Review of China International Furniture Expo 2013-2016, Shanghai, China

China International Furniture Expo (Furniture China) is held every September at Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. With the belief of continuous innovation, it leads and watches the development direction of the industry. It is one of the most important platforms for the world’s furniture trade. Adhering to the purpose of export-oriented, high-end domestic sales, original design, and leading fashion, it gathers upstream and downstream manufacturing companies in the industry chain to promote lifestyle changes with design, presenting a full range of furniture series, a kaleidoscope of wonderful exhibits with a complete range of high and low ends, satisfying Different procurement needs of domestic and foreign audiences.

As the world’s largest furniture manufacturer and exporter, China has deservedly become the “world furniture manufacturing center”, giving birth to one of the world’s largest furniture exhibitions—Furniture China. The exhibition has developed from a pure import and export trade platform to a trade platform integrating both domestic and foreign sales, a B2B2C e-commerce platform, an original design display platform and a “exhibition shop linkage” world furniture design and trade Shanghai feast.

The exhibition held in 3 locations at the same time, including Shanghai New International Expo Center (civil furniture, office furniture, home accessories, cabinets, original design furniture, traditional Chinese furniture), Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall (raw materials and production equipment, designer works) ) And JSWB International Furniture Village (National Furniture Fair).

With the expansion of the new International Expo Center, the home of the exhibition, to 17 official pavilions, and the opening of the second phase of the National Furniture Fair, the exhibition area has expanded to 750,000 square meters. The newly-added exhibits are mainly upholstered furniture, European classic and antique furniture, outdoor rattan furniture, dining tables and chairs that are favored by overseas buyers, modern furniture that is the focus of domestic procurement, new hot children’s furniture in the market, and huge market potential Soft decoration series for home accessories.

The organizer of the exhibition adheres to the purpose of providing buyers with the best cost-effective furniture, strictly controls the product quality of exhibiting companies, and strives to present a super-large furniture exhibition of rising quality to the audience.

China International Furniture Expo 2016
The 22nd China International Furniture Expo, as the pinnacle platform of the furniture industry, will continue to innovate and upgrade in all sectors, and both the scale of the exhibition and the number of exhibitors will reach new heights. The exhibition launched a major new theme, from the horizontal expansion of the furniture industry to the display of the large home furnishing industry and lifestyle. The same period “Maison Shanghai Modern Shanghai” was jointly exhibited in the jewelry exhibition area of ​​the New International Expo Center and the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall.

After 22 years of development, China International Furniture Expo has continued to innovate in the competition. This year, both the scale of the exhibition and the number of exhibitors have reached a new high. The exhibition launched a major new theme, from the horizontal expansion of the furniture industry to the display of the large home furnishing industry and lifestyle, covering the jewelry exhibition area of ​​the New International Expo Center and the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall under the name of “Maison Shanghai Modern Shanghai”.

The outdoor pavilion area of ​​the New International Expo Center has expanded by 35% over last year; at the same time, the exhibition and Red Star Macalline Group have joined forces, and Red Star Macalline Pudong No. 3 stores jointly held the 22nd China International Furniture Expo and Red Star Macalline. In the autumn new product exhibition, the overall exhibition area of ​​the exhibition reached 850,000 square meters, and the total number of exhibitors’ shops was nearly 3,500.

This year’s international brand hall will introduce Andrew Martin Home, the well-known German overall kitchen brand Herdman, and the well-known children’s furniture brand Sembold Furniture. The International Brand Pavilion will exhibit furniture brands from 7 national pavilions including Malaysia, Indonesia, Belgium, Italy, France, Singapore, and South Korea. In addition, overseas brands participating in the exhibition from 26 countries and regions, a total of 236 companies.

In terms of domestic furniture brands, well-known brands such as Gujia Home Furnishing, Man Wah Home Furnishing, Qumei Home Furnishing, Xilinmen, Si Kexin, Zuo Zuo Furniture and so on will bring their latest domestic and foreign furniture products to the exhibition. The New International Expo Center Pavilion also opened a new children’s furniture pavilion, which will display the children’s furniture originally scattered in the international brand and modern furniture pavilions in a separate theme to meet the market’s growing purchase demand for children’s furniture.

