Review of 2013 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, Spring and Autumn Edition, China

As the world’s largest and most important lighting exhibition, the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair boasts a wide range of lighting equipment dedicated to commercial and industrial use, providing an efficient one-stop sourcing platform for buyers. In parallel with the smart home lighting trend, the demand for smart public lighting systems is also on the rise.

The fairs represent the world’s largest lighting marketplace. showcase global interior design trends, smart lighting products, eco-friendly solutions and more. Global brands at the forefront of interior lighting design, outdoor lighting technology, street lighting and customised solutions for every industry from horticulture to mining.

The lighting industry and the building material and hardware industry are closely related to each other as lighting is a key element in building design. Buyers such as real estate developers, contractors, engineering companies and construction companies can now look for related lighting solutions when they are sourcing building materials and hardware products and services. So the fairs create synergies and more cross-sector business opportunities for the industries involved.

From residential and commercial lighting products to technical and smart lighting solutions, the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair illuminate a world of business opportunities for global buyers. The famed Hall of Aurora continue to provide an elegant and extraordinary setting for top-notch brands around the globe to showcase their high-quality lighting fixtures and solutions. The Smart Lighting & Solutions Zone return to showcase advanced lighting systems, remote control and smart lighting solutions.

The exhibition is held twice a year, the spring edition staged at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, this premier industry sourcing platform unveils the latest technology from smart lighting & solutions, commercial lighting, LED lighting to residential lighting.

As the autumn edition, host together with Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo at AsiaWorld-Expo to feature the latest outdoor lighting systems, industrial lighting products and smart city solutions.

In view of the prevailing trends of smaller-sized orders with higher frequency and shorter delivery lead times in order to minimize inventory, the Small-Order Zone return this year to showcase products meant for ordering in small quantities of 50-1,000 pieces.

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2013 Spring Edition
More than 1,000 exhibitors from 12 countries and regions are taking part in the fifth edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition). First-time exhibitors from Finland, Greece, India, Macau and the United Kingdom are participating in this year’s fair, which features three new zones: the Hall of Display World, showcasing the latest offerings in advertising lighting, the World of Chandeliers and the Small-Order Zone.

To keep up with the fast changing market, the 2013 fair continue to highlight important growing market sectors through its themed zones. Three new zones shine brightly, including the Hall of Display World which turn the spotlight onto different types of marketing lighting products such as display panels, advertising light boxes and advertising light signs. World of Chandeliers emphasizes good design with a range of products in style suited to sophisticated settings. The Hall of Accessolight is dedicated to the varied products used in and linked to the lighting industry, including lighting chemicals, metal supply, and glass machining.

Hall of Aurora offers an elegant environment in which to promote branded quality lighting products; Hall of LED & Green Lighting is devoted to the fast-growing modern lighting solution and is split into 2 sub-zones covering Indoor Lighting and Outdoor Lighting.

The fair presents a wide array of the latest lighting products in a sectorised format. Established zones include Hall of Aurora, Hall of LED & Green Lighting, Business of IP Zone, Commercial Lighting, Decorative Lighting, Lighting Accessories, Parts & Components, Technical & Outdoor Lighting while two new zones are Hall of Display World and World of Chandeliers.

The Small-Order Zone, located at the Expo Drive Entrance, features over 320 showcases with thousands of products including lighting, electronics, houseware as well as gifts and premium items. Hot Picks’ showcases allow buyers to try out the zone’s offerings. This year’s Hall of Aurora welcomes 127 exhibitors and some 140 brands. Other major exhibit areas include: the Hall of LED & Green Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Decorative Lighting, Lighting Accessories, Parts & Components, Technical & Outdoor Lighting, and the Business of IP Zone.

Buyers looking for new designs should not miss the LYGO lamp by Studio Mango at Decorative Lighting Zone. Available in pendant and floor versions, the lamp features 12 dozens Lego-like LYGO from which an individual lamp can be easily created by stacking and combining into a 50cm diameter shade.

