Fuorisalone and Milan design week takes place at venues across Milan from 4 to 10 September 2021. Another key event at Milan design week is Salone del Mobile, the world’s largest and most important furniture fair, which takes place at the Fiera Milano exhibition centre from 5 to 10 September. This celebration is known as Salone del Mobile, Milano and 2021 marked its 60th year anniversary in practice.

Fuorisalone is the set of events distributed in different areas of Milan on the same days when the Salone Internazionale del Mobile takes place, which is staged in the stands of Rho Fiera. Currently, it is expanding into many related sectors including automotive, technology, telecommunications, art, fashion and food. Every year, in April, Salone and Fuorisalone define the Milan Design Week, the most important event in the world for design. The Fuorisalone is not a Fair event, it doesn’t have a central organisation and it’s not managed by any Institution. It started spontaneously early in the 1980’s thanks to the of companies working in the furnishing and industrial design sectors.

In the 2021 edition of Milan Design Week, Fuorisalone proposes as a focus for the development of content the subject “Forms of Living” expressed in its various dimensions and interpretations (where “living” means: places, space, city, environment and relationships). The concept of Contemporary Living in its various forms is at the centre of the scenario we are going through, with its rules and habits now upset, and is explored through design, art, architecture and anthropology to offer various useful ideas for companies and designers.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, after one year and a half, The Milan Design Week 2021 and the Fuorisalone 2021 finally return to the city, bringing together some of the best Italian and international design. Fuorisalone 2021 celebrates creativity again in its famed districts from Brera to Tortona and Isola.

Four pavilions, 423 exhibitors, 50 independent designers, 48 ​​schools and the curatorship of Stefano Boeri , the architect of Bosco Verticale. Supersized beach cabins, a courtyard filled with orchids and a pavilion made from sustainable chairs. Fuorisalone 2021 unveils former military barracks and forgotten bakery factories and unlocks new destinations in the unexplored west side of the city.

The aim of Fuorisalone is to share and promote this theme throughout 2021, developing both projects in collaboration with various partners, and a dedicated editorial plan that can find applications in the various tools offered by the Fuorisalone Design Guide platform. The various exhibitors can organise independently or refer to Studiolabo, which gives assistance: from the search for the location to the definition of strategies and to special communication plans that can be chosen on Fuorisalone.

Design Districts

Brera Design District
Discover the new Brera Experience. The best way to discover and get to know the district’s places and secrets. Brera Design District also features a selection of the best commercial activities, i.e. those that best represent the identity of this historic district of Milan between design, lifestyle, food, art and culture. The Brera Design District offers, as always, a large number of events that animate the neighborhood and which alternate with the many design showrooms hosted here. The leitmotif of this edition of the Brera Design District is “Forms of living” .

Start from the “ancient heart of Brera”, represented by the pedestrian area of via Fiori Chiari , via Formentini and via Madonnina . Lose yourself among antiques, modern antique shops, exclusive shops and historic bars. Here, in via Fiori Chiari 18 , Dedar presents the new textile wall coverings. In via Formentini 9 (in front of the deconsecrated church of S. Carpoforo) the Paola Sorio Luxury Design Atelier brand makes its debut , specialized in the creation of furniture and accessories between art and design characterized by a very high quality craftsmanship.

Brera Design District attracts the largest number of events and is the most visited and most representative district of the Fuorisalone. Born with the 2010 edition, the Brera Design Week has been able to increase over the years the number and quality of the events it hosts, going from 42 in the first edition to 210 in the last one, working with 497 exhibitors for an estimated 400,000 visitors during the 7-day event. Today, for many, Fuorisalone means Brera and Brera Design Week is the reference platform, open to collaboration with companies and designers thanks to dedicated project formats.

The Brera Design District universe now includes two events: the Brera Design Week and the Brera Design Days, a consultancy platform, a service dedicated to locations with Brera Location and a showroom dedicated to curatorial projects and collaboration with companies, the Brera Design Apartment.

Creative Connections is completed in the two locations of the Brera Botanical Garden and the Audi City Lab in via della Spiga 26. In the green oasis between the buildings in the center of Milan, Natural Capital, the installation designed by Studio Carlo Ratti Associated with Eni, it aims to raise visitors’ awareness of the role of forests in combating climate change. In the heart of the fashion district, Audi opens a hub dedicated to research and experimentation in the field of mobility. The space is transformed by the Marcel Wanders studio with the installation Enlightening the future which emotionally tells the new frontiers of Audi research thanks to an immersive experience based on light as a means of connecting and narrating its innovation projects.

