The 44th China International Furniture Fair in 2019, Shanghai, China

The 44th CIFF China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair, which lasted from September 8th to September 12th, was held at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. Also held concurrently include the 25th China International Furniture Fair, 2019 Modern Shanghai Design Week and Modern Shanghai Home Furnishing Exhibition, which were held at Pudong New International Expo Center and World Expo Exhibition Hall.

These weather vane exhibitions, which gather contemporary Chinese mainstream furniture and building materials brands, reflect the fashionable home lifestyle, and link and move the interior design industry, have attracted many designers to observe and use their own influence to speak for design energy.

The China International Furniture Fair was established in 1998. Since September 2015, it will be held in Pazhou, Guangzhou and Hongqiao in Shanghai in September each year. It effectively radiates the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, the most dynamic region of China’s economy, and demonstrates the “Spring Fantasy and Autumn Vast”. Charm of Twin Cities. The China International Furniture Fair covers the entire industry chain of large home furnishings, covering civil furniture, ornaments and home textiles, outdoor furniture, office and commercial and hotel furniture, furniture production equipment and accessories and accessories. The spring and autumn events brought together more than 6000 top brand companies at home and abroad. Receiving more than 340,000 professional visitors, it is the preferred platform for new product launches and commerce in the home furnishing industry.

The China International Furniture Fair adheres to innovative development, and has played an important role in promoting international and domestic trade cooperation in the home furnishing industry, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and leading the high-quality development of enterprises. This home fair is a unique and brilliant industry event. It is positioned to promote the international and domestic double cycle of the home furnishing industry. It promotes the restart of the industry and enterprises in the post-epidemic period and ensures the stable performance of the furniture industry supply chain and industrial chain. positive effects.

As a super large furniture exhibition involving the entire industry chain, China International Furniture Fair has opened a new chapter for the recovery and development of the industry. The Home Fair focuses on optimizing the layout of the exhibition, creating the best highlights, and providing a strong guarantee for the new development of the industry. Leading by “internationalization, specialization and marketization”, we will gather leaders of the furniture industry and contribute wisdom and strength to the further development of the global furniture industry through high-end dialogues.

“Design” is one of the focuses of this Expo. Connecting with the world, realizing the integration of resources without borders, and strengthening the value of design, allowing many overseas home design brands to enter China, while also allowing more Chinese home design brands to be accepted overseas and promote the development of the industry.

Under China International Trade Fair and Red Star Macalline’s joint initiative to create a new exhibition mode combining “exhibitions” and “shops”, the 2019 China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai) will present 7 exciting highlights, including: exhibition shop alliances to create a complete closed loop for investment and franchising , Eight major exhibition areas build a unique home ecological chain, design first to appreciate the charm of contemporary art, integrate internationally to lead the global home furnishing market, high-quality theme activities gather industry elites, service upgrades solve the pain points of visitors and businessmen, and branch venues help the whole city to expand exhibition.

The theme of this year’s exhibition is “Global Home Living Model”. There are 5 professional exhibition areas in this exhibition-civil furniture exhibition area, accessories and home textile exhibition area, outdoor furniture exhibition area, office furniture exhibition area, Shanghai Equipment Exhibition, from trendy design to cutting-edge technology, one click Adapt to the multi-faceted needs of the furniture industry. Therefore, here you can see the creative designs of various well-known brands, from building materials to soft furnishings, which will make you full of new feelings about home.

From 4.1-Contemporary Design Hall, brands such as Rui Chi, HC28, Markor American A.R.T, and Huayi Space have gathered, and the design trend is booming. 5.1-Fashion Design Hall, Niannianhong, Jianwei, Nordic E-House, Renhao, Feiper, Lai’s, Mojing, Taisen, Qumei, Quanyou, Federal, Colorful Life and other brands appeared in a concentrated manner, showing the trend The design style allows the audience to appreciate the elegance of the home.