More than 300 exhibitors join the first Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Fair. The exhibits range from furniture, overall home furnishings, ceramics, lighting, carpets, dining and kitchen supplies, fabrics, fabrics, bathroom suite supplies, etc., as well as smart home furnishings and home innovations. The “Maker Pavilion” joined by the teams and studios of this field showcases the latest innovations and trends in the home furnishing field.

The Maker exhibition area is planned by Li Dawei, the father of domestic makers. The construction of the exhibition area itself is full of innovation. The partitions of the exhibition area are all digitally manufactured furniture and buildings, and are roughly divided into smart home experience area, digital home experience area and maker space The experience area will bring together pioneers in the latest domestic innovation field and the latest smart home black technology, and incorporate the most innovative revolutionary factors and smart technology into the most traditional home furnishing field.

The other part of the “Maker” exhibition was jointly convened by China’s first maker organization-Baoan Maker Association and Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and the former chief designers of Nokia Research Institute Yan Qifeng, Huang Zhiqiu and Dante Hippo worked The studio jointly planned a 1,000-square-meter “Golden Record” exhibition, which will invite artists and college students to showcase their interesting works. Each maker team will also set up booths to display their works in a market, and the site will also build 200 square meters. Mi’s electronic interactive installation exhibition brings extraordinary spatial experience to the visitors.

China International Furniture Manufacturing Equipment and Raw Materials Exhibition (FMC China 2016) was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). The machinery sector, material sector and the Furniture Fair reunited to achieve full coverage of the furniture upstream and downstream industrial chain.

China International Furniture Expo 2015
The 21st China International Furniture Expo exhibited at the New International Expo Center and World Expo Exhibition Hall in Pudong, Shanghai. The exhibition time is September 9-12. The exhibition area is about 350,000 square meters, from 25 companies. Nearly 3,000 companies from countries and regions participated in the exhibition, and there were hundreds of linked China International Home Design Week, the Fifth Shanghai International Interior Design Festival and exhibition store linkage outside the main exhibition hall, expanding from the furniture industry to large Home furnishing field. So far, the high level of exhibitors and the richness of products in this exhibition have reached a record high.

The exhibition is a grand event for global home furnishing brands, bringing more diversified and international trade options to the audience. The International Pavilion brings together 220 overseas brands from 25 countries and regions. This year, Turkey and Australia were added, and the number of overseas pavilions increased to 9 countries. Most of these overseas brands are furniture brands that are already well-known overseas, such as LigneRoset (Freehand Space), Parisot, Alsapan, Sifas, Gautier, Country Corner, Meubar, Evan, Vincent Sheppard, Verdon… In addition, this year’s Swiss and Brazilian brands Furniture companies have newly joined the ranks of overseas exhibitors.

As the China International Furniture Expo’s respect for design has aroused wide acclaim in the industry, the colorful design activities promoted by the exhibition organizer also made Magic Shanghai during the September 9-12 exhibition full of design vitality, in order to continue this design brand and competitiveness.

The organizer of the exhibition will label various events and exhibitions involving design elements with a unified logo of “My Attitude”, which will spread to the whole city, becoming a shining new design coordinate in Shanghai.

The DOD designer’s work exhibition fair held in Hall 3 of the New International Expo Center has become the preferred platform for independent designers to go to the market. This year, nearly 100 designers will exhibit their design works in the entrance hall 3 and adjacent hall E8B. . Among them, there are many designers selected to the meeting and the touted voice on Douban. The DOD Designers Exhibition and Trade Fair has accumulated nearly 350 independent designers, design companies, and original design brand resources, and has become an important platform for the exchange and trade of Chinese furniture design products.

Hall E8B, newly opened this year, is adjacent to the entrance hall 3 and Hall E7, and will also be the home of the “My Attitude” design joint exhibition. Shenzhen Industrial Design Association, China Interior Decoration Association Annual Award Excellent Works, Golden Axe Award Exhibition Area, China International Furniture Expo Past Innovation Award Prize Works Exhibition Area, Excellent College Works Exhibition Area, and Excellent Enterprise Works Exhibition Area Turn this hall into a flash The bright design show field and the E8A hall in the No. 3 entrance hall form a bright golden triangle.

The theme of this year’s Home Plus Living Concept Hall in Hall E4 is “Juji”. The exhibition hall invited designer Wu Zuoguang to design, presenting a home trend zone of “Internet + exhibition” for the audience. People “collected” in one place because of a certain thing or a certain event. Through the collection of furniture, they attract design enthusiasts from various fields, including designers, students, furniture exhibitors, furniture demanders, and so on.