Tortona District
Tortona Rocks brings a burst of activity to the Fuorisalone Tortona district, with an events program that seeks to answer the questions surrounding the changes taking place in our lives today: what design trajectories, state-of-the-art technologies and sustainable design solutions are on the horizon for the world of tomorrow? Design that looks ahead: the sixth Tortona Rocks event just had to be dedicated to projects that plot a course towards the future, giving shape to a new way to live and experience our cities and homes.

In THE DESIGN AHEAD initiative, Tortona Rocks # 6 reaffirms itself as forward-looking design antennae that picks up on and tells the story of the zeitgeist of this challenging era, presenting a selection of international companies and exhibits that provide a rounded snapshot of the design world, based on a convergence of multiple design approaches and visions.

Belgium is Design , Chaises Nicolle with Paola Navone, DFA Partners and Gruppo Building, Planika, RAN , Silk-FAW Automotive , Softicated , The Playful Living , Vestre and many more was animating Opificio 31 and the Tortona district’s Design Week event that returns on the global scene with the latest trends in the design field.

Meanwhile, Phyd Hub was hosting Content Lounge Tortona Rocks , where there was a series of live interviews and discussions, not only on design but also entrepreneurship and creativity.

This year, Tortona Rocks also present a video editorial, created by Milano Space Makers and Studio Spucches , called OPIFICIO 31. Agorà della Milano Design Week , a series of four short documentaries and interviews that celebrate design in one of its most symbolic locations: the heart of the Tortona district and the Fuorisalone event, tracing the history of the designers and companies that have been involved in the event over the years.

Liberty area of ​​Milan
Visit to the installation of Lasvit at the Consulate of the Czech Republic in via Morgagni 20 . The Czech glass and lighting brand has accustomed us to spectacular installations for years. BE WATER , the large site specific installation, hosted at the Cozzi municipal swimming pool managed by Milanosport and the Municipality of Milan. An editorial project of images only signed by the artist Maurizio Cattelan and the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari in creative partnership with the Spanish fashion brand Desigual and the irreverent Italian brand TOILETPAPER .

Visit the Boschi di Stefano House Museum ( via Jan 15 , Buenos Aires-Lima area) to see the exhibition I’M CUP OF YOU! 100 smashing women designers exhibiting over 80 cups signed by as many women designers – designers, artisans, artists, architects and more, including the cups of 14 special guests : Alessandra Baldereschi, Gabriella Benedini, Annalisa Cocco, Caterina Crepax, Laura Fiaschi ( GUMDESIGN), Daniela Gerini, Silvia Levenson, Chiara Lorenzetti, Antonella Ravagli, Elena Salmistraro, Marta Sansoni, Annarita Serra, Sabrina Sguanci, Angela Simone .

Barona district
Superdesign Show 2021 – September – Special Edition with R/evolution take place at Superstudio Più in via Tortona 27, the great hub that for twenty years has been representative of innovation and creativity. The new concept introduces a rethought path open to the new design that accomodates all the demands of concreteness, innovation, lightness, sustainability, inclusivity, interconnection, arised in the year after the pandemic. 12 curatorial exhibitions address topical issues such as the icons of the new millennium, female creativity, the home driven by Artificial Intelligence, new production techniques, living and working open air and others.

Superdesign Show 2021 September – Extension, with Design beyond Design, a composite multimedia and multicultural where design was seen in its different communicative expressions (art, video, photography, performance, architecture, publishing, workshop…) is instead the occasion to discover the just finished venue Superstudio Maxi in via Moncucco, a large, elegant, technological, sustainable exhibition space that fits in the greenry of Barona district, an area that is increasingly renewing and that is also a scenery of urban regeneration projects, signed by the major studios of architecture.

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Area of ​​Tortona street
The area of ​​via Tortona which with Superstudio presents Superdesign Show 2021, making a strong comeback on the international scene with Cult & Must, Donne & Design, Supercampus, Materials, Discovering, Outdoor Generation , 1000 Vases, the car of the future, the home. intelligent e, the challenges of art. A series of curatorial exhibitions, a museum vision, an eye to tomorrow. A true R / EVOLUTION that continues with the inauguration of the Flavio Lucchini Museum, in via Tortona 27 , and of Superstudio Maxi, in via Moncucco 35, the new and third space of the group with Design beyond Design, five days of inauguration in the new superstudio maxi exhibition center with multidisciplinary activities – photographic exhibitions, design, talks, videos, performances and charity sales of love objects.

The exhibitions scheduled during Tortona Design Week 2021 celebrate design as a promoter of innovation , the result of continuous research to reconcile the interaction between things, people and spaces (both internal and external) in an intelligent and sustainable way and with numerous recurring values. , including the commitment to the use of innovative materials , the use of artificial intelligence , respect for the environment with the development and research of a system for an increasingly circular economy . Furthermore, to embellish the area of ​​via Tortona, this Fuorisalone in September is the first step towards the realization of The Roundabout: design with nature , project that saw Tortona Design Week collaborate with Domus Academy in the creation of a contest aimed at students of the Masters in Interior & Living Design, Urban Vision & Architectural Design, Interaction Design and Service Design of Domus Academy.

