RUN DON’T WALK Inspired by the chaotic and creative energies pervading the city in the aftermath of the economic crash, rundontwalk became one of the most prolific art collectives active in Buenos Aires. Their work is influenced by punk and skate culture and blends surrealism with satire.

RUN DON’T WALK from graffitimundo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

graffitimundo is a non profit arts organisation based in Buenos Aires, which supports local artists and promotes the city’s urban art culture.

Our project launched in 2009. Working in collaboration with a network of artists we developed an information resource, and offered visitors the opportunity to experience the art in context and meet with the artists themselves.

As our project developed we were invited to curate exhibitions of art locally and internationally. We later developed an online art gallery and in 2014 we opened a physical gallery space in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.

In 2013 we produced the feature documentary “White Walls Say Nothing” which explores the relationship between street art and activism, due to be released in late 2014. With support from the city government we are writing a book titled “Battlegrounds and Playgrounds” which gives a visual history of the roots of urban art in Buenos Aires.

We work with museums, galleries, NGOs, community groups, charities, universities and the media, in addition to thousands of individuals who want to learn more about the rich heritage and dynamic culture of Argentine urban art.