Next Generation Lighting Source from Chinese Taiwan, one of the exhibitors in Hall of Aurora, feature their KAPU lamp, winner of the German IF Product Design Award 2013. Equipped with a hand-shake switch, the nine-colour table lamp design is turned on or off with one shake. Its rechargeable battery makes it energy-saving and portable. The product is ideal for home decoration.

HEP-Lighting Company converges technologies for green lighting. Their latest presented High Efficiency Plasma Lighting reduces up to 50% energy consumption when compared with traditional lighting. Available with a light dimming function (30% to 100%), it gives extra flexibility and additional power savings. It is a new and unique type of electrodeless lighting driven by radio frequency microwave. There is also lighting control system enables to control of lamp modules individually or in group.

Avant-garde functional zone offer functional lighting products. The LED Bluetooth 4.0 RGB Light Bulb launched by S-Power Electronics Ltd uses bluetooth 4.0 via user-friendly smartphones / smart electronics devices to control light bulbs in groups or individually. The system supports four mode settings of lighting and colour changing patterns for creating the ideal ambience at home.

The Indoor Hybrid Mode Location Tracking System presented by the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), uses LED luminaries and radio frequency microwave to transfer tracking signals for location identification. It could be used in warehouse for logistic / stocking tracking. The system uses LED luminaries to improve tracking accuracy since it not be easily affected by nearby metallic objects.

Patented in Hong Kong and the US, the adjustable Moving Light Bulb by Beam Matrix Limited be shown; it uses radio frequency remote control for direction and light intensity adjustment. The product has also passed relevant safety approval certifications based on UL standards and CE mark standards.

The debut Asian Lighting Forum 2013 serves as the meeting place for the local and overseas lighting community. The forum brings together experts from business, government and professional associations to discuss the latest technology developments and regulatory updates within the industry. The event be divided into two sessions: “Marking a Milestone – Forecast for Lighting Development” and “Sustainable Lighting in Residential and Commercial Buildings”. Seminars addressing “The Multifaceted Application of LED” and “New Definition of Metropolitan Lighting” also be arranged to keep buyers abreast of the latest market intelligence.

The 6th Hong Kong Lighting Design Competition Award, under the theme Symphony of Light, the competition aims to enhance the design quality within the local lighting industry and promote local products to international buyers. Winning products be showcased at the Display Area in Hall 1 C Concourse during the fair period.

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2013 Autumn Edition
As the largest autumn lighting event of its kind in Asia, HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) is undoubtedly a key platform to glean a 360 degree overview of the world’s lighting trend. The 15th edition HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) attract close to 2,300 global exhibitors to showcase their latest and finest lighting fixture in the face of quality cluster of buyers, including first time exhibitor from Israel.

Lighting continues to develop as an integral part of the building design world, with the fair attracting architects and designers to check out the latest lighting ideas for creating the right mood and feel. Hall of Aurora is the fair’s brand zone, specially dedicated to the brightest and best styles on offer in the world of premium lighting. Last year, the zone houses more than 300 exhibitors, well-known names such as ASFOUR, BJB, Citizen, CREE, EGLO, EVERLIGHT, Fulham, Fumagalli, MEGAMAN, Neo-Neon, OPTILED, Philip, Seoul Semiconductor, Viri Bright and Vossloh-Schwabe have already committed to joining the Hall of Aurora.

The fair features a range of seminars on topics addressing the latest market developments, technology innovation, regulatory updates and design trends which are highly informative and beneficial to industry players for strategic business planning.

The fair is zoned thematically so buyers can easily find the product category of their choice and source from specialist suppliers grouped together. The well-developed line-up of product zones including Commercial Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Hall of Aurora, Household Lighting, LED & Green Lighting and Lighting Accessories, Parts & Components. The well-received Advertising Lighting and Smart Lighting & Solutions launched last year return with the latter to be reallocated to Hall 5C, offering advance and innovative lighting design service and tailor-made lighting solution packages.

One of the significant developments in the lighting industry is the booming of DIY (do-it-yourself) market. Consumers nowadays enjoy the process to create their very own lighting fixture playfully to illuminate their room while adding personal character. Century Lighting Co Ltd (Booth no.: 1C-E36) introduces a DIY chandelier based on their patented FSE structure, make DIY fast, safe and easy. Instead of serving illumination purpose, lighting nowadays can be playful while embracing personal style and uniqueness.

