Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok, Thailand

MOCA Bangkok (Museum Contemporary Art) is situated on the easily accessible Kampang Pethch 6th Road. It contains a large collection of valuable paintings and sculptures, created by famous Thai artists. The Museum’s key concept was to communicate, promote and transfer the authentic Thai art and culture to the Thai people and people from all over the world, particularly the future generations…endlessly.

This is the place where a long yet interesting history of Thai art is recorded and a perfect combination between the extraordinary traditional Thai art and the academic art known internationally is demonstrated.

Inside contemporary art by Thai artists from different generations is exhibited so that from now on Thai uniqueness of art will be introduced worldwide.

Mr.Boonchai is a successful business man in telecommunications and information technology industry, it is his passion and strong determination in carrying on precious traditional Thai art and culture for younger generations that have driven him to establish a temporary Thai Art Museum at Benchachinda 1 building on September 27th , 2000, while the permanent museum building was being planned and constructed.

On March 23rd, 2012 at 09.00 am. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn graciously presided over the grand opening ceremony of Museum of Contemporary Art or MOCA.

At present, MOCA is opened for all Thai and foreign visitors to admire and appreciate Thai art, the symbol of Thai civilization.

Vision :
Being a solid platform in building “Art Society” in Thailand, as well as encouraging new comers in various branches of arts.

Mission :
To preserve and protect Thai art and culture so they remain forever in the nation as an archetype that reflects the foundation of Thai culture.

To give Thais and foreigners an opportunity to admire the works of art created by Thai artists.

To grow awareness to the new generations about the love and loyalty in their culture and motherland.

To disseminate the works of arts to public.

To support and encourage artists to share their unique ideas to public.

To give an opportunity to young generations to learn and study each artist’s process of creation, various methods and inspirations.

The highlight or focal point of this museum is the special layout and lighting that will maximize your appreciation and happiness, from the start of the journey at the entrance to the end of the last gallery. This could be an inspiration for many art students, art professors, young artists, connoisseurs, tourists, or ordinary people who have just started to appreciate Thai art.

The collections are unique and rare pieces. These have been created during the past 6-8 decades (post-WW era, post-democracy era, baby boomers era), with emerging new competent Thai artists such as Professor Emeritus Chalood Nimsamer, Professor Paitun Muangsomboon and many others National and Great Artists admired and respected by Thai, Asian and international art-lovers.

Love, faith and loyal to national institution, religious and the king have been reflected through various works of arts since ancient times. Thus, the original works of arts portray the ideally beauty that worthy with the main institutions highly respected by all Thai people. When the era had changed, same with the works of arts, it was one person who was the key and played the important role of changing the aspect of arts in Thailand. That person was Professor Silpa Bhirasri (Corrado Feroci), Italian sculptor, who created painting and sculpture courses at Praneet Silpa School which had been changed to Silapakorn University later.

Professor Silpa Bhirasri held to the philosophy “ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS” and used Academic Art to teach his students to improve theirs art skills to the same level as other civilization countries. And by doing so, he was praised to be “Father of Thai Contemporary Arts” The works of arts that received an influence from what Professor Silpa had taught have reflected belief, faith and era revolution which can be compared as a big mirror reflecting both cultural prosperity in Buddhists and civilization of the country.

The long history of Thai arts has been assembled at Museum of Contemporary Art which had been established from “the passion of arts” that Mr.Boonchai Bencharongkul has. But the main reason why Mr.Boonchai built this museum was to celebrate and appreciate the great favor of King Rama 9 and to honor “Father of Thai Contemporary Arts” or Professor Silpa Bhirasri.

From a design standpoint, the building portrays the idea that it has been aesthetically carved from a single piece of granite. The most striking feature of the building is the openwork carvings which adorn either side of the facade, resembling enchanting plumes of jasmine cascading down the wall. The gaps between the jasmine plumes let in natural light tracing the patterns of the carved walls on the floor of the atrium, while revealing in full measure the excellence of the workmanship which can give a different feeling in different seasons.

The work in the exhibition room Richard Green is a work of art created in the Victorian era of the United Kingdom. The king who ruled the United Kingdom during the years 1837 – 1944, which corresponds to the reign of King Chulalongkorn, so these works are over a hundred years up.

The Museum of Contemporary Thai Art was established to commemorate His Majesty the King. The museum chose the Victorian era paintings. To exhibit because Creative works in this era. It is very close to the art of Thai people today. On March 23, 1955, received the grace of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Siam Princess His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn presiding over the opening ceremony of the building and the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Thai Art Exhibition.
These treasures, in addition to displaying the creative abilities of Western-style artists, teachers. It also reflects the capacity of today’s great Thai artists. The museum is proud to bring these works to display the treasure of Thai people to admire the next generation.
All over the century, the most difficult to find all this, Boonsai Bencharongkul has initiated a long time. It has been recommended by Richard Green, more than 80 years in London, United Kingdom. With a valuable contribution to the art education of Thai youth and youth in Asia. Including the impressive friendship between you and Richard. The museum is named the painting room of this era. “Richard Green Room”