Nadsur Caves

The Nadsur Caves are located to the northeast of Mahad, India. This group has 19 Buddhist caves belonging to the 1st–2nd century AD. One of the caves is Chaitya and other caves are Vihara.[citation needed] The caves were occupied by Mahayana Buddhists in the 5th century AD.

The first group of three to be seen in the month of January 1890, by the Marathi Mission, Mumbai, was brought to the fore by a researcher and well-known archaeologist Henry Cazins. In 1890, the Czins visited Thanale Caves and in 1811 he published the book “Caves at Nadasur and Kharasamla”. The Khadamam caves are just 9 km to the south of the Thanalaya and it is known as ‘Nanavali’ The meaning of place and place means ‘worship’. The letter ‘h’ in it is passive.

The caves have two notable inscriptions, showing the names of donors.

All caves in the caves of Thaneale are west-facing. Among these Buddhist caves there are a chaityagraha, a monument stupa and twenty-one residential caves. In the 2nd century AD, there was a need to go south due to the caves of the caves that were built in Thanale.

Thanale village is about 25 kms away from Pali village via Nadusur. These caves are carved in dense forest in the east of Thanale village. Local S.T. from Pali village Or have to take shelter in the rickshaw. From the village of Thanle, however, it can be done by footpath for about a half hours and reaching the lakes. There are many ways in the desert. So it is best to take the guides from the village.

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