Review of Foire de Paris 2022, France

The Foire de Paris 2022, the largest show in Europe dedicated to the world of home, gastronomy and shopping, was took place from April 28 to May 9, 2022 at Porte de Versailles. The 12 days fair placed under a festive theme: is RE-PARTY. Event in terms of decoration and furnishings, the Foire de Paris once again brought together many exhibitors , who came to present the latest trends in the world of the home, also gastronomic products that celebrate the whole of France.

As France’s leading home fair and the largest general-purpose fair in Europe, the Foire de Paris is a major retail event that has been held annually in Paris since 1904, it offers a varied range of products for the general public. From construction to furnishings, including renovation, decoration and interior and exterior equipment, all sectors of the home are celebrated at the Foire de Paris. It’s an opportunity to find the biggest brands, their best-sellers, new products and innovations in a single place, and to meet the best experts in the profession.

The Foire de Paris is France’s spring business gathering. Each year, it welcomes around half a million visitors and 1,250 exhibitors for 12 consecutive days. Since 1924 the fair has been held in the Porte de Versailles exhibition center, during twelve days, many concerts, workshops, conferences, parades… Also on the programme, hundreds of fashion & accessories, beauty & wellness products, for the most complete shopping experience, with demonstrations.

The Foire de Paris is a true physical marketplace: the revenue its exhibitors make is among the biggest made throughout the whole year. It is a crossroads of inspirations and discoveries. It is where dreams for the home come true. Its worlds of cuisine, innovation, the home and craftsmanship offer a wide range of unrivalled solutions.

The Foire de Paris is a successful gathering everyone looks forward to by pursuing the unique, festive experience specific to this model, which allow visitors feel the need to get back into close contact with retailers, craftspeople and designers.

Mainly showing domestic goods, walking through the door of the Foire de Paris is the promise of discovering flavours from the French terroir, but also from all over the world or even new culinary products. And for food and wine pairing, the dozens of winegrowers present will be the best advisors.

Since its inception, the Foire de Paris has supported and highlighted entrepreneurs who are changing our daily lives. From the International Lépine Contest Paris to the Innovation Grand Prix Award, Foire de Paris is at the heart of innovation and inventions.

The 116th edition of Foire de Paris welcome nearly half a million visitors and 1,250 exhibitors. The 12 days of Paris Fair are replete with activities and special shows dedicated to the various exhibition topics. At the show, thanks to the 3,500 brands present, visitors can also find everything they might need to decorate their home (including construction, furnishing, kitchens and bathrooms) or to improve their outdoor space (pool, patio, garden furniture and so on). As well as discovering the stands, visitors can participate in workshops and activities, or watch parades and concerts. A showcase of culture and food from around the world, the fair is also an opportunity to celebrate innovation: a Grand Prix is awarded in this category.

The Foire de Paris offers a colorful program mixing innovations and celebrations and which will unfold in its 5 universes : Home & Habitat – Crafts & Cultures of the World – Well-Being Fashion & Accessories – Leisure & Practical Life – Wines & Gastronomy. The Kitchen & Wine Workshop where you can sharpen your cooking expertise and your knowledge of food/wine pairings with 50 workshops. The French Innovation & Creation villageoffers a unique experience around local and responsible consumption. You will find there the essential village of French entrepreneurs who have won the Start-Up Boost’ by Foire de Paris.

The 2022 edition was punctuated by many events and activities including more than sixty free shows, live concerts, parades in the colors of the islands of Africa and Overseas, parades. During this edition placed under the sign of renewal, you had all the keys to consume locally and responsibly but also to imagine a smart and sustainable home.

The Atelier Maison in pavilion 1: two spaces to discover tips from the pros, learn about the latest trends or take part in a DIY/decoration workshop. The French Barbecue Festival and Championship : organized for the first time, this event kept its promises, between delicacies, recipes and sharing on the weekend of May 7 and 8.

The Innovation Grand Prize in pavilion 7: for more than 15 years, this competition has been rewarding the most innovative household electrical products. The official selection was to be found throughout the duration of the Paris Fair. The Tropiques en Fête Festival in pavilion 4: fashion, current and traditional music, all the talents from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Africa, Guyana, Haiti and many other destinations were gathered every day and at the honor at the largest Afro-Caribbean festival in Europe.

As usual, the Grand Prix de l’Innovation rewards the best finds in terms of design, technicality and comfort. This edition will be an unmissable event for brands and consumers. The Lépine Contest, the unmissable event popular with inventors. A true benchmark in the world of invention for more than a century, the Lépine Competition pursues its primary mission: to support French inventors and creators.

House & Lifestyle sector
In the House & Lifestyle sector, find in a single place, the most complete offer in Europe to fit out and furnish your home. Come and compare products, test them, ask for a quote and find new innovative and trendy ideas for your decoration. The exhibitors will be delighted to help you with your projects. Their professionalism and passion for the trade will make them great allies, whether you want to renovate, build a house, or do small or large-scale work.

Each year, there are more and more exhibitors to offer you tailor-made furnishing and decoration solutions, to imagine an interior that suits you. All projects come to fruition at Foire de Paris! Imagine your home from floor to ceiling with the experts present at Foire de Paris.

Furnishings and Decoration & Sound, Image and Multimedia – All the latest ideas for decorating your home and making best use of your space.
Kitchen & Household appliance – All the latest in stylish, designer or even retro kitchens combining warmth and functionality.
Bathrooms – All the latest in decoration, design and do-it-yourself… to help you brighten up your bathroom.
Building work & Home improvements – All areas of the building trade in one pavilion
Garden & Conservatory – All the latest ideas from landscape gardeners, decorators and gardening professionals who are on hand to help you design your garden.
Swimming pool & Spa – All the latest stylish products to give you ideas for maintaining, decorating and fitting out your new relaxation area.
Fireplaces & Wood burners – All the latest solutions for heating your house and improving your home’s energy efficiency.
Beds – All the latest products to transport you to dreamland.

Arts & Crafts & Culture of the World sector
Come and meet craftspeople, artists and designers at the Foire de Paris. Highly skilled exponents of ancestral or contemporary techniques, their unique and original creations will take centre stage. In the Arts and Crafts & Cultures of the World area, no fewer than 50 regions and countries are represented: France, Asia, the Americas, Africa and tropical islands. Tourism, gastronomy and music also feature prominently and cultural heritage and riches a-plenty are provided for your enjoyment.

A Taste of the tropics – All the wealth of attractions which the tropics have to offer to tourists – crafts, gastronomy and culture.
Arts & crafts – Work in different materials, encounters with craftspeople and designers, the transfer of ancestral craft techniques.
Riches of the world – From Asia to South America, from Australasia to Africa, more than 50 countries are here to share their wealth of traditional crafts and their culinary heritage.

Well-Being Fashion & Accessories sector
Well-being, fashion and accessories, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to treat yourself and discover the whole beauty range and the latest fashion trends. Looking for that special something to brighten up life, or must-have gadget.

Fashion & Accesories – Fashion & Accessories, our market will give you a sneak preview of this summer’s fashion trends.
Beauty & Well-Being – All the latest from the world of beauty, a moment to relax and focus on body care and well-being.

Leisure & Everyday Life sector
Come and play indoors or out, discover creative hobbies, take part in sporting pursuits, learn through play – and stay connected. These are some of the activities in the Foire de Paris’ Leisure and everyday life area.

Wine & Gastronomy sector
Wine & Gastronomy, this is the area which will constantly tickle your taste buds and allow you to discover new flavours, from home and abroad. Take a flavoursome and aromatic tour of wine regions and gastronomic centres – an experience you’ll never forget.

Tropiques en Fête
A change of scenery guaranteed and travel across all continents in one place! You could vibrate to the rhythm of about sixty free shows: concerts, parades, parades and other shows in the colours of the overseas islands. Fashion, current and traditional music, all the talents were gathered once per year to discover the richness of these cultures.

Discover all the magic of the customs and culture of Tropiques en Fête. Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyane and many other destinations were in the spotlight during exceptional days. THE Tropiques CARNIVAL is one day will be entirely dedicated to Carnival, lot of parades will be organized every weekend and public holidays, for an exceptional show.