Kuda Caves

Kuda Caves are located in the small village of Kuda, on the eastern side of the north shore of Murud-Janjira in south Konkan, India. These fifteen Buddhist caves are small, simple, and were excavated in first century B.C.

The verandah of Chaitya has several reliefs of the Buddha, carved with symbols of lotus, wheel and Nagas. Later in 5th / 6th century the Buddhist branch of the Mahayana took over the caves and added their sculptures. The first cave has ancient writing on its wall. The sixth cave entrance is adorned with elephants.

The thirty inscriptions describe donations by lay Buddhists and Buddhist monks. Other donors include an iron monger, a banker, a gardener, a writer, physician, a flower vendor and a minister.

Kuda Caves is included in selected select Buddhist caves in the third century. The first entry of these caves is Found 1848 years old. But after this the caves were not very famous for many years. This is because they have to cross the Gulf of Rajapuri to get there. These caves are very close to the muradad. Murad is the Mandagora Monkey, mentioned by the Roman authors. Khapar and bricks have been found around 2000 years ago in this place. It is considered to be the main center of Mahavojo’s Mandvi family in the Satavahana Empire. The caves of Kuda are carved in two stages, and the numbers from the numbers 1 to 15 are at the lower level and the numbers 16 to 26 are in the upper layers. The Buddha image of this There are 4 white chapters out of the 26 caves of Kuka caves.

It is located at Mumbai, 24 km from Roha station of Konkan Railway. Kuda is a village at a distance. It is most convenient to visit a Koda cottage with a passenger vehicle or own vehicle. The trains of the Maharashtra State Transport Corporation go to Murud everyday, which is about 24 kms from Kudh. It’s at the distance.

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