MUMEDI – Mexican Museum of Design, Mexico City, Mexico

The Mexican Museum of Design was made to give Mexican design the space it deserves. The house that houses the also called Mumedi was built on the palace of Hernán Cortés. Its current facade was designed at the end of the XVIII century by a disciple of Manuel Tolsá (architect with works like the Palace of Mining and the National Museum of San Carlos).

The MUMEDI A.C. Was created at the beginning of 2002, with the aim of promoting graphic and industrial design in the country and arousing greater interest from the rest of the world in Mexican design, both historical and contemporary.

This building houses an exhibition hall, a coffee shop and a store where you will find Mexican designs, handwork, bags, jewelry and other ornaments.

MUMEDI welcomes you to the former property of the Count of Our Lady of Guadalupe del Peñasco, Don Francisco Mora y Luna, Colonel of Dragons of the Provincial Militia (1719-1788) and his wife the Countess Ildefonsa Pérez Calderón.

This house was built on the palace of the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, Marqués del Valle de Oaxaca, its foundations are part of the pyramid of the Aztec Emperor Huehue Moctezuma Ilhuicamina (1440 to 1469).

The current facade was designed at the end of the XVIII century by a disciple of the Architect Manuel Tolsá.

The MUMEDI A.C. Found the prevailing need to have a permanent space where you can expose the history of design in our country and its trajectory through the years, so he is currently working on the rescue of a building from the sixteenth century in the Historic Center From Mexico City. This building is located in what used to be Calle Plateros, nowadays Francisco I. Madero, just a few steps from the Zócalo capital, ideal place to receive a large number of national and international visits.

The MUMEDI project was designed by the designer Alvaro Rego García de Alba, who for his career and after having given more than 400 lectures in 12 countries, has a particular vision about the need for a Design Museum in Mexico.

During his career, he has supported young and well-known designers, one of the most important components of the project, is his store and specialized bookstore. MUMEDIShop offers a great variety of unique and interesting pieces, which makes us the ideal place to get a special gift.

The restaurant / cafeteria offers an ideal space for meeting friends, creative minds, lovers of good coffee and tourists of all nationalities. Through a fun kitchen a mixture of national and international flavors; Taking as a basis the flavor, design and aesthetics come to your table flavors and unique forms that will delight your eyes and every corner of your palate.

The facilities of MUMEDI become a “living showroom” combining a building with architectural and historical value with materials and state-of-the-art technology. The main objective of the creation of the first Museum of Design in Mexico is to continue supporting and promoting the national and international design through the Foundation MUMEDI A.C.