Martti Aiha

Hannu Martti Matias Aiha (born 1952) Finnish artist who is best known as sculptor. His sculptures feature features from calligraphic structures, and he works both in plaster, wood and metal.

Martti Aiha’s works mostly curiosity about shared and used spaces. The artist is moved especially by the play of meaning and unattainable landscape. The massive sculptures of ghosts have been the result of reflection, where he has studied the natural and psychic state and their relationship to public space. Realistic observation is outlined through the play of forms that approaches dancing. The movement remains and it is presented without beginning and end, without a certain form. Aiha uses synthetic materials in his works, for example. Epoxy coatings that allow deep penetration into the forms of surface materials. The use of material combines generous and organic shapes that give us a sense of strong vitality, some flattery and breathless.
The names of Martti Aiha’s works originate from his personal relationship with Scandinavian nature. The poems convey poetic perception and raw instantaneous experience of the possible nature of nature. The concept of nature has been invented and redesigned so that at first glance we can move and thus dive into the mystery and deep into the symbols of the forest.

He was born in Pudasjärvi. He graduated from the Department of Arts for the Arts 1970-72 and from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts 1972-76. In addition to sculpture, he has also worked on painting.

He works in Fiskars. He has made abstracted sculptured wall reliefs and free-standing sculptures. His reliefs made of transparent acrylic sheet give an impression of immateriality, incorporeality and weightlessness. The ornamental, flame-like living shapes have become his trademark. In addition of acrylic and plywood, he works with metal, wood or plastic.

Many of Aiha’s works are related to his curiosity of our use of public space. Aiha’s 15 metres high sculpture Rumba in black-painted aluminium was donated to the City of Helsinki by Alko, the government-owned alcohol company, in context of Alko’s 60th anniversary. The sculpture is located in Salmisaari, near Alko’s then headquarters.

He has been purchased by Henie Onstad Art Center, the Finnish contemporary art museum Kiasma and several other Finnish museums. He has received the Finnish Art Society 1982 Award, the Expohja Prize 1987 and the Pro Finlandia Medal in 1992. His public works include “Futura – Tuntematon” in Oulu, the semi-figurative horse statue “Rumba” in Helsinki and “Musical fragments” at the Opera in Gothenburg . He has also contributed to the Sculpture Landscape Nordland with the installation “Seven Magic Points” in Skåne in Troms.

Aiha was awarded the Swedish Prince Eugen Medal in 2013.