7.2 Sofa Boutique Hall, including dozens of influential brands in and outside the industry, such as Gujia Home Furnishing, Man Wah, Zuo Zuo, Ai Ruisi, Domicil, NATUZZI, etc. The core of each brand’s exhibition is to enhance brand awareness and influence, which is not only reflected in the products, but the design of the exhibition hall also plays a key role.

With consumption upgrades, more and more furniture companies have launched branded products with younger and more Chinese characteristics, adapting to the lifestyles of young consumers in terms of materials and design. At the same time, joint products with domestic and foreign designers have also become a strategic upgrade for furniture brands to enhance their design capabilities and explore new channels. The Shanghai Hongqiao Furniture Fair covers the pulse of the industry, fashion trends, and industrial docking. It displays the healthy ecology of the overall home in multiple dimensions and looks forward to a more exciting performance of Chinese home furnishings.

Except for functional sofas, most of the leisure sofas in the exhibition hall are characterized by low backrests, high metal feet, and narrow armrests. The functional sofa also has new changes, which are mainly reflected in the color: new colors such as haze blue and Morandi green perfectly cater to the preferences of contemporary young people.

This year, brass metal and natural marble are still the key design elements of various brands and categories. Combining metal feet, metal legs, and metal lines, all brands of marble countertops are making their products into light luxury series.

Contemporary Design Pavilion: China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai) has always advocated original design and paid attention to the quality of home design. In the current environment, the China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai) will give full play to its role as a platform to provide the industry with a visual show that encompasses the entire industry chain of home furnishings and links the global trend of original home design, showing the power of design.

When design has become a hot topic in recent years, when the consumer market continues to encounter surprises, and when newcomers of the era overcome numerous obstacles to become the protagonist, “original design” has also reached the critical moment when it is necessary to re-examine itself and find reasons for continued surging. Design exhibition, Design Dream Show contemporary home trend concept exhibition and other super IP activities, announced to the world the trend of China’s original home furnishings, leading the future of home design.

Sofa Flagship Pavilion: As the personalized demand of the home furnishing market continues to rise, the software sector has become more and more popular among consumers and has become a window for users to show their taste. At the same time, each distinctive software brand has also become a new window for dealers to seek breakthroughs. The China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai) brings together first-line software brands, with super-complete brands and a lot of highlights, which will inspire your inspiration in all aspects.

Office Environment Pavilion: In order to meet the booming demand of exhibitors, the office and living pavilion of this year’s exhibition has been expanded. On the basis of the opening of Hall 8.2, the second half of Hall 7.2 has been added, with an overall scale of 30,000 square meters. The number of exhibited brands is nearly 200 office furniture brand companies; the product categories covered include: steel office furniture, solid wood office furniture, panel office furniture and other system office furniture, screen partitions, conference tables, executive chairs, desks, file cabinets, and staff Chairs and other seating, smart office furniture and accessories, etc.

A number of high-quality fashion exhibitions, design forums, trend releases and other activities were held on the exhibition site. Centered on the development strategy of “innovation-driven and design-led”, it established direct and efficient communication channels for designers and exhibitors, and contributed to the furniture industry. Inject positive energy.

Related activities include the International Architectural Design Forum, 2019 (Autumn) China Soft Decoration Conference, 2019M+ China High-end Interior Design Competition and so on. The big coffees gather together, rich in highlights, good-looking and fun, combining talent and beauty. Bringing together world-class architectural design masters and well-known domestic and foreign designers to gather at the international high-end design forum to discuss the future of the industry. They are: Henrique Siza, Anouk Legendre, Mario Carpo, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, Kristin Feireiss, Antonio Choupina, Hans-Jürgen Commerell, Fujimoto Sou, Yuan Feng, etc. (the above rankings are in no particular order). CIFF builds a platform for many outstanding designers at home and abroad to share and exchange experience, help designers play the value of design, promote the improvement of the industry’s original design level, and lead the upgrading of China’s home furnishing industry.