Look back of Paris Animal Show 2022, France

Paris Animal Show is the exhibition for the pet sector in France, lart from March 11-13, 2022, at Paris Porte de Versailles hall 3. The professional and general public trade show for pet stores, an annual event for professionals and consumers. More than 200 exhibitors present their latest innovations and know-how over 3 days with a day reserved exclusively for professionals.

Paris Animal Show is the unique opportunity to bring togetherthe community of actors and experts in companion animals. A place where all the actors of the pet can meet: stores, manufacturers, breeders, groomers, e-commerce, media, associations, influencers and consumers. In constant search of novelties, this 2022 edition exclusively present companies from all over Europe but also from Turkey, Thailand and Russia.

France is the European leader in the pet market, ahead of Germany and the United Kingdom. The French market alone represents more than 5 billion euros with 1 in 2 households owning a pet. France has 76.4 million pets and that pets occupy a special place in the daily life of the French: the cat remains the animal most present among the French: 31 9% have at least one in their home. And 26.2% of households have at least one dog.

Paris Animal Show is an opportunity to bring together the entire profession that works with passion for animal welfare. Specialists come to animate conferences on various and current issues and problems. An opportunity for all exhibitors to introduce their novelties to the general public and pet owners. The show welcome more than 300 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors are expected over 10,000 m2.

The last day is specifically for professionals, a day exclusively reserved for pet stores, garden centers, department stores, e-commerce, wholesalers, groomers, veterinarians, ASV, breeders, pharmacies, public aquariums, parks zoos, professional unions, social networks, public services and the press.

Expozoo Paris Animal Show, a place for information, presentations and events, answers all the questions. In the company of all the animals present at the show, the best specialists was present: French breeders, canine educators, behaviorists, veterinarians, specialized companies and brands was present to exhibit everything related to pets: food novelties, accessories “trend”, toys, connected objects, organic sweets, hygiene and care products.

Paris Animal Show have the privilege to present their new, innovative products and trends to potential buyers and directly to consumers. During the one day 100% business, the professional visitors have the advantage to discover the novelties and to be able to ensure the referencing and the restocking of their ranges. Exhibitors and professionals at Expozoo trade show and public distribution meet the decision makers, major actors of French and European market, in a friendly atmosphere.

Pedigree dogs village 2022
Discover all the pedigree dogs present at the show. Come and meet our breeders and professionals, to learn about the LOF dog breeds that was present with these enthusiasts who have seen the birth and breeding of each of their dogs. This may be the time for you to leave with your new life companion, in good conditions and under the breeder’s supervision throughout your companion’s life.

The LOF or Book of French Origins is the register created in 1885 by the Société Centrale Canine, recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture as a herd book where the origins of French pedigree dogs are listed. It is a guarantee of the purity of the sires (absence of crossbreeding). Registration in the LOF is necessary for a dog to be legally qualified as “Pure Breed”. A LOF dog also has a pedigree.

The big cat show 2022
Feline lovers, find more than 800 cats on the cat show. As last year, the breed clubs affiliated to the LOOF run stands to present the breeds they are in charge of. An excellent opportunity to ask all the questions you have in mind before choosing the breed of cat that suits you: morphology, health, behavior. The best way also to find the breeder of your future companion in complete peace of mind.

The reptile
At the Paris Animal Show, find the Reptile Exchange at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Turtles, snakes, lizards, ants or even hermit crabs evolve in an environment as aesthetic as it is indispensable. Although reptiles are not really pets like other animals, they know how to unleash passions. They require special care and knowledge, but are not complicated to raise. Come and discover them and learn more about these animals.

Adoption Center
On each of our fairs, an area dedicated to adoption. The Adoption Center is organised by the Paris Animal Show and our partner ÉQUILIBRE & INSTINCT. The animals come from the association An Ti Loened, which manages the organisation of the Adoption Center.

We remind you that adopting an animal is an act of commitment throughout its life. If you are planning to adopt an animal, please bring with you an identity document and a proof of residence dated less than 3 months. (an electricity, water or gas bill, internet or telephone bill or home insurance). To adopt you have to pay a sum of about 250€ for cats and 280€ for dogs and depending on the animal (dog and cat, rodents), to cover the costs of sterilisation, care…

Showcase of new products: the most organic products, the trendiest, the most made in France, the most connected, the most eco-responsible.

Start Up corner
Expozoo Paris Animal Show supports new businesses with its various dedicated spaces, such as the “Start Up corner” and the “crafts village”, a great opportunity for newcomers to the sector to get in touch with market players, to test their products.

Speed ​​dating with behaviorists, veterinarians and nutritionists to advise and answer many questions. Conferences and debates on various topics such as: distribution, news in the pet store, an inventory of the new Loic Dombreval law, how to create your own business in the pet store – round table with creators, how to launch a product, become a good buyer, presentation of 2022 products, digital tools to better know your customers, how to develop your marketplace, All the data you need to study to optimize your customer knowledge at the point of sale, target the right advertisements for the good targ

A large number of animations and events on the fair with:

The central ring and the podium: demonstration of dog dancing and treibball, parade of pedigree dogs and cats, adoption parade, presentation of outstanding reptiles, many advices from our breeders and animal experts for your animals etc.
The aquaschool: competitions, conferences, aquascaping demonstrations, many tips from our professionals, etc.
The edition of the best action of the signs;
Adoption center and charity events;
Large canine ring with demonstrations of education and canine sports;
Largest cat show in Europe and international beauty contest;
Highlighting innovations with the “start up” village and the new “Crafts” area.