Ferrari.
Lego Mindstorms – Build a robot that obeys your commands? Lego Mindstorms is exactly where that happens.
Lego Technic Coaster – Lego Technic comes to life on this twisting, turning, dropping roller coaster. It’s a lesson in the forces of gravity and acceleration!
THE Lego Movie 2 Experience – Go behind-the-scenes of an actual live movie set at THE Lego Movie 2 Experience.

Pirate Shores
Pirate Shores is a splash park with water-oriented rides and attractions. This area was added in 2006, and Captain Cranky’s Challenge was added in May 2007.

Captain Cranky’s Challenge – Captain Cranky dares you to test your sea worthiness as you sway back and forth on a pirate ship that sits on a “U-shaped” track and rotates in two directions.
Pirate Reef – Play your part on this high seas adventure. Choose the blue ship or the red ship and fire water cannons across the ships’ bows. To add to the excitement, you can join a buccaneer-filled boat as it races down a flume between the battling ships.
Splash Battle – Experience Splash Battle with its ship-themed vehicles that put you behind your own water cannon as you navigate through pirate-infested waters. Aim your cannon and take your best watery shot at spectators and other riders.
Swabbie’s Deck – Play in the crystal clear waters at Swabbies Deck where you’re surrounded by pop-up water jets, playful water fountains and delightful squirt cannons.

Land of Adventure
This section is designed to replicate the 1920s in Egypt, drawing inspiration from the Lego Adventurers line (Egypt sub-theme). Land of Adventure opened in March 2008.

Beetle Bounce – Launch 15 feet up toward Lego scarab beetles, drop down and bounce up again. And again!
Cargo Ace – It’s a flying adventure for young pilots as they bank their planes and soar through the air.
Dune Raiders – Six side-by-side lanes mean six times the fun.
Lost Kingdom Adventure – Armed with laser blasters, battle mummies, skeletons, snakes and more for the treasure of the Lost Kingdom.
Pharaoh’s Revenge – Whoosh! Thousands of soft foam balls are fired at targets and friends.

Lego Ninjago’s World
The Lego Ninjago World opened in May 2016. The area features Ninjago: The Ride along with new retail and dining options. Ninjago: The Ride is controlled by hand motions using “Maestro” technology developed by Triotech, who had previously developed the interactive Voyage to the Iron Reef dark ride at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Cole’s Rock Climb – Rock climbing teaches balance, endurance. and patience.
Jay’s Lightning Drill – Your reflexes are tested here. Find out if they are “lightning” fast!
Kai’s Spinners – If you’re going to master Spinjitzu, you have to be able to spin!
Lego Ninjago The Ride – Fireballs! Lightning! Shockwaves! Ice! You control these elements to defeat the Great Devourer and earn ninja status.

The Lego Movie World
In Spring 2020, Legoland California Resort was scheduled to open their biggest addition in the history of the park, THE Lego Movie World. The opening was delayed until May 27, 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The area features Emmet’s Flying Adventure – Masters of Flight, a flying theatre attraction. This area will also feature Unikitty’s Disco Drop, a drop attraction where riders seated in four pairs raise, drop, and spin around a pole. It features two towers.

There is also a carrousel called Queen Watevra’s Carrousel, from Lego Friends Heartlake City. There is also a build area, Build Watevra You Wa’Na Build and small playground, Benny’s Playship, with two tall twisty slides that looks like a rocket.

There is also a splash pad with fountains, a convenience store, and three dining locations in the area, Everything is Ramen (a ramen quick service location), Cloud Cuckoo Crêpes (a crêpe stand), and Benny’s Rocket Fuel (basic food stand with popcorn and pretzels).

Benny’s Playship – Benny’s spaceship has landed right in the middle of Bricksburg. Play on this space-themed playground structure and get ready for takeoff.
Build Watevra You Wa’Na Build – Create ‘whatever you want to’ out of Lego bricks in this building zone, perfect for guests aspiring to be Master Model Builders.
Coast Cruise – There are plenty of sights to see including the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Mt. Rushmore and a lakeside view of Miniland USA.
Emmet’s Flying Adventure Ride – The Biggest attraction in The Lego Movie World. Join Master Builders on a Triple Decker Flying Couch, as cutting edge technology transports you all over The Lego Movie universe. Surrounded by a full-dome virtual screen, feel like you’re flying through a world created completely from Lego bricks!
Emmet’s Super Suite – Stop by Emmet’s apartment and meet some of your favorite characters from The Lego Movie.
Queen Watevra’s Carousel – Spin along with the Queen – and 60 of her horses – on this huge carousel that’s perfect for our younger guests.
Unikitty’s Disco Drop! – This all-new drop tower ride will take you through a rainbow-filled journey based on Unikitty and her many moods. Swoop to the tiptop of Cloud Cuckoo Land, then drop, spin and bounce back down to earth in sync with Unikitty’s wide range of emotions!

Sea Life Aquarium
The first Sea Life Aquarium in North America opened at Legoland California in 2008. It has 36,000 sq ft (3,300 m2) of floor area on two stories, featuring a 35 ft (11 m) long acrylic walk-through tunnel and Lego models in the tanks.

Legoland Water Park
Legoland Water Park features more than seven slides, sandy beaches and the unique Build-A-Raft River plus Pirate Reef and Lego Legends of CHIMA Water Park comprising 10 acres of water fun!

Build-A-Raft River – Put your skills to work while you design and build a Lego raft before you proudly float downstream.
Cragger’s Swamp – Tried to slide through the mouth of a Crocodile.
Crooler’s Twist – With more than 50 fun features in Cragger’s Swamp, Crooler’s Twist slide is just one of them.
Crug’s Run – After sliding through the head of a massive crocodile at Cragger’s Swamp, stop by Crug’s Run for more water fun.
Duplo Splash Safari – The slides may be smaller, but the fun is still big time with DUPLO characters ready to splash and spray.
Eglor’s Build-A-Boat – Build a Lego boat of your own design. The rushing water and winding turns past CHIMA scenes and building stations make this fun-filled race to the finish.
Imagination Station – Where water is fun and educational! Build bridges, dams and cities out of DUPLO bricks and test them against the flow of water.
Joker Soaker – Water cannons blast from every angle. And every few minutes, 350 gallons of water drops from the clock tower overhead.
Lion Temple Wave Pool – With a Lego lion head archway and a 30-foot high Mt. Cavora, it’s like a journey to CHIMA itself.
Orange Rush – A giant orange raft slides and spins four riders, rushing past the Water Park Tower on a giant orange half pipe.
Pirate Reef – Fire water cannons across the ships’ bows as you race down a flume between battling ships.
Riptide Racers – Grab a mat and race down one of six slides for the fastest time.
Soak-N-Sail – Climb aboard this shipwrecked pirate vessel beneath a 38-foot-tall mast. Looming overhead is over 300 gallons of water that is ready to come pouring down at any moment.
Splash Out – Single riders zip along a curving blue slide and then “splash out” into a pool of water at the end.
Splash Zoo – This interactive water play area features spray pads, fountains, a teeter totter and giant interactive DUPLO animals all geared.
Twin Chasers – Side-by-side red tube slides are set for friends and family to race to the bottom and finish out with a splash.
Wipeout Lagoon – Make a splash at Wipeout Lagoon in Surfer’s Cove featuring water jets and new Lego models, making it the ultimate place to cool off summer.

Resort Hotel
Treat your family to the ultimate Lego experience – a day at Legoland California and a night at Legoland Hotel. Discover a family adventure fit for a king at the Legoland Castle Hotel, where every brick is bursting with Lego enchantment and captivating tales of Kingdoms from distant lands.