Residence before destruction Carre Bayonne by 9eme Concept

From September 23rd to October 5th 2014, the 9th Concept collective co-produced a new artistic residence in the Carré district in Bayonne, in partnership with the municipality and as a follow-up to the Black & Basque festival.

Désiré more than 20 years ago by its historical curator, the late Vincent Ducourau, Le Carré was well known to the Bayonese as an annex to the Bonnat-Helleu Museum for temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. Before turning a page of its history and being transferred to the Maritime Affairs, this emblematic place has seen its space entirely invested by a collective of artists in the framework of a co-production of the Collectif 9ème Concept and the Black & Basque in partnership with the city of Bayonne.

A week of creation to propose a monumental collective artistic work from October 1 to 5 before the final closing of the place.

Among the twenty or so artists present, there are artists who participated in the residence of the Tour Pleyel, recognized international artists and artists of the Basque country.

For the 9th Concept, Stephane Carricondo, Ned, Jerk 45, Alexandre d’Alessio, Clément Laurentin, Romain Froquet, Jules Hidrot, Jeykill, Veenom, Theo Lopez and Lapinthur were present.

Among the guests, Hervé Di Rosa, Jean Faucheur, The Blind, Gonzalo Extebarria, Grems, Niark1, Gilbert Mazout, LX One, Patxi Laskarai, Iker Valle, Landry, Pedro, Christian Borde and Fred Le Nan.