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Talaja Caves

Talaja Caves are located in Bhavnagar district of the Indian state of Gujarat at Talaja. The rock cuts are carved out into deserted conical rocks. The rock cut group include 30 caves among which about 15 are water tanks. The cave has unique architecture known as Ebhal Mandapa. The halls are plain. “On the facade there are chaitya windows with a broad bank below them.” The chaitya and cells were carved during Buddhism influence in 2nd century BC. During the Kshatrapas’ regime in 2nd-3rd century AD Jainism emblems were carved on the cells and the halls.

The cave contains figures of Bodhisattva.The caves were carved out before rock cut architecture begins in the Maharashtra. According to few Historians the date of caves can not be traced out however some believe that carving started by the end of 1st century CE.

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