Review of Hong Kong Wedding Showcase 2019, China

The 30th Hong Kong Wedding Showcase, last from September 21-22, 2019, at Huixing and Exhibition Hall 2, 3 (Nine Exhibition), Kowloon Bay International Exhibition and Trade Center. Due to the overwhelming response to wedding exhibitions in recent years, the wedding expo created greater business opportunities for the wedding industry.

The wedding fair offer Chinese, Korean and Japanese wedding dresses; famous bridal shops, hotels, restaurants, wedding supplies, and services, also provide guide books, discounts and gifts. It is a great opportunity for prospective couples to prepare weddings and collect wedding information and discounts.

Audace International Fairs Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in hosting wedding expos, and has held more than 80 large-scale wedding exhibitions at various exhibition venues. There is no doubt about its status and achievements in the exhibition industry. The development of the wedding fair has become a must-visit for couples planning to get married.

The exhibition is divided into three exhibition halls: Huixing, Exhibition and Trade Hall 2 and Exhibition and Trade Hall 3. There are nearly 300 booths, and it is one of the largest wedding fairs in the history of the Kowloon Bay Exhibition Center.

Exhibitors include wedding banquet venues in famous hotels and restaurants, local and overseas wedding photography, wedding photography, gift cakes, wedding gowns, skirt gowns, venue decoration, jewelry, health services, wedding planning and consultants, bride makeup, marriage certification Services and financial management for newlyweds, etc., in order to provide one-stop all-round marriage information for those present.

3rd Floor Huixing: Wedding photography, beauty and slimming services, car rental services, wedding video recording, wedding dresses and gowns, overseas weddings and honeymoon travel, wedding planning, big gifts, wedding gifts, wedding financial management;

Exhibition Hall 2 on the 3rd floor: Wedding photography, wine, wedding selfie service, health service, gift, marriage certificate service, bride make-up, wedding invitation, wedding venue, wedding gift, jewelry, flower shop and wedding decoration, wedding banquet music, wedding dress Dresses and skirts, wedding planning;

Exhibition Hall 3 on the 6th floor: Wedding venue, jewelry, wedding wealth management, gift cakes and wine, wedding banquet music, wedding selfie service.

Exhibits content include:
Wedding banquet, wedding venue and attendance service: Collection of local Chinese and Western wedding banquet services and special wedding venues;

Wedding dress design, gown rental and wedding photography service: Gathering many wedding, dress and skirt gown merchants and photography and recording service providers, together with wedding venue layout and other focus of the wedding banquet, provide relevant services and trend information for prospective couples;

Wedding planning service, floral arrangement and venue decoration: A collection of various traditional and modern wedding gifts and services, and a one-stop wedding service platform for prospective couples provided by dedicated personnel, including wedding planning, invitation printing, floral arrangement and venue layout, etc., to make the wedding more personal;

Overseas weddings, photography and honeymoon tours: Gather overseas wedding planning experts and travel agencies to provide services such as wedding planning, venue decoration, wedding photography and honeymoon travel packages, and provide more choices for prospective couples;

Wedding gold ornaments and diamond ring: Provide various types of wedding ring diamond jewelry and gold ware, including traditional Chinese dragon and phoenix bracelets, fashion design diamond ring jewelry from many regions;

Professional Civil Celebrant Service of Marriage: Provide information on marriage certification services to give prospective couples one more opportunity to learn about the services of “Professional Civil Celebrants of Marriage”;

Bridal beauty skin care and makeup, pre-marital check: Gathering local beauty companies and medical centers to provide a variety of beauty and pre-marital check-up services and programs for new couples;

Chinese and Western gift cakes, wedding post, wedding wine, floats, excessive gifts, return gifts, wedding performances: Presents one-stop wedding reception, special performances and invitation printing services, as well as various types of Chinese and Western gift cakes, so that prospective couples can design ingenious weddings;

Wedding dress fashion show
Hong Kong Wedding Showcase include catwalk wedding dresses and gowns. During the two-day exhibition, there was a catwalk show for wedding dresses and evening dresses from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. Models wear colorful wedding dresses and dresses on the bridge. Evening gowns are both gorgeous and sexy, bringing more inspiration for brides-to-be to choose wedding gowns.

Participants can redeem a prize at the booth of the organizer by presenting an invoice (single invoice) for consumption or deposit exceeding HK$1,000 in the venue on the same day. The prizes include exquisite jewelry, wedding supplies, wedding cakes, beauty products, etc… Cumulative consumption of more than HK$4,000 in electronic currency at the venue can redeem 15 Kee Wah Bakery Jin Yingxi Wedding Cake Cards, worth HK$1,140.

Prospective newcomers only need to bring 2 electronic currency consumer stubs of HK$2,000 or above for consumption in the venue, and they can register at the organizer’s booth. And at 6pm on the same day, he went to the conference stage at a shocking price of HK$20 to purchase wedding services or products with an original price of more than 1,000 yuan, including natural freshwater pearl necklaces, 18 Chinese wedding cake cards, grand gifts, wedding masters, Indoor wedding photography packages, flower bouquets, family photography packages, Chinese dress gowns and evening wear rentals.

Surrounding activities
In addition to the Catwalk Show, the conference stage also has a number of special sessions, including professional makeup artists for makeup and hairstyle demonstrations for prospective couples, lectures on how couples get along, tips on Chinese weddings, etc., so that prospective couples can get more when they collect marriage information.

Audace International Fairs Limited, to organize quality and all-win exhibition that serves the market and societal needs and facilitate local and international economic development and cultural interchange.

Audace International Fairs Limited is a well established organizer of trade and consumer shows, based in Hong Kong; the company was established in 1990. With more than 30 years of experience the company has organized over 160 successful exhibitions that catered to a wide range of industries which included Jewellery, Education & career, Wedding & Banquets, Franchise & Investments, Web-sites & The Internet, Estate & Property, Fashion & Apparels, Household Products, Carnivals & Records, Electronics & Communications, and Mandatory Provident Fund.