Rhythms of Life South Yarra, Australia

The ‘Rhythms of Life’ contemporary land art project is of a scale and scope unparalleled in modern art history. It is unique in its intent to form a connected set of drawings on the earth which are visible from space. ‘Rhythms of Life’ is the largest contemporary land art undertaking in the world. 51 major stone structures in 16 countries spanning all seven continents. Over a period of 16 years ‘Rhythms of Life’ has involved the participation of more than 7,500 people. Rogers’ massive stone geoglyphs are in exotic and disparate locations including remote deserts, fjords, gorges, national parks, Altiplano, mountain valleys and a frozen lake. The largest contemporary land art park in the world, ‘Time and Space’ in Cappadocia Turkey, is part of the ‘Rhythms of Life’ project. 13 major stone structures along 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) of the Karadag Mountain Valley. Earth observation sensors have been utilized to capture each structure from satellites at altitudes between 440 and 770 kilometers above the Earth.

Rhythm of Life is a Paul Haig album originally released in 1983 on Island Records and recorded in New York and London by renowned producer Alex Sadkin. This collection of nine electro-funk cuts features guest musicians such as Bernie Worrell, Anton Fier (The Feelies/Golden Palominos), and Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins). Rhythm of Life includes no less than four singles, and the standout track “Adoration” (originally written as a Josef K song).

In 2003, LTM released the first CD version with five bonus tracks taken from the 1984 mini album Rhythm of Life Remixes.