Jura Sud, Jura, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France

The Jura Sudis an ancient community of communes French, located in the department of Jura and the region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Jura Sud is the land of children with many activities to do with the family. Holidays are the perfect time to spend time together and share many activities and experiences. Jura Sud is the ideal location.

The territory of Jura Sud is located in the south of the department of Jura. It is located in the heart of the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park and the Lakes region. Nestled in unspoiled nature with remarkable natural sites, in an environment of lakes, rivers and forests. Jura Sud is the ideal place for a vacation or a rich and active stay with family or friends.

On 1 January 2020, this community of municipalities merged with its neighbors (Orgelet Region, Petite Montagne and Pays des Lacs) to form the Terre d’Émeraude Community of Municipalities. The municipalities of Jura Sud community: Moirans-en-Montagne, Chancia, Charchilla, Châtel-de-Joux, Coyron , Crenans, The Crozets, Etival, Butter, Lavancia-Epercy, Lect, Maisod, Martigna, Meussia, Montcusel, Vaux-lès-Saint-Claude, Villards-d’Héria.

The village is mainly known for being the capital of wooden toys. A vocational school in the field of wood is located there. Small town of about 2,300 inhabitants, located on a territory of 2,656 ha, agricultural and forestry, at an altitude varying from 423 to 981 meters, and 4 km from Lake Vouglans.

The village is built at the foot of the “mollard de Nétru” (small mountain) and at the foot of the cliff partly overhanging it, located on the edge of the Biel, bordering between the departments of Jura and Ain, Chancia is located next to Jura but is located in the urban area of Oyonnax (Ain). Part of the territory of the municipality was flooded by the impoundment in 1970 of the Coiselet dam which closes the valley and required the abandonment of some of the dwellings, in particular the hydraulic turbine and wheel mills.

The town is located about 34 kilometers south of the center of Lons-le-Saunier and is one of the 122 towns belonging to the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park.

Coyron is a French commune located in the department of Jura, near Lake Vouglans. The village is populated by 73 inhabitants at the last census of 2012. Formerly the town had a hamlet bearing the name of the guard. It was populated by 200 inhabitants in 1850, but the municipality of Coyron was cut off from its hamlet in 1968, by the launching of the artificial lake of Vouglans. The hamlet was located below the current Pyle bridge.

Étival is a French commune located in the department of Jura in the region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. It is located in the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park and is part of the Southern Jura Community of Municipalities.

Jeurre, the only village in the valley built on the right bank of the Bienne, a town located at the confluence of the Bienne and Héria rivers. Located in the Regional Natural Park of Haut Jura and southern Jura, crossed by Biel, River 1 st class. The artisanal heritage with its craftