Long Museum West Bund, Shanghai, China

The Long Museum (Chinese: 龙美术馆西岸馆) is a private art museum in Shanghai, China, founded by Liu Yiqian and his wife Wang Wei. The museum has two locations in Shanghai: the Long Museum Pudong and Long Museum West Bund.

Located in Shanghai, the Dragon Art Museum is currently in Pudong and Xuhui Riverside also has two large-scale venues – Pudong Museum and the West Bank Museum, constitute a unique “one city two museum” art ecology, but also the largest in mainland China and collection strength Private art museum.

Mainland Chinese collector Liu Yiqian, Wang Wei and his wife founded the private dragon art museum March 14, 2015 held a press conference in Hong Kong, to promote its 2015 will be held, including the 20th century Chinese painting exhibition, “15 rooms”, including a Series of fine exhibition.

April 2014 and November, Liu Yiqian has 280 million Hong Kong dollars and 348.4 million Hong Kong dollars to shoot “Ming Chenghua Cocktail Cup Cup”, “Ming Yongle Royal Yan Yan Yan Yan embroidery Tangka”, respectively, a Chinese porcelain and China Art world auction record. Dragon Art Museum also because of its master a year to make a big shot of the two pieces of “Treasure Museum” collection and fame.

Dragon Art Museum 2015 exhibition also includes the collection of 20th century Chinese painting exhibition, collection Pu fine fine calligraphy and painting exhibition, Li Jin 30 years retrospective exhibition, Tang Zheming solo exhibition, Xu Zhen art exhibition, collection of Ming and Qing painting and calligraphy exhibition, Rembrandt golden age 17th century Dutch sketch exhibition, “show” Ding Yi solo exhibition, Wang Yuyang solo exhibition, which, the 20th century Chinese painting exhibition will focus on the exhibition of dragon art museum collection Huang Binhong, Zhang Daqian, Fu Baoshi, Li Keran and other master works.

In 2016, a third location was opened in Chongqing and a Wuhan branch is scheduled for 2018.

The Long Museum Pudong was officially opened to the public on December 18, 2012. The Long Museum West Bund opened on March 28, 2014 and was China’s largest private museum at the time of its opening.

About Long Museum
Founded by Chinese couple collectors, Mr. Liu Yiqian and his wife, Ms. Wang Wei, the Long Museum owns two large locations for exhibition and related functions: Long Museum Pudong and Long Museum West Bund. Located respectively in Pudong New Area and Binjiang, Xuhui District, they constitute a unique ecosystem of art in Shanghai: “One City, Two Museums.” As the largest private museums in China, the Long Museum boasts the richest collection nationwide. As world-renowned art collectors, Liu and Wang’s collection is systematically large, covering traditional, modern and contemporary Chinese art, “red classics” as well as contemporary art of Asia and Europe. Based on their private collections, the Long Museum is devoted not only to professional art exhibitions, research, and collections but also to the promotion of public cultural education. It aims to take up the responsibility of propelling continuous development and inheritance of art; focuses on the contrastive display and study of art, Western and Eastern, ancient and contemporary, while strengthening its local cultural roots;presents the diversity of visual art from a global perspective; systematically showcases the splendid achievements of Chinese art as well as the vitality of contemporary art all over the world; and eventually forges itself into a world-class private museum. Ms. Wang Wei, co-founder of the Museum, is the general director. Among the academic advisors of the Long Museum are Chen Lüsheng, Vice Director of the National Museum of China; Wang Huangsheng, the Director of the Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Zhao Li, a professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. These experts and scholars provide suggestions and support regarding the operation and development of the Museum.

Long Museum West Bund
It is located at the center of the West Bund Culture Corridor in Binjiang, Xuhui District, Shanghai– No. 3398, Longteng Avenue. Designed by Liu Yichun, a Chinese architect of Atelier Deshaus, the building covers an area of 33,000 square meters with up to 16,000 square meters for exhibition. The main part of the building is a unique umbrella-vaulted structure. There are four stories. The first and second floors above ground are devoted to contemporary art including paintings, sculptures, installations, and new media. The surface of the peculiar vault is built by faced concrete with a fine and smooth texture. Visually, it is in concert with the fashion space, “Hopper Corridor” (doulang), which was transformed from the former “Coal Hopper” (meiloudou) construction at Beipiao Port, thus creating a rational and tranquil sense of industry and primitivism as well as a sharp contrast between power and lightness. Meanwhile, it endows the Museum with an acute quality of contemporariness and creativity. The first basement is the permanent exhibition area for precious artifacts in ancient China and art works of the Republic of China. Resembling a “white box,” the rectangular exhibition hall highlights the historical continuance and intellectual profoundness of traditional Chinese art. The Long Museum West Bund does not adopt the closed spatial pattern typical of ordinary museums but functionally embraces openness and public involvement. For instance, on the above-ground floors, there is a river-view restaurant, a public courtyard, a concert hall, a café, and an art shop; in the first basement, there is an exhibition hall for children, a library, rooms for artifact restoration, and an art bookshop; in the second basement, there is a parking lot available for over 300 cars. Thanks to all these, art is no longer far away from the public but is seamlessly integrated into people’s daily life and leisure. This is exactly the original intention and sincere wish of the couple founders, Mr. Liu Yiqian and Ms. Wang Wei, when they set up the Museum.