Different lifestyles and ways of communication converge. It is hoped that through the communication and interactive lifestyle advocated by this life concept pavilion, it will inspire others and inspire thinking about how to make design better change people’s lifestyles and attitudes towards life.

Design activities include the design forum held in the DOD exhibition area, a design conference and a designer night at the Himalaya Hotel opposite the New International Expo Center. This year, it a grand party that blends sound, light and color with climaxes.

The two halls of the exhibition are linked this year. The New International Expo Center exhibits include: woodworking machinery, software machinery, woodworking saws/knives and accessories, furniture hardware and office furniture accessories, and Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall exhibits include: coating chemicals, soft furniture surface accessories and accessories, Furniture panels and surface decoration.

The theme of this year’s Home Plus Living Concept Hall in Hall E4 is “Juji”. The exhibition hall invited designer Wu Zuoguang to design, presenting a home trend zone of “Internet + exhibition” for the audience. People “collected” in home because of a certain thing or a certain event. Through the collection of furniture, they attract design enthusiasts from various fields, including designers, students, furniture exhibitors, furniture demanders, and so on.

China International Furniture Expo 2014
The 20th China International Furniture Expo opened on September 10, 2014 in Pudong, Shanghai. The five-day exhibition and event will create an endlessly designed gluttonous feast. The exhibition will take an international attitude, design as the starting point, focus on channels, create the future, and lead the course for the sustainable development of the industry.

With the new exhibition image with the 20-year celebration logo spreading across every corner of the New International Expo Center, the Furniture Fair has witnessed the growth of China’s modern furniture industry to the world’s largest producer and exporter, and successfully created world-class furniture Trade platform.

This year, the exhibition focuses on promoting original design, promoting material upgrades, and promoting e-commerce channels, and strives to create a five-day and four-night design event that detonates Shencheng, as well as a 100 sofa show with the theme of “Good Chinese Fabrics Create Good Chinese Sofas” , Coupled with the first home furnishing e-commerce purchasing and ordering fair jointly created by domestic e-commerce companies, will transform the exhibition into a flashpoint that will lead the future of home furnishing fashion and promote the upgrading and transformation of the furniture industry.

COLIBRI restaurant furniture is inspired by the classic design styles of the 1950s and 1960s; the difference is COLIBRI’s concise design style and no cumbersome details. Products with good comfort also have a variety of color options, such as white, black, gold and primary colors.

150 independent designers stationed in the design hall, 4 days and 1 night designer activities, as the finale of the 20-year gift of Chinese furniture, design highlights in this exhibition are endless. The design hall, which was founded 3 years ago, brings together the top and most active original forces in domestic furniture design. It has expanded from the initial half hall to two halls this year. The design hall is divided into an original design hall and a brand design hall, attracting More designers and furniture people who are committed to original furniture brands join in.

The design pavilion located in the W4 and W5 halls of the New International Expo Center brings together 106 original design companies and design brands. In addition to the well-known original furniture brands in China, it also brings together companies from Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, India, Thailand, Australia, and Belgium. 16 overseas design brands including, Switzerland, Germany, India and the United States will focus on presenting the 2014-2015 international furniture and home furnishing trends, providing buyers with a wealth of high-end options, leading the future development trend of Chinese furniture, and showing Chinese furniture design power.

Home Plus is the main event that the organizer will create this year in the software furniture area of ​​Hall E. It is created by the international authoritative home life magazine “An Di AD” and well-known designers. In an area of ​​500 square meters, 14 spaces present the protagonist from For a family of three, from the middle class to the different lifestyles preferred by successful people, all furniture and accessories are carefully selected by the designer, and the space and furnishings are designed as a whole.

The entire space crowned with the concept of “gable”. When entering from a family of three, the first thing you see is a 6-meter-high gable, which is deliberately enlarged to try to pull everyone who came to visit back to their childhood and look up. I recall that in the middle of the gable wall can only be led to the second floor through a one-person staircase. The sacred sense of forming a family is inexplicabe. Surrounded by a group of mountain-like walls, the living room, children’s room, dining room, and bedroom are looming. The height of the space is gradually reduced. When it comes to the space of successful people, it enters a state of “unbounded”. There is no wall separation between each space, and it turns into a distinction between mountains, waters and terraces. During walking, feel the relationship between man and nature.

