The Tale of the Pocket Story, Suwon City I-Park Art Museum

Lee Won Bae picture book original exhibition: The Tale of the Pocket Story, is a Korean picture books with warm eyes and a delicate touch of two hundred million of times Picture wonhwajeon ” talk story pocket ” to hold. Yieokbae (b. 1960) is that rimchaek through the medium of the woorine honest story of life in a unique satirical vision of the artist ‘s seat and serve, and to poetic tenderness. In his work, the narrative in myths and legends encounters simple narrative folk expressions and is approaching sincerity to understanding and respect for life.

This time the exhibition is the artist began working in earnest book 1990 to date from the mid’s small arms were composed. 1980 ‘s Suwon landscape as background to < Thanksgiving story of Sol (1995)> traditional folk technique stands out < the most powerful cock in the world (1 997)> as well as the initial work, dealing with the pain of division < a demilitarized zone When spring comes (2010)>, it will be a great opportunity to enjoy more than 200 original paintings and archives, ranging from The Fifth Family (2014), which depicts the true family.

For storybook and literature, which is located on the border of, and published in the book ‘Picture’ of elements and absolute language to lead the story, a clear means to ohrotyi exist independent body with. ‘The cause pockets story’ The exhibition impractical for a variety of contemporary genres and boundaries are variations of art in and their social implications of the document book KRW. Through this exhibition, I hope that the landscape embodied in the artist’s fingertips will be a place where you can experience the calming sound and infinite imaginary world conveyed.

Suwon City I-Park Art Museum

Suwon I-Park Art Museum is a passage that naturally meets the long stretch of city between Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, Paldal Mountain, Paldalmun Gate and Janganmun Gate. It is designed to feel the harmony between modern and nature by borrowing pine pattern based on concrete construction.

The most distinctive feature of the building is the inclined section, and the exhibition stands out based on the design of the achromatic concept where black and white intersect based on the gray background of concrete.

As it is an art museum that has entered a historic place, the surrounding scenery places importance on harmony so that it can be used conveniently as a shelter for citizens.