Review of HKJMA 2019, International Jewelry Show of Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association, China

The 27th edition of JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show, held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 28 Nov to 1 Dec 2019, with more than 1,450 booths of about 900 exhibitors from over 29 countries and regions, attracted around 60,000 local and worldwide visitors from over 70 countries.

The most famous and important physical Jewelry show for witnessing good participation from industry personnel, the show becomes the key platform gathering industry elites once a year, facilitating exhibitors in negotiating business, establishing contacts and exploring business opportunities. JMA is the only cash and carry jewelry show in Hong Kong welcomes both trade and public buyers, facilitating exhibitors in exploring new business opportunities. A significant number of exhibitors and booths widen product varieties to satisfy market demands.

Based on strong market demand, the golden chance to boost annual sales as buyers have a strong demand for replenishment before year-end holidays. Extensive promotional programs in Hong Kong and China to attract quality buyers in growing markets. Test the market at year-end to formulate next year sales and marketing strategy.

In JMA Best Service Award 2019 there are 11 exhibitors received the highest votes. They were rewarded cash prizes and trophies, and a giant Best Service Medal to display at their booths. This year, HKJMA has launched a series of prize-winning activities, including Day Day Diamond Lucky Draw, Scan & Win, JMA Best Service Award Voting, along with different discounts and rewards to stimulate people’s flow. We have also set up a simulation of the traditional jewelry production studio and let visitors role-play a jewel artisan by wearing the aprons with tools in their hand to take a selfie. The shopping atmosphere was spiced up, and people enjoyed a rewarding jewel journey.

This year JMA Hong Kong also launched the “Sharing your sweetest story with him/her” photography contest with ESD Life. Couples can share their photos of their romantic moments on the ESD Life platform. Prizes include diamond pendant, necklace and SOGO cash coupons, and the first prize is a 1-carat diamond ring.

JMA Hong Kong also launch seminars and workshops for the public to have a deeper understanding of Jewelry industry. Three jewelry seminars were hosted by professional jewellers introducing topics on Pearl Testing Considerations, Fei Cui auctions in Myanma and Jade wholesale markets in China, and an Introduction to Gemstone Certificates. Besides, we are very honoured to have the professional Jewelry artisan to conduct ten demonstrations on the different process of jewel production, like wax-crafting, hammering, gem-setting and so on, to let the audience witness the process of Jewelry production.

JMA Hong Kong
HKJMA has been organizing the JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show (the Show) since 1995. First held with only dozens of exhibitors at the HKJMA office, the show has expanded into a sizeable international exhibition in HKCEC in the last 20 years, becoming a major Jewelry event in Asia. Because of the high-calibre, the Show has been receiving UFI’s recognition since 2014. The show serves as a sourcing and an immediate sale platform for buyers to source best-valued quality jewelry under one roof.

The show covers almost all categories of interest: Diamond jewelry, Platinum jewelry, 24K fine gold jewelry, Gemset jewelry, Silver jewelry,Jade jewelry,Pearl jewelry,South Sea pearls,Cultured pearls,Fresh water pearls,Diamonds,Colored gemstones,Jade Opals, Jewelry mountings,Carvings/display ornaments,Jewelry display,packaging material, etc.

It is allow the public to have a deeper understanding of the Jewelry industry. Free jewelry seminars will be hosted by experts from GAHK during the show period. There are professional jewelry artisans from HATTON Jewellery Institute to conduct demonstrations on the different process of jewel production, like wax carving, hammering, gem-setting and colour rendering, to let the audience witness the process of Jewelry production.

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JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2019
“International Designer Arena” (IDA) has been introduced by JMA Hong Kong since 2008, with the aim of creating a platform that gives maximum exposure for global jewelry designers to tap into the Asian Market. In 2019, jewelry designers from around the world, including Germany, Italy, Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc., came together to display their one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, and gained the buyers’ favour!

JMA Hong Kong also spotlights magnificent jewelry products combining exquisite craftsmanship with trend-setting ideas. The theme of the competition this year is ‘Uniqueness’, representing an unusual concept, inspiring design or a decently crafted jewelry piece, also reflecting the outstanding position of Hong Kong in the global jewelry market. With unique design and great craftsmanship, we are proud to say Hong Kong jewelry product stands without peer in the world. You may wear various jewelry pieces which best represent yourself on different occasions. Let’s put them on and shine as bright as a star!

“JMA International Jewelry Design Competition” is organized by Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association. The competition is to act as a global platform for potential designers to communicate and exchange creative ideas. It aims at promoting design excellence in the jewelry industry and enhance Hong Kong’s jewelry design standard. The awardwinning pieces were displayed in the Show, bringing depth to the JMA Show to make it a worthwhile shopping experience not-to-be-missed! The results of the International Jewelry Design Competition (IJDC) were announced at the JMAHK 31st-anniversary gala dinner.

Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association
Found in 1988, Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association (HKJMA) dedicates to providing diverse quality services for our members and facilitating the development of the industry. HKJMA is dedicated to the uplifting global status of the local Jewelry manufacturing industry. With the four core values, namely ‘member-oriented’, ‘sustainable development’, ‘excellence in operations’ and ‘social responsibilities’, we closely work with our peers to strive for a bright future.

To Uplift Global Status of Hong Kong Jewelry – HKJMA coordinates Hong Kong Pavilion in overseas exhibitions covering US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, and provides exposure for local brands to foreign jewelers. Our annual “JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show” serves as a quality sales & trading platform for global exhibitors and buyers, especially those from China and South-East Asia.

To Exude Charisma of Local Designs – HKJMA emphasises on the creation of uniqueness of the local brand. The state-of-the-art craftsmanship and magnificent designs from Hong Kong are showcased in our widely distributed jewelry publications to keep pace with the mainstream pulse; We also proactively make use of electronic platforms and social media to explore business opportunities.

HKJMA is dedicated to quality services for members. We organise tailor-made activities to facilitate interactions and unite members. We develop electronic means to release the latest industry information and technical support, strengthen our role as the development platform for the local Jewelry industry.

HKJMA emphasises on the sustainability of industry development. We create business opportunities by industry transfer to new markets in Asia and cultivate talents by launching seminars and courses. HKJMA is establishing ‘J-HUB Hong Kong’ to provide necessary infrastructure and assistant services for young jewellers, to help inherit the traditional artisanship and explore development possibilities in the future.

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