Xilinmen, Fuyi Furniture, JAB, Shufude, Zican, and Hongda settled in this space, and worked hand in hand with designers to create a lifestyle space presenting trend samples, inspiring ideas and inspiring ideas for furniture companies on how to accurately and effectively present their lifestyles.

The exhibits of the first Golden Point Award are mainly selected and sent by exhibitors, and are divided into two links: preliminary evaluation and semi-finals. The evaluation criteria are the five elements of appearance, craftsmanship, material, details, and environmental protection. The award is awarded based on the popularity of the brand in the final consumer market, which fully reflects the combination of artistry and practicality of the award. The first Golden Point Award was announced at the celebration dinner on the first day of the exhibition on September 10.

China International Furniture Expo 2013
The 19th China International Furniture Expo, from September 11 to 15, 2013, was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. After 19 years of exploration and development, China International Furniture Expo has become one of the largest furniture fairs in the world. The transformation and transformation of concepts is the biggest attraction of this furniture fair. Both the exhibits themselves and the form of display present a “lifestyle+”. The new concept of “original design”, with the theme of “lifestyle”, penetrates into every detail of the exhibition, aiming to encourage original design, pay attention to lifestyle, and combine furniture design with interior decoration and soft decoration design to enhance Competitiveness of Chinese furniture.

This year’s Furniture Fair took the lead in joining hands with the world’s leading air quality management experts in the W1 International Pavilion to try space purification technology and purify the pavilion from the air. Let the audience enjoy design products from 13 countries including Italy, Germany, Britain, Australia, etc. in a healthy and green environment. A healthy “lifestyle” starts with the air.

As one of the most anticipated projects of the 2nd China International Designers Exhibition and Trade Fair of Design of designers (DOD for short), the theme of “Refusal of Models” was created by 5 famous designers with passion to create 5 model living rooms with different styles. To develop a kind of conceptual collision and innovation. The model room is to guide the upcoming home fashion trends, and more importantly, behind the various model rooms, the new home design ideas passed by the designer.

“Refusal model” is the perfect interpretation of this trend of thought, which inspires people to re-examine themselves and integrate their taste, personality, home design and living habits to customize the most reasonable living environment for themselves. This is also the best embodiment of this furniture fair’s transformation from an exhibition type to a lifestyle focus.

On the 6,000-square-meter platform of the Trade Fair of Design of designer’s work exhibition fair, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Zhejiang brought their respective exhibition groups to bring completely different cultural characteristics and design highlights. At the same time, the 2012~2013 Golden Axe Award semi-finals exhibition, the Design Cafe (DECO CAF?) hosted by the Home Gallery, and the 2013 Best of the Year Award Ceremony (BEST of the year) built DOD is bound to capture domestic The trendy mecca of top interior furniture design.

The Office Technology Experience Hall (Hall E7), with “change” as the core concept, starts from the four levels of office environment, work mode, furniture design, and procurement requirements, presenting the connection between technology and the environment, the application relationship between space and furniture, and the future The modern office environment program allows the industry and consumers to understand the changes in modern office furniture more clearly, and encourages companies to pay attention to the impact of technology and the efficient combination of a new generation of human work behavior and furniture design.


China Furniture Association
It is a national industry organization voluntarily formed by enterprises and institutions in the production, operation, scientific research, and teaching of China’s furniture industry and related industries, as well as social groups and individuals. It is under the guidance of the National Light Industry Council in business. The association represents the interests of the industry, reflects the wishes and requirements of members, serves member units, safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of member units, conveys the government’s intentions, and serves as a bridge and link between the enterprise and the government.

Shanghai Bohua Exhibition Company
Shanghai UBM International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a member of UBM Asia, a Sino-foreign joint venture jointly established by Shanghai Huazhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and UBM China. The company organizes 8 major series of exhibitions each year, including furniture, yachts, pharmaceuticals, building materials, hotels, food, cleaning, lighting and other eight fields, involving 34 international exhibitions, with a total exhibition area of ​​480,000 square meters, including furniture exhibitions, pharmaceuticals Exhibitions, yacht shows, and hotel supplies exhibitions have become the leading professional events in the industry in Asia, attracting a large number of exhibitors and buyers at home and abroad to come to exchange negotiations and purchase.