Miraikan – National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo, Japan

Miraikan is a place where we can understand the things happening in our world today from a scientific point of view, and have discussions while considering the future that awaits us. In addition to exhibitions that provide people with a chance to enjoy hands-on contact with science and technology, Miraikan’s colorful line-up of offerings includes experienced based classes, and talks. Visitors can experience the technological progress of today, from simple day-to-day questions, to the latest technologies, the global environment, space exploration and life science.

Miraikan considers science and technology to be one of many cultures in human society, each of which develops wisdom. Miraikan opened in 2001 based on this philosophy as a place for open discussion. Each permanent exhibition in Miraikan has been created and overseen with leading researchers so that all who visit may consider the role and potential for science and technology, and together design a society of the future. Furthermore, the museum cooperates and collaborates with organizations worldwide in creation of special exhibitions to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of science and technology as a part of culture.

Another focus Miraikan emphasizes is the cultivation of Science Communicators (SCs) who connect all people to science so that, together they can build a sustainable future. We continuously train and produce SCs through our daily science communication activities that, include creating opportunities for dialogue on science and technology, and encouraging cooperation in numerous roles both inside and outside the museum.

Miraikan is also a research center, a unique initiative for a science museum. Across the corridor from the exhibit hall, the research area allows visitors to observe scientists up close as they conduct advanced experiments in countless areas of research. The researchers proactively host events, workshops, and science communication activities in cooperation with museum staff in order to promote better understanding of their research.

Miraikan will continue to serve as a venue for science communications open to the world, to consider its role in science and technology, and to incorporate the wisdom of numerous domains in order to contribute to the future society for all of humanity.

Opened on July 9, 2001. The director is Astronaut Mohri. Established by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. Initially, the operation was outsourced to the Japan Science and Technology Foundation, but in 2009 it was subject to business sorting and its operation was reviewed, and is now under direct control of the Japan Science and Technology Agency.

Introduction of the latest science and technology
Presentation of science and technology results to society in general
Feedback on the impressions and opinions of science and technology from the general public to researchers through academic societies and dissertations
Interpreters (scientific communicators) who explain the exhibits in an easy-to-understand manner, and many volunteers are explaining the exhibits based on the concept of science exchange. The company also conducts scientific communication method trials, fosters science communicators, and produces products. It is also the venue for these culminations, the Science Agora. The former nickname, MeSci, was named after the desire of Director Mohri to consider Science as his own, but was replaced by Miraikan because it did not spread.

Items related to exhibition contents

Connect with the earth
Geo Cosmos
The spherical display device was born from the desire of Director Mori Mamoru, “I want to share the present Earth with many people from the shining Earth seen from space.” “The Earth as Seen from Space” is projected with about one million light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The spherical display was renewed for the 10th anniversary of its establishment in 2011. Achieved 10 million pixels using approximately 10,000 organic EL panels.

Explore the world
Global environment and me
Observation of neutrinos
Elementary particles and the universe explored with accelerators
Under research and development of cells
With me and everyone and you
Survival with 10 billion people
Seismic activity on Hi-net
Frontier Lab
Shinkai 6500
LE-7A engine
Medical care to promote together
This is the International Space Station

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Creating the future
Living with robots
Humanoid robot “ASIMO” (Asimo)
“Paro” robot for therapy
The engine of technological innovation
Future backward thinking
Internet physical model
Anagura no Uta
Visionary Lab
Android II-What is a human?

Dome Theater Gaia
Megastar 2cosmos
In January 2009, Atmos, Japan’s first all-sky, ultra-high-definition stereoscopic video system, was introduced, and an original program linked to Megastar 2cosmos was screened.

Oh? Kkoko open space
Colon colon wall
Wunderkammer Everyone’s Ideas
Oh? Parent salon

Free space for parents and children to experience a scientific “view of things” together. There are a lot of tricks that make you think “Oh?” While playing with your body.

Other facilities
7F-Miraikan Hall
1F-museum shop
1F-Communication Lobby

Research Area

Miraikan houses a jointly operated research area, and research activities are being carried out daily on multiple projects in a separate area behind the corridor of the Exhibition Zone from the third to fifth floor. In the spirit of sharing what a research laboratory studying cutting-edge technology looks like with the public, each research laboratory is equipped with a glass wall that allows visitors to see the activities of researchers from the corridors.


Science communication activities with resident projects
Leveraging the unique nature of its in-house research area, Miraikan is holding many science communication events in collaboration with the researchers of resident projects, such as talk events, demonstration experiment events, and visits to the research laboratories. These activities seek to provide an opportunity for the public to connect with actual scientific research, while also offering researchers a chance to review the significance of their work based on interactions with the public, and reflect public feedback in their research.

The vision of Miraikan is to serve a central role promoting science communications towards the discovery of solutions to global problems so that 10 billion people may continue to live on planet Earth. Specifically, we are a place for specialists and the general public to gather and engage in dialogue on the many challenges we face, such as climate change, energy issues, the decline in biodiversity, food issues, natural disasters, and infectious diseases. We also fully support coordination and cooperation among people from many different people throughout Japan, seek out international collaboration, and promote global scale activities under the concept of worldwide connections.