Shabaka window

Shabaka are stained glass windows made by national Azerbaijani masters, without glue or nails.

Shabaka fill walls and window openings of halls and rooms in the Palace of Shaki Khans. Geometric patterns of shabaka-windows harmonize with the general composition of the palace’s façade. Stained-glass windows of central halls and side rooms open on the façade. These stained glass windows are the special feature in the palace’s architecture.

In the building of the Palace of Sheki Khans, shebek fills the walls, window openings of halls and rooms. Geometrically, the picture of the windows-shebek, as noted, is combined with the general composition of the main facade of the palace. On the facade of the palace there are solid stained-glass windows, the central halls and side rooms. It is believed that it is precisely the fact that the outer walls of the halls of both floors and upper rooms are replaced by stained-up stained-glass windows , is a feature of the architecture of this grand pavilion .

Numerous residential stone houses of the XVIII-XIX centuries, decorated with Shebek, were also in the city of Shusha.

Source From Wikipedia