Renli colored glaze gallery, Boshan Colored Glaze Museum

Renli colored glaze gallery is a glazed art museum in China that mainly collects high-end handmade art. It has a collection of more than 3,000 fine works, including all traditional categories such as interior painting, lampwork, sculpture, and precious materials. The total construction area of ​​Renli Ceramic Glaze Experience Museum is 1200 square meters. It is the first display window in the city to give a panoramic view of ceramic glaze on-site experience, production, customization, trading, and visits. The Colored glaze Cultural and Creative Design Center is a beautiful business card for the colored glaze cultural city.

“The world’s glass is in China, and China’s glass is in Boshan.” Renli Glass Art Museum is the first glass art museum in China that mainly collects ancient high-end handmade art, Carving, precious feeders and all traditional categories. Both valuable rare masterpieces of Qingguan kiln and masterpieces of contemporary masters from ancient times; both elegant and simple traditional shapes, and gorgeous modern styles, are purely handmade works after dozens of processes, Each one is unique and unique.

The main museum of Renli colored glaze Art Museum is located in Boshan, the hometown of colored glaze, China, and has branches or exhibition halls in Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Shanghai and Jinan. The Museum of Art constantly organizes various forms of thematic exhibitions and promotion activities in the country.

The total construction area of ​​Renli Ceramics Glaze Experience Hall is 1,200 square meters. It is a display window for Boshan City to show ceramics glaze on-site experience, production, customization, trading and visits. Ceramics and glazed are the art of fire. The appearance of Renli Ceramics Glaze Experience Hall adopts the warm Chinese red, which symbolizes the booming business of Boshan Ceramics Glazed. The interior of the museum is reasonably and orderly divided according to the craftsmanship and the visit process. Visitors can experience the fun and hardship of ceramic glass art creation. This display also makes more friends like ceramic glass art and love ceramic glass. Career and passion for collecting ceramic glazed treasures, making Boshan worthy of the title of “Home of colored glaze”

Boshan City is a famous cultural city of colored glaze. Renli colored glaze Art Museum is committed to promoting tourism with culture, spreading culture through tourism, and promoting the integration and development of cultural tourism industry. It is committed to building cultural creativity, colored glaze experience, tourism, leisure shopping, dining and accommodation. Cultural and creative industries.

Boshan colored glaze
colored glaze has been the head of five famous artifacts (colored glaze, jade, gold, silver, ceramics, bronze) since ancient times, and one of the seven treasures of the Buddha (colored glaze, gold, silver, coral, amber, ditch, agate). Ancient glazed glass is a by-product of bronze casting and is made by refining. The color of the glazed glass is various, and the ancients also called it “Five Color Stone”. Because it was difficult for folks to obtain, the glaze was more precious than jade at that time.

Boshan’s colored glaze began mass production in the Tang Dynasty, and the Ming Dynasty began to take shape. Boshan colored glaze has more than 3,600 varieties of flower colors. Its best products are chicken liver stone and chicken oil yellow, both of which are extremely precious colorants. A total of more than 30 works of Boshan colored glaze have won international awards, more than 160 works have won national awards, more than 300 works have won awards in Shandong Province, and thousands of works have been recognized by more than 40 museums at home and abroad and experts in Europe, the United States and Japan And collectors. In 2006, Boshan was named “China’s Village of Glazed Glass” by the China Light Industry Federation. In 2010, Boshan City was awarded the title of “Chinese colored glaze cultural city”.

Colored glaze is a buried art. Now in Boshan City, he is working hard to inherit the Chinese glaze culture. In Renli colored glaze Art Museum, ancient colored glaze, chanterelle yellow, chicken liver stone, turquoise green, lampwork, glazed seal carving, nest carving, internal painting, thermoforming, ancient craftsmanship are preserved, and each piece is a fire art , Instant artwork, and they have innovated on the basis of inheritance, developed a new ink painting glass works.

Chanterelle yellow
There is a kind of glass that is yellow, colored as chicken oil, moisturized like jade, gorgeous in appearance, and named “chicken yellow”. Chicken oil yellow is one of the most valuable pigments in Boshan glazed glass. Rich in the Qianlong period of the Qing dynasty, it was called Yuhuang at that time, and was a precious product of the imperial palace. There are very few high-quality chanterelle yellow works. Among the craftsmen, there are ten jars that are impossible. Therefore, this type of feeder is even more precious.

