Karad Caves

Agashiv Caves is group of 66 Buddhist caves located south west of the Karad town, near village Jakhinwadi overlooking the Koyna River.

Jakhivwadi caves are caves near Karad city of Maharashtra. There are four mountain ranges around Agadiv, Pal or Pali, Sadashivgad and Vasantgad in Karad. Everyone has their own history. Here there are 64 Buddhists. This cave appears to be sculpted for a rainy season of Buddhist monastery. The stagnation of water in four months is known as the rainy season. These caves are dug for the rest of the monsoon. Jakhivwadi is a village with a population of about 1,000 people, about 2 km from Karad. Because of this cave on the hill of Agashiv, they are also called as Agashiv’s caves.

After the death of Gautam Buddha Prior 200 years ago, on the occasion of Buddhist monks, the penance and Dhamma campaign of Hinayana sect, the area of Agashiv Hill, which is located on the southwest of Karad, has 101 gaffes in the hills. 64 of these are in good condition. There are 6 charity houses and other viharas in it.

On the last Monday of the month of Shravan, thousands of people come to the temple of Lord Shiva on Agashiv Mountain. At that time, they also take a look at all these cakes. This hill offers beautiful views of Karad city. People go there and take pleasure in these cakes. Probably people go there during the rainy season.

To study these caves, many people who get a degree in geology and get information about Carnation.

The village has an ancient temple of Goddess Mala. Nearby is Datta’s new palace and it is also spectacular.

The caves are located on Agashiv hill and some caves are scattered around Jakhinwadi The caves facing south are important caves. There are caves in the valley as well.One of the caves is named after Chokhamela who stayed in the caves for about 8 years.

These caves are carved in first century BC and are very simple.

Cave 5 – have earliest Buddhist symbols
Cave 30- Buddhist symbols
The inscription describes the gift by Sanghmitra, Son of Gopala.

How to come?
1. From Karhad

2. There is also a road leading to these leases from Malkapur. It’s pretty good.

3, railroad- The nearest railway station is at Karad-Ogalewadi. It is about 8 km from the caves.

4. Busways – ST buses of Maharashtra State go to Karad, which makes it easy for buses to get off the cemeteries.

5, the airplane- The nearest international airport is here in Pune. It can be reached by buses, trains or private vehicles. The airport is meant for political use only in Karad. Small and medium sized private aircraft are rarely dropped here.

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