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Philip van Dijk

Philip van Dijk (Oud-Beijerland, January 10, 1683 – The Hague, February 2, 1753) was a North Dutch painter, artist and art dealer.

Van Dijk was born in Oud-Beijerland in 1683 and was baptized there on January 31, 1683. As a son of sheet seller Adriaan Jacobs.van Dijk and Elisabeth Melsse van Wijngaarden. He was trained as a painter by Arnold Boonen in Amsterdam and by Adriaen van der Werff in Rotterdam. Besides painter and drawer Van Dijk was also an art dealer. From 1726 to 1736 he was a court painter at the court of Landgraaf Willem VIII of Hesse. After 1747 he became a court painter of Prince William IV of Orange. He was a member of the Sint Lucaschildersgilde in Middelburg and the Pictura Society in The Hague.

Van Dijk also painted miniatures and decorated his paintings with interiors of houses. He painted portraits, historical and allegorical representations and genres. He led various painters and artists, such as Jan Augustini, J.H. Bernards, P.M. Brasser, Jan George Freezen, Philip van de Linden van Dijk, Louis de Moni and Hendrik Pothoven. The latter made a portrait of him as a preliminary study for a picture by Jacob Houbraken.

Van Dijk married Geertruyd van Beekhuysen on December 5, 1708. He died in February 1753 at the age of 70 in his hometown of The Hague. A few months after his death his collection of paintings was auctioned. The wife’s painting collection was auctioned ten years later in 1763 after her death. By 2015, the municipality of Oud-Beijerland decided to name a street to Philip van Dijk, the Philip van Dijk Hof, on a proposal from the historical association.

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Philip van Dijk was a popular genre and portrait painter both in Middelburg and The Hague; He also worked as a decorator and decorator.

His finely executed, smoothly painted figures followed like his genre pictures and miniatures of the fashion of his time. Moreover, he worked as an art dealer. His painting collection was auctioned in Den Haag four months after his death, on 23 June 1753, that of his widow on 26 November 1763, also in The Hague.

Works by Philip van Dijk are among others in the museums of Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Gotha and Kassel. Jacobus Houbraken engraved several paintings by van Dijk in copper, including a self portrait of the artist.

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