Nest carving
Nesting means color registration, which is a unique technology of glass products different from jade, that is, one or more layers of different color materials are placed on the surface of glass products, and then on these colors, landscape flowers and birds are drawn according to needs. The picture is carved and processed to make the picture reveal, the carving is engraved, the color is bright, and it is pleasing to the eye.

Inside painting
The art of Chinese interior painting originated from snuff bottles, and is a comprehensive artwork integrating calligraphy, painting, and utensils. In the course of its development, the four schools of Beijing, Shandong, Hebei and Guangdong were formed. The painting art of Boshan is the representative of the Lu school.

Chicken liver stone
Chicken liver stone, called chicken liver color in the early years, as the name suggests, this is a color that is as good as the stone of chicken liver. Among them, the black texture may be like heavy mountains and clouds, water shadows, or old trees, stones, and weeds and flowers, which are full of fun and weather.

colored glaze micro-engraved
It is carved on the shaped glass products, or flowers and bamboo, grass, rare birds and animals, pavilions, or character stories to make them more exquisite works of art.

Glaze inside Bead
It is a collective name for various forms of glazed beads produced by Boshan. They are divided into three categories due to different specifications, production processes and price grades. Rice beads include round beads, lotus seeds beads, lotus beads, Yao beads, Buddhist beads and other varieties. There are various shapes and specifications in each variety.

Illumination glaze
It is a technology that utilizes the thermoplastic and hot-melt characteristics of glazing to heat and shape it, which can realize the deformation of glazing and the welding of glazing and other components. Boshan Lighting’s glazed handicrafts use multi-colored six-color glazed strips as the main materials. After sending oxygen and liquefied gas into the torch, they spray the flame to heat the glazed strips.

Exhibition halls
The Renli colored glaze gallery is a perfect fusion of glass, culture, art, and nature, and opens a new chapter in glass art.

Colored glaze Art Exhibition Hall
Boshan Art Exhibition Hall is positioned as an art platform for cultural exchanges between domestic and foreign masters. It regularly hosts exhibitions of master works and various art exchange activities. The exhibition contents include calligraphy and painting, photography, ceramic glazing, etc. Boshan Art Exhibition Hall provides a communication platform for domestic and foreign masters to go out and invite in.

Colored glaze Experiencing Hall
In order to promote the national intangible cultural heritage——Boshan glazed firing technology, the Renli Ceramic Glaze Experience Hall will be officially opened on December 28, 2015.

Boshan Colored Glaze Museum
Boshan Ceramic Glaze Art Center is a national AAAA-level scenic cultural industry project. The main buildings include the Renli Glaze Art Museum, Boshan Art Exhibition Hall, Boshan Ceramics Museum, Renli Ceramic Glaze Experience Hall, Ceramic Masters Hall of Fame, and Renli Glaze. Exhibition hall, colored glaze master studio.

Boshan Ceramic Art Center. Including Renli colored glaze Art Museum, Boshan Art Exhibition Hall, Boshan Ceramics Museum, Renli Ceramics colored glaze Experience Hall, Renli colored glaze Sales Hall, Ceramic Master Hall of Fame and Master Studio. The pavilions complement each other, including Boshan’s long history of development of ceramic glazing, as well as exquisite displays of modern art masters, with a strong historical and cultural atmosphere and deep cultural accumulation.

Since it was put into use, Boshan Ceramics colored glaze Art Center has successfully planned colored glaze culture promotion activities such as Master Han Meilin’s art collection entering Boshan, China’s second and third colored glaze culture and art festival, and more than 50 art exhibitions. And with its profound colored glaze cultural heritage, high-end and elegant artistic positioning, in the traditional craftsmanship, the creative creation of colored glaze and Chinese ink that can be described as a subversive innovation to the glazed glass production technology. Renli ink color is based on Chinese literati’s ink paintings, and it is vividly displayed on glass works of different types such as vases and pen holders. It is a natural art creation.