Kysucká galéria v Oščadnici, Slovakia

Kysucká Gallery Oščadnici was founded in 1981 on the initiative of natives and friends Kysuc – Ing. Antona Blahu and twelve visual artists (Stanislav Biroš, Miroslav Cipár, Anton Čutek, Milan Greguš, František Hübel, Vojtech Ihriský, Milan Mravec, Pavol Muška, František Ondro, Milan Paštéka, Jozef Sušienka, Ondrej Zimka), who in 1975 organized an exhibition “Greetings artists birthplace” and the part 66 as a base pay the gallery. Since the beginning of its activities, it has been building a collection fund, which has become the basis for the above-mentioned collection of works devoted to particular Kysucké artists. An important act of acquisition was the purchase of the estate Františka Hűbla. The latest addition to a larger extent becomes a gift of Mgr. Antona Blahu and wives, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the founding of the gallery.

On the outskirts of Kysucké village Oščadnica, from the crossing of the 19th and 20th centuries, the manor house is surrounded by a large forest park. This manor house was formerly the hunting grounds of Count Ballestrema, and today it provides the premises of the Kysucké galerie.

Kysucká Gallery is a regional cultural institution focused on the collection and presentation of art works, mainly, but not exclusively, artworks authors Kysuce region. As there is no more significant historical art tradition in this region, the gallery focuses mainly on contemporary art. In addition to constant exposure, various occasional exhibitions are held regularly. In the exterior of the manor, in the inspirational environment of a forest park with many rare woods, international sculpture symposia takes place. The statues that emerge at these symposiums form an open-air exhibition representing a unique symbiosis of art and nature.

The first exposure was made available on November 27, 1981 in a manor house, which is a neighboring woodland registered as a National Historic Landmark in the PLA. Kysucká Gallery is a gallery with regional scope. Its mission is to build, register and protect collections. The main tasks include the exhibition, scientific-research and cultural-educational activities alongside which organizes an international symposium that invites artists from abroad and the resulting works become part of the castle park. In October 2014 it was on the first floor of the mansion made available to the permanent exhibition of works Františka Hübela. On the ground floor are ongoing temporary exhibitions of contemporary Slovak and foreign art.

The Kysucká Gallery was founded in 1981 and is located on Hlinkova Street in the Town House in Čadca. Its branch is a manor house in Oščadnica.

His acquisition and exhibition activity focuses on the art of the second half of the 20th century. And the contemporary art of Kysuc and Slovakia. In his collection fund he manages 2837 works of art in the area of ​​painting, drawing, sculpture, graphics and utility art.

The gallery organizes short-term exhibition variables in two premises, in the Chad’s Town House and in the Oščadnica manor house. A permanent exposition of the exterior sculpture is established in the adjoining manor house, presenting the results of the International Sculpture Symposium, organized since 2001.

In October 2014 we opened the permanent exhibition of works by František Hübel.

The castle’s ground floor is used for the variety of short-term exhibitions of the contemporary Slovak and foreign artists.