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Ricky Crespo

Ricky Crespo from Municipality of Vicente López, Olivos, Argentina

The VIVI ARTE program was created by the Municipality of Vicente López in 2012 with the purpose of making artistic and cultural interventions in the public spaces of the Party to improve the quality of life of our people and encourage the integration of neighbors.

Urban art not only embellishes but is a tool of citizen construction and social development. Taking into account all this, and on the initiative of the Municipality of Vicente López, the idea was born to intervene with art different spaces of the Party under the institutional framework of a program called “Viví Arte”. The concept of artistic interventions allowed to go a little beyond the classic neighborhood and community mural. The summoned artists worked – in some cases – in three dimensions – taking into account the whole space and not only the plane – investigating the use of each place and creating as a consequence its “site specific”.

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The objectives of the program were very clear: 1). To put in value spaces of the city that appear careless and neglected. 2). Take advantage of large areas as support for artistic proposals that bring color to the landscape and a change to the rhythm of everyday life. 3). Encourage joint work between neighbors and artists gathered for a common good project.

Vivi Arte is created and coordinated by Andrés Gribnicow and Dolores Guzmán.