Lighting measurement solution plays an imperative role for industry insiders to provide correct illumination and light color under different environments and occasions. Taiwanese company United Power Research Technology Corporation (Booth no.: 3D-B32)’s MK350S is a cost effective LED Meter that use advanced spectroscopic technique architecture to ensure a better measurement accuracy and greater vision clarity than traditional color sensor. The lightweight design, customized interface and measurement data which appears instantly without computer connection provide an all-round usage experience.

Enjoylight Technology (Hong Kong) Co Ltd (Booth no.: 5B-D30) also provides a functional lighting solution with the use of LED. Its portable emergency LED Lighting Kit is a new revolution and environmental protection lighting kit, instead of using traditional diesel or gasoline engine generator, the new kit includes Cree LED’s light heads with spotlight and floodlight functions, recycled used dry lead acid battery, inline switch and connector cable. It is light, portable, ease for transportation, but with low energy cost ad high efficient green mobile light system.

A series of in-depth discussions specifically for industry professionals run in conjunction with the fair. Echoing with the prevailing trend of LED application, experts from key lighting markets share their insights on LED Lighting Regulations and Standards, as well as LED technology and application. Other seminars expounded on the topic of global lighting market development, lighting design trend and e-tailing strategy, strive to keep our visitor abreast of the latest and advance intel of the lighting industry.

Market trends
The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is a strong trading platform with a global reputation. Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the fair showcasing latest lighting merchandises to global buyers, offering global buyers an exclusive sourcing platform for all finished lighting products, parts and accessories.

Hall of Display World and World of Chandeliers have been added this year to facilitate buyers to find products and distributors. Other exhibit areas include Hall of LED and Green Lighting; Hall of Aurora; Commercial Lighting; Decorative Lighting; Lighting Accessories, Parts & Components; Technical & Outdoor Lighting; and Business of IP Zone, etc. The fair showcases all kinds of energy-saving, multi-featured and brilliantly designed lighting products.

Green production is becoming a major trend, suppliers are in an excellent position to capture green business opportunities, company compliance with environmental regulations is a competitive edge. The buyers also expect manufacturers to incorporate eco-certification, energy efficient products or services and green production practices into their businesses. Manufacturer consider investing more resources, introducing energy-efficient and emission-reducing production facilities and developing eco-friendly products.

In response to environmental concerns, lighting products of higher energy efficiency and longer lifetime are in demand. Another significant development in the industry is the boom of DIY (do-it-yourself) market, so a wide range of hardware items and parts are offered for DIY purposes. Decorative items are no longer limited to seasonal lighting sets but now include domestic lighting products, such as track lights, linear lights and spotlights of different novelty designs.

The echo with the popularity of LED & Green Lighting Zone at the fair, caters for all kinds of LED and environmentally-friendly lighting products including commercial lighting, residential lighting, advertising lighting, and lighting for retail and architectural use.

LEDs are being used in an increasing number of ways, from the traditional use of illuminating homes to being used outdoors for industrial, retail, and even entertainment purposes.

With LED’s durability, low power consumption, easy maintenance, quick heating and high stability, its superiority is evident. LED makes an eco-friendly product as well, as the majority of High Bay luminary in LED are recyclable and the electronic components can be easily taken apart. As the market demand for LED rises, industry giants are joining in the R&D of high power LED technologies; and business opportunities are bound to increase. This is not to be missed.

As LED lighting technologies rapidly develop, LED is becoming an important solution to contemporary shop design. The high brightness and focused beams are great at minimising light waste; they consume only a small amount of power, are quick to start-up, and can be adjusted for brightness and colours. They last longer than incandescent light bulbs too.

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a statutory body established in 1966 to promote, assist and develop Hong Kong’s trade. With 50 offices globally, including 13 in Mainland China, the HKTDC promotes Hong Kong as a two-way global investment and business hub. The HKTDC organises international exhibitions, conferences and business missions to create business opportunities for companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in the mainland and international markets. The HKTDC also provides up-to-date market insights and product information via trade publications, research reports and digital channels.