Thanale Caves

Thanale Caves or Nadsur Caves is group of 23 Buddhist Caves located at Thanale Village, Taluka Sudhagad in Raigad, 18 km from Pali.

This caves belong to first century B.C. It has two Chaityas, two Stupas and rest are Viharas. These caves are some of the most ancient rock-cut Caves not only in Maharashtra but in whole India and were located at complex site of the ancient trade route of Chaul.

Cave No 7 is the most beautiful and largest among all caves in the group. The Whole of the Wall of Cave No 7 is decorated with Buddhist Rail, Arch, and other mouldings with figure of men, women and animals.

These Ancient rock-cut Buddhist caves are located in beautiful mountainous site. Most frequently used path starts in Thanale village and goes through dense forest, along waterfalls and mountain scenery. These Caves are also approachable from Village Nadsur. And hence These are also referred as Nadsur Caves. Exact GPS Location is available on Google Maps and Walking Trail from Thanale Village to Cave is also marked on Google Maps. Apart from this the Pune Trekkers Group had painted Arrow Marks allover on the Walking Trail.

These Caves are on the list of Protected Monuments of Archaeological Survey of India.

recently Ravindra Manohar Sawant, a young man, cleanse these caves and researched this cave and brought the information to the public.

Source From Wikipedia