The special September event of Salone del Mobile in Milan For the occasion, Torneria Tortona and Tortona Locations, which are among the promoters and organizers of the event, developed IN – OUT, perception of sustainability, a project that interprets change as an opportunity to initiate collective growth in the name of sustainability and innovation.

In a year in which everything has changed and everyday life has adopted different forms and tempos, in a constantly evolving “IN – OUT”, it is essential to wonder about the present and future. Precisely for this reason the concept developed for the Tortona Design Week 2021 aims to reconcile the perception of the inner world with the outer one, always keeping a constant focus on the sustainability of the elements, concepts, and daily life.

Many important companies in Italy and abroad have decided to join the project such asHaier, Candy and Hoover, with the house entirely interconnected; APIMA and AICEP Portugal Global, withthe unique design of Portuguese companies; Nitto with the magical labyrinth created thanks to a newlighting technology; ICONA Design Group with achievements in the automotive, industrial and product design; Delta Light with the multisensory exhibition #wantyouclose; and Lechler – ColorDesign; Officina 14; Zip Zone Events; Materioteca; Tiziana Pistoni; Studio.traccia.

The exhibitions celebrate design as a promoter of innovation, the result of a continuous search to reconcile the interaction between things, people, and spaces (both indoors and out) in an intelligent and sustainable way and with numerous recurring values, including a commitment to use innovative materials and artificial intelligence and have respect for the environment through the research and development of a system for an increasingly circular economy.

To further enhance the area of Via Tortona, the September date was the first step towards creating The Roundabout: design with nature, a project in which Tortona Design Week collaborated with Domus Academy to launch a contest for Domus Academy students attending Masters courses in Interior & Living Design, Urban Vision & Architectural Design, Interaction Design and Service Design.

With the valuable contribution of the sponsors Sense – Immaterial Reality and Urbo.style, the students were asked to design a virtual and physical installation (which was produced for Salone del Mobile 2022), involving the roundabout of Largo delle Culture, one of the symbols of Tortona Design Week, rethought in an ecological and sustainable way and with an eye on the Milan Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic Games.

Isola Design District
Isola Design District became one of the main official areas of Milan Design Week, for giving visibility to local artisans, studios and galleries, but also to create opportunities for international emerging designers and independent studios, during the most important design event of the World.

After the succession of online events, virtual exhibitions and digital product launches, the Isola Design Festival approaches the Milanese design week with a full program of exhibitions, installations, talks and workshops to be experienced in a hybrid, but mainly mind in presence.

One of the new locations of this edition is the Sassetti Factory ( via Sassetti 31 ), a former woolen yarn factory from the 1930s, in which there was two exhibitions. The Stage Four , which involve visitors in a dream installation, thanks to a riot of shapes and colors, and Isola Design Gallery. Here, collectibles and sustainable furnishings from Isola Design Community was presented. Inside Fabbrica Sassetti , from 5 to 10 September, a Temporary Store was active with many design products for sale.

Since last year, Isola Design District is also part of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, becoming the first Italian design district to participate in a foreign design event. A new way to experience design, accessible 365 days a year and from anywhere, that complement the events in Italy and in the Netherlands.

Historic center of Milan
5VIE was born as a territorial marketing project linked to an area of ​​the historic center of Milan, the Cinque Vie : an area rich in history and culture, where among the remains of imperial Rome, early Christian basilicas and Renaissance courtyards you can still find artisan workshops of the highest level, as well as refined boutiques and art and design galleries.

Since 2013 5VIE organizes and produces Design Weeks focused on art-design and unique and collectible pieces, positioning itself as an international reference point in the sector ; among the designers who have exhibited and collaborated with 5VIE: Anton Alvarez, Maarten Baas, Niamh Barry, Valentina Cameranesi, Luca Cippelletti, CTRLZACK, Max Lamb, Ugo La Pietra, Sabine Marcelis, Erez Nevi Pana, Raw Edges, Sara Ricciardi, Stefano Seletti , Studio Ossidiana, Roberto Sironi, Nanda Vigo, Tellurico.

5VIE is also committed to the research and dissemination of best practices related to sustainability. Among its activities, it annually produces the Forum It’s Circular dedicated to the circular economy , which in 2021 see its fourth edition, entirely dedicated to the fashion sector. It also collaborates with international institutions such as the Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong , with which it has realized in 2020 the project Design Made in Hong Kong . That of 5VIE is a network that embraces all the big cities with a role in the world of design, innovation and art: it is a global network that passes through a Milan always eager to be reborn and renewed.

South of the Court of Milan, do not forget to visit the exhibition “Terra al Cubo – Abitare il Futuro” organized by the ISIA of Faenza on the theme of eco design. The project is housed in the splendid setting of the fifteenth-century Cloisters of the Humanitarian ( via Francesco Daverio 7 ). Enjoy the exhibition by strolling through the different cloisters. A short distance away is the eighteenth-century Rotonda della Besana , a former hospital and cemetery. After a visit to its beauties , you can discover, right in front, the MG12 showroom with special guest Melograno Blu.

MDD – Milano Durini Design District
Located in the heart of the city centre, Durini Design District is a key reference point for innovation, style and ‘Made in Italy’ design. Durini Design District shows to the world the latest and most refined projects from the world of design. At this crossroads of learning and exchange, stores renew themselves, taking on new forms, unveiling some of the most exclusive lifestyle proposals in the world.

From 4 to 10 September at Milan Design Week 2021, Associazione Milano Durini Design was bringing together some of the leading companies in the sector, presenting the fruits of their work to professionals and the public. A showcase of new and exciting products, displayed in fascinating and unedited spaces, reaffirming that there is still positive vitality and important economic commitments being made to drive the country’s recovery.

The showroom of associated brands also be presented in digital format, giving life to moments for cultural exchange, product presentations and important case studies, all in the presence of architects, international designers and sector operators. Design culture and the appreciation of ‘Made in Italy’ products once more be the focal point of the Durini Design District event, which officially be the first international appointment since the cancellation of the Salone del Mobile tradeshow in 2020.

Events, talks, workshops, round tables, exhibitions from Fuorisalone Design Guide 2021

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Hyundai and the design: the future is here.
A coffee at the Fuorisalone – Faemina presentation
Korean Craft 2021: All about Attitude
Saucony Originals | Celebrating Shadow 6000 Anniversary
Hitachi Cooling & Heating
USM x Monocle
Florim S.p.A. SB
Collectible Marble
CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia
Boost Natural: Ceramic surfaces that interpret the authentic essence of raw earth
Qeeboo meets Lenovo: Interactions
Contemporary Antiquity
Buio. Utopie di luce.
Series 05
Antolini MilanoDuomo Stoneroom New Opening
Pierre Frey new furniture launch
The Instant of Change
Fluid Home by Elle Decor Italia
Manerba – Wherever you Feel
Snaidero MilanoBrera – Piazza San Marco 1, Milano
Archiproducts Milano: Here Is this Year’s Project!
LAS – Agile September
Milesi and Aran Cucine: a valuable partnership that looks at the future.
Studio MILO for Affreschi & Affreschi
Copygrafwallprint, see the painter robot at work: do not miss a unique opportunity!
Novamobili flagshipstore new layout
New Leatherwall Collections 2021
Special Outdoor: an oasis of outdoor comfort
The circle. Think Tank Project 2020-2021
Materials Village – Special edition
Solferino Lab
Silent-Iconic the 4-way cassette unit design panel by Hitachi Cooling & Heating
Luxury Green Experience Simone Guidarelli x Officinarkitettura®
Porcelanosa’s most innovative bookmatch wall tiles
FENIX Integrated Solutions
Porcelanosa presents its new collections in a virtual tour of the major design capitals
Teva per te. Quando il design è al servizio della salute.
FENIX Scenario
innerLine, Affreschi & Affreschi new collection
C&C Milano
Ceramiche Caesar, Mo.1950, Quadrodesign, Rexa Design
Atlas Concorde shines a spotlight on 3D wall tiles with 3D Wall Carve
CEDIT: a story of values
Pianca & Partners contract hub
Marcin Rusak Studio to present Unnatural Practice
Fondazione Sozzani presents “Nanda Vigo, incontri ravvicinati. Arte, Architettura, Design”
Beauty Blooms by Moooi
Nilufar Gallery
Nilufar Depot
Dior – Artisti e designer sono chiamati a reinterpretare The Dior Medallion Chair
Temporary Bistrot & Restaurant Famiglia Rana
Mohd launches Officina Milano, A Second Home in the Design Capital
Pratic Fuori Salone touch.point
Paola Paronetto Fuori Salone touch.point
Flaminia Fuori Salone touch.point
Gervasoni Fuori Salone touch.point
Antoniolupi Fuori Salone touch.point
My world, our earth (our planet)
Kartell loves the planet
Giorgetti Milan Atelier & Store
“Stanze” at Moroso Showroom during the Milano Design City
Paolo Castelli’s novelties
Archiproducts Milano 2021: Future Habit(at)
Re-Food Market
Hall Of Waste
Theplacemakers exhibits at RoguiltlessPlastic – Trashformation Village

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