Museo Arte Gallarate, Italy

The Gallarate Art Museum (also known as MAGA), already known since 1966 as Civica Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Gallarate, has been managed since 2009 by the Fondazione Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Silvio Zanella, which as Founding Partners Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and the City of Gallarate, and as institutional partners Lombardy Region and Province of Varese. MAGA, in March 2010, opened forty years after its birth in an architectural complex of 5,000 square meters and with a collection that today has 5,500 works.

The Museum was founded in 1966, following the acquisition of the National Art Gallarate Visual Arts Prize, set up in 1949 and still active today, preserves more than 5,500 paintings, sculptures, installations, art books, photographs, design objects and works Of graphics that offer visitors a rich and articulated panorama of the main artistic orientations from the mid-twentieth century to today, with openings on contemporary international research.

The exhibition path follows a chronological and thematic criterion around three fundamental nuclei: art in Italy between the 1920s and 1950s, informal painting declarations and spatial research, and the developments of art from the seventies to the days Ours, frequently renewing through the show of rotating works that deepen the themes of temporary exhibitions.

Gallarate is a city and comune of Alto Milanese of Lombardy, northern Italy, in the Province of Varese. It has a population of some 53,000. The city in the first part of 19th century had a strong textile industry.

The Museum was founded in 1966, with a core collection of works acquired as a result of the city’s art prize, the Premio Nazionale Arti Visive, established in 1950.

In December 2009 the City of Gallarate established the Foundation of the Civica Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Gallarate to administer the Civica Galleria d’Arte Moderna (Municipal Gallery of Modern Art) of Gallarate, on the basis of an agreement signed by the Culture Minister and the Mayor of Gallarate. The founding partners were the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and the City of Gallarate, with the Lombardy Region and the Province of Varese as institutional partners. The mission of the Foundation is to manage the activities of the museum: the conservation and enhancement of the works in the collection, organization of exhibitions and cultural events and creative activities and training for schools and adult audiences. Following this institutional development, the Museum, historically known as the Galleria Civica d’ArteModerna di Gallarate, on March 19, 2010, acquired the name of the MAGA Museo Arte Gallarate and inaugurates the new museum in Via De Magri, specially designed to showcase its collections and cultural activities.

In the specialized library, in addition to the most up-to-date volumes on contemporary research, you can browse the archives of MAC, Madì, Mail Art and the Gallarate Award.

The contemporary art promotion project includes a rich program of temporary exhibitions dedicated to the various fields of artistic research. The museum has always developed and deepened two directions: the historical-critical re-reading of the twentieth century through exhibition projects that highlight authors and important paths for the latest past and support for the most current researches, pursuing the goal of continuous updating Of the museum heritage. Included in the first case are the anthological exhibitions dedicated to Amedeo Modigliani and Alberto Giacometti, accompanied by catalogs with critical and scientific writings on artists. Over the last few years, MAGA has also become more and more in line with current trends, focusing on international art and the close contemporary, in this direction the exhibition dedicated to Marcelì Antunez Roca, Carsten Nicolai, the collective When the impossible Happens and Long Play, the 2011 edition of the Gallarate National Visual Arts Prize, which from the fifties to today, with a multi-yearly contribution, contributes to the museum’s exhibition activity and to the increase of the permanent collection.

On February 14, 2013, a fire occurred while repairs to the roof of the structure were in progress and to avoid damage to the exhibited works, these were temporarily moved to the museum’s warehouses.

On April 19, 2015, the museum reopens all spaces at the MISSONI exhibition, ART THE COLOR, an event dedicated to the history of the fashion house and the dialogue between Ottavio Missoni’s work and the 20th century Italian art scene.