STREET ART IN ALTITUDE 25th floor Pleyel Tower St Denis by 9eme Concept

Out of sight, an artistic residence was held for 5 days in an unusual place. On the 25th floor of a tower dominating Paris and its region, twenty artists invest 600m2 of this former open space. Orchestrated by the 9th concept, we count of course the artists of the collective but also many guests.

Color prisms have made it possible to cut out the space and link the interventions of each one. Thus, the final installation can be read both individually and collectively. A series of photos and a video will be released at the end of the white card to unveil the process of creating this ephemeral installation inaccessible to the public.

A way to share this residence in weightlessness, perched on the 25th floor of a tower in full activity. A fleeting artistic escape but real!

Artists: Alexandre d’Alessio, Bruno Leyval, Clément Laurentin, Franck Pellegrino, Gilbert Petit, Jean-Jacques Tachdjian, Jerk 45, Joachim Romain, Juan, Lapin Thur, LeJam, Mast Cora, Romain Froquet, Stéphane Carricondo, The Blind, Theo Lopez.

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