Saitama Prefectual Museum of History and Folklore Saitama-shi, Japan

Saitama Prefectural Museum of History and Folklore (埼玉県立歴史と民俗の博物館) is a prefectural museum in Saitama, Japan, dedicated to the history and folklore of Saitama Prefecture. The museum opened in 1971.

The Saitama Prefectual Museum of History and Folklore, established as the Prefectual museum of Saitama in 1971 and renewed through an integration of the museum of history Three main themes, history, folklore and fine arts in life and culture in Saitama, are introduceed in the 10 exhibition rooms with occasional renewals.

Plaza Fantasy “Yume-Taiken-Hiroba” consists of three different areas of Hands-On Room, Craft Room, and Playing Field. They offer various programmes designed for not only children but also adults to learn Saitama’s history and culture. With the motto “familiar, amusing and friendly”, the museum are open for new ideas to be attractive for everyone.

It is a building of the former Saitama prefectural museum which was completed in October 1971. Designed by architect Mr. Kunio Maekawa who celebrated 100 years of birth in 2005, he has won numerous awards such as the Japan Art Institute prize, the Daily Arts Institute Award, and has been selected as one hundred public buildings.

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The museum of history and folk collects and keeps data on Saitama’s history and folklore, comprehensively investigates and studies to clarify the regional characteristics of Saitama, display exhibitions and disseminate the results, publish information, It is a museum that contributes to the rich living and the creation of new cultures of the prefectural people by becoming a place for learning activities and exchanges.

We will utilize all the manpower and resources involved in the museum to appeal Saitama’s charm and to fulfill its role as a core lifelong learning facility promoting lifelong learning in collaboration with the citizens of the prefecture.

We collect, store and utilize Saitama history, folklore, arts and crafts, which is a cultural heritage shared by the prefectural people, investigate research, inherit it to the next generation.

We will exhibit the results of the survey research which revealed the regional characteristics of Saitama’s history and folklore and disclose information to both domestic and overseas.

By collaborating with local communities and schools, we support lifelong learning and school education on Saitama’s history and folklore as a place for learning through participation and exchange of citizens.

As the core facility of the museum network in the prefecture, we will support the business and activities of municipal historical and folk museums.

We will actively promote and utilize volunteers and museum crews, and in a variety of projects, broadly cooperate with a wide range of human resources at schools and local communities and develop open museum activities.

Provide peace of mind and comfortable space for prefectural people to gather, exchange, and active with Saitama history and folk materials as the core.