Review of CIFF 2017-2018, China International Furniture Fair, Guangzhou, China

China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) is committed to creating the most valuable furniture industry trade platform. The exhibition runs through the upstream and downstream industries of the furniture industry chain, presenting a panoramic view of the latest development trends of the industry. Create a new lifestyle, lead the development trend of the industry, empower the global home consumer market upgrade and future industrial vitality, and help companies to explore domestic and overseas markets.

The exhibition covers the entire industrial chain of large home furnishings, covering civil furniture, ornaments and home textiles, outdoor furniture, office and commercial and hotel furniture, furniture production equipment and accessories and accessories. The exchange and promotion of the exhibition played a pivotal role in the development of the industry, standing at the forefront of the industry, building a communication and sharing platform for exhibitors and visitors, promoting the healthy development of the home furnishing industry, and enjoying the reputation of a barometer of China’s home furnishing industry.

The China International Furniture Fair was established in 1998. Since September 2015, it held in Pazhou, Guangzhou and Hongqiao in Shanghai in September each year. It effectively radiates the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, the most dynamic region of China’s economy, and demonstrates the “Spring Fantasy and Autumn Vast”. Charm of Twin Cities. The China International Furniture Fair covers the entire industrial chain of large home furnishings, covering civil furniture, ornaments and home textiles, outdoor furniture, office and commercial and hotel furniture, furniture production equipment and accessories and accessories, etc. The spring and autumn events brought together more than 6000 top brand companies at home and abroad. New product launches in the home furnishing industry, the preferred platform for commerce and trade.

The China International Furniture Fair adheres to innovative development, and has played an important role in promoting international and domestic trade cooperation in the home furnishing industry, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and leading the high-quality development of enterprises. This year’s Home Fair is a unique and splendid industry event. It is positioned to promote the international and domestic double cycle of the home furnishing industry. It plays an active role in promoting the development of the industry and enterprises and ensuring the stability of the furniture industry supply chain.

As a super large furniture exhibition involving the entire industry chain, China International Furniture Fair has opened a new chapter for the recovery and development of the industry. The Home Fair focuses on optimizing the layout of the exhibition, creating the best highlights, and providing a strong guarantee for the new development of the industry. Leading by “internationalization, specialization and marketization”, we will gather leaders of the furniture industry and contribute wisdom and strength to the further development of the global furniture industry through high-end dialogues.

2018 The 41st China International Furniture Fair
The 41st China (Guangzhou) Home Fair is not only a trading platform that will exhaust the collection of civilian furniture products and further improve the efficiency and quality of procurement, but also a consumer and consumer platform that allows people to understand the trend of furniture in-depth and meet the needs of a better life. Experience platform.

This year’s civil furniture exhibition area highlights the three highlights of “customized intelligence, light luxury, and design”. On the one hand, it provides high-quality home furnishings for the backbone of the city, and on the other hand, it also provides a blueprint for the lifestyle of emerging consumer groups.

Area A will create a “whole house living space”: Halls 1.1 to 3.1 the international furniture pavilion, Halls 4.1 to 5.1 the design trend pavilion, Halls 1.2 to 3.2 the modern/Nordic/simple pavilion, and Halls 4.2 to 5.2 the newly built light For the luxury furniture pavilion, for the first time, pavilions 6.1 to 8.1 have been set up as a whole-house customized smart home pavilion, which further enhances the domestic sales function based on the continuous enhancement of the export function.

Area B will create a “home boutique world”: for the first time, halls 9.3 to 11.3 set up as dining and living room furniture halls, halls 9.1 to 13.1 and 11.2 are sofa boutique halls, halls 12.2 to 13.2 are sleeping and living halls, and halls 9.2 to 10.2 are Europe and America The furniture pavilion aims to further consolidate and highlight the export function, help exhibitors and visitors to connect more accurately, and enhance the sense of participation in the exhibition.

Designing luxury that is affordable to ordinary people can bring great value to consumers. Light luxuryism has long gone beyond the limitations of traditional luxury goods and entered the home furnishing field that is closely related to everyone with a more simple, young and fashionable attitude. In the Light Luxury Pavilion, the audience can still meet those familiar and exquisite faces, and this year will continue to bring an elegant and fashionable home experience.

The area created by well-known brands of classical furniture in the Classical Pavilion is like a new paradise for classical furniture. It captures the hearts of consumers in a more relaxed and systematic way of presentation.

The International Furniture Pavilion is a place where major overseas brands compete for beauty. It brings together high-level designs by internationally renowned designers, as well as internationally renowned brands and manufacturers. Every scene and every thing integrated with life through the terminal market.

This year, Halls 4.1-5.1 of Area A of the exhibition hall set up a design trend hall, focusing on creating the overall value of the original design brand. As an all-purpose home furnishing platform, the Home Fair adheres to pragmatism. This year’s design trend hall will focus on commercial design, supplemented by conceptual design, allowing good design to find good factories and good channels, and enabling innovative designs to be produced on the ground. Accurately put on the market and find the most matching target customer group.

Hall 1.2, Hall 2.2, and Hall 3.2 in Area A are modern/Nordic/simple pavilions, like three “home stage” with different styles, presenting today’s hottest and most efficient way of life in a scene-oriented way. With the increasingly younger consumer groups and the internationalization of vision, simple but not simple home style. The simple section is a home scene that combines sensibility and rationality. The design adhering to the concept of “simple but not simple” can be seen everywhere, and it is more focused on the diversity of functions of multiple furniture products.

The children’s furniture hall will also emerge this year. This year will usher in the first show of the Italian crib brand PICCI. Hulubao, Fuya, and prominent children’s bedroom furniture brands, as well as Xinmei, Aixue, Aiguole and other children’s study desk brands, not only have the “accompaniment” function, It also brings the attitude of entertaining and learning to the children.

The Sleep Life Pavilion integrates soft beds and mattresses to create a pure world of peaceful sleep in pursuit of sleep quality.

The sofa categories in upholstered furniture are presented in the Sofa Boutique Hall in Area B (Halls 9.1, 10.1, 11.1, 11.2, 12.1 and 13.1). The sofa boutique hall has a total exhibition area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters and will gather selected products from hundreds of sofa manufacturers. Sofas made of leather, bamboo, cloth and various new fabrics, with their own different functional characteristics, continue to protect the health of consumers’ sitting posture.

The dining room and living room furniture will also be presented in a more systematic and integrated way in the dining and living room furniture halls of Hall 9.3, Hall 10.3 and Hall 11.3 in Area B.

In 2018, the decoration and home textile exhibition area, as always, introduced international fashion trends into the domestic home furnishing field in a high-profile manner. The international brand pavilion (Hall 15.2) named “Cai” has attracted much attention. The unique colors are displayed through the platform of China International Furniture Fair. The beautiful booth design makes visitors feel as if they are in a foreign country, and they can feel the international style most intuitively. Child life.

In the decoration and home textile exhibition area of ​​this year’s Home Fair, the brand lighting area named “Yao” (Hall 16.2) will continue to welcome modern and avant-garde lighting, making the city prosperous and countless colors, day and night.

The fast-paced and anxiousness of a busy city is affecting us subtly. These or confusing temptations make us lose our minds if we don’t pay attention. A few days ago, the term “Buddha” was so popular that it might have hit the softest part of everyone’s heart.

The 41st China (Guangzhou) Home Fair did not miss this opportunity to use “Buddha Furniture” to find a piece of pure land for everyone’s hearts.

Located in Hall 14.2, the Zen area named “Quiet” creates a peaceful world for everyone who desires peace and quiet. Perhaps it is a bunch of light-colored dried flowers on the bedside table, or a warm little ornament on the edge of the bookcase. The charm of home is displayed and precipitated in the details. They liberate the most natural emotions and instincts, and help us find the most authentic selves.

If the existence of hard decoration is to give us safety and stability, then soft decoration is like a magic hand that turns the house from an inanimate individual into a warm and living home. Shu (Hall 14.3), Xin (Hall 15.3), and Ya (Hall 16.3), these three overall soft-furnished pavilions, either comfortable and practical, or warm and soft, or elegant and chic, show us the comfort, warmth, and elegance of soft furnishings. charm.

2017 The 39th China International Furniture Fair
In March 2017, the Guangzhou Home Fair in Guangzhou, China, created an international home furnishing feast with the theme of “Ingenuity and Quality, All-round Docking”. There were 3992 exhibitors from around the world, attracting nearly 200,000 visitors from more than 200 countries and regions around the world.. The new products, spacious booths, superior environment, and business-friendly atmosphere of this exhibition, the flagship booth of the industry giants, are the first choice platform of the furniture exhibition that is unanimously recognized in the industry.

This year’s China International Furniture Fair will strive to create the theme of “Ingenuity and Quality, All-round Docking”, and strive to create and increase value for exhibitors and visitors. It responds to the development needs of the times of improving quality and supplying the furniture industry, and enhances the sense of acquisition of the majority of enterprises.

Highlights of this year’s Home Expo include the first strong alliance with a well-known e-commerce platform, embracing the “Internet +”, and enabling the company’s new products and premium products to truly achieve the simultaneous online and offline global launches.

In-depth cooperation with the Pinnacle Design Award, which is known as the Oscar in the American home design industry. The Asia-Pacific Award for Innovation and Creation of Pinnacle Design settled in the Home Fair, making China’s manufacturing and international design accurately aligned.

This exhibition covers the whole industry chain topics such as civil furniture, home accessories, home textile fabrics, outdoor furniture, office and hotel furniture, furniture production equipment and accessories and accessories, and the upstream and downstream interconnection of the large home market.

The “Life Attitude, Quality Home Furnishing” of the major exhibition areas of civil furniture is fascinating; the four major concept exhibition halls of the outdoor furniture exhibition area create a pleasant feeling of “busy and slow, and leisurely sigh”; the decoration and home textile exhibition area is decorated with “soft decoration” and more beautiful “Fashion” interprets the new world of home improvement; “Smart office, as needed” office environment exhibition, depicting the new trend of intelligence and environmental protection, more medical care and old-age care, and public supporting furniture born on demand are wonderful; equipment ingredients exhibition “omnipotent” Matching and responding to each other” makes the furniture production full of convenience with temperature.

This year’s Guangzhou Home Fair will set up 2.2 Nordic Home Furnishing Pavilion for the first time. Nordic style furniture that advocates simplicity and nature is popular, and it has become the fashion choice of consumers. It is also the darling of major exhibitions. Excellent Nordic style furniture representative brands on the same stage., Interprets a different simple Nordic style.

“Customization” and “intelligence” have been hotspots in the furniture industry in recent years. This Guangzhou Home Fair will create a customized/smart home boutique hall for the first time to showcase the most cutting-edge customization, smart products and concepts in the home furnishing industry. The home furnishing industry builds a development platform that penetrates the upper, middle and lower reaches.

The decoration and home textile exhibition area of ​​Guangzhou Home Fair takes “soft decoration and decoration, more beautiful and more fashionable” as the theme, creating an integrated exhibition platform for home decorations and home textiles, and displaying modern, classical, and pastoral styles and other space furnishings. Set the tone for the entire space and determine the soft decorations of the home atmosphere.

In addition, the soft decorations subdivided in the exhibition and named in order: “Jing” (Zen and painting), “Color” (floral, mirror decoration, bedding), “Yao” (lighting), “Shu” “(Domestic soft decorations), “Xin” (domestic soft decorations), “Ya” (international brands and originals), “Cui” (clocks, sculptures, phonographs, etc.), “Jing” (ceramics, glass, decorative paintings) ), “Ji” (lighting special zone, handicrafts, original design), “Bin” (home textiles) and “Yi” (carpet). The exhibition area also introduces the Oriental Zen-like space art gallery, presenting the audience with the aesthetics of life with oriental elements.