Toon Dupuis

Antonius Stanislaus Nicolaas Ludovicus Dupuis (Antwerp, 18 February 1877 – The Hague, October 13, 1937) was a Dutch sculptor and medalist of Belgian origin.

Dupuis was a son of the Belgian painter and sculptor Ludovicus Franciscus Josephus (Louis) Dupuis and Maria Philomena Francisca De Roij. He learned the principles of his father’s subject and studied under Thomas Vinçotte at the Antwerp Academy of Arts. Dupuis lived in The Hague from 1898 and became a Dutchman in 1908. He became a lecturer at The Hague Academy of Fine Arts, where he taught among others Pieter Biesiot, Fransje Carbasius, Marian Gobius and Gra Rueb. His works include an image of mgr. Joannes Zwijsen in the St. Dionysius church in Tilburg, a statue of Petrus Canisius in the Hunnerpark in Nijmegen, a bust of mgr. Nolens in the Catholic Documentation Center in Nijmegen and a bust of Joseph Israel, which is part of the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Dupuis was appointed in 1921 as Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau. He died at the age of 60 in The Hague and was buried at the cemetery Oud Eik and Duinen. He made a monument to his grave for a design by the friendly The Hague architect Co Brandes. This image of a woman who seems to silence visitors was revealed a year later.

Chestnut Rembrandt (1906), Wittesingel, Leiden
Bastard mayor heron (1909), plantation Maliebaan / Maliesingel, Utrecht
Chestnut Peter J.H. Cuypers (1910), Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Busty Peter Stuyvesant (1911), St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery on Second Avenue, New York
De Arbeider (1913), Carnegieplein / Vredespaleis, The Hague
Bust jhr. Victor Eugène Louis de Stuers (1914), Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Statue of the brothers De Witt (1918), Visbrug, Dordrecht
Equestrian statue Willem III (1921), Castle Square, Breda
Prof. Franciscus Cornelis Donders (1921), Janskerkhof, Utrecht
Holy Heart Picture (1922), Tempsplein, Heerlen
Bust statue Alexander de Savornin Lohman (1924), University of Groningen, Groningen
Statue of Petrus Canisius (1927), Hunnerpark, Nijmegen
Sofa in estate Clingendael (1932), The Hague. Monument offered by the Society for Exploitation of Real Estate Avenue of Meerdervoort to the municipality.
Monument Mgr. Joannes Zwijsen (1933), Willemsplein, Tilburg
Queen Emma (1936), in the rosarium on the Israeli Jewish Square in The Hague. This monument was designed by Dupuis in collaboration with architect Co Brandes. The image itself was performed by third parties in Vaurion, French limestone. The monument was hit by decay and repeated cleaning so that it was replaced by a reconstructed cast in bronze in 2001.
Bust of Joseph Israel, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Busty mgr. Nolens, Catholic Documentation Center, Nijmegen
Relief Hendrik Adriaan van Beuningen, Oudegracht Public Library, Utrecht

Queen Emma in the rosary in The Hague
Detail of the monument
Henrik Pander, 1842-1893
Petrus Canisius in the Hunner Park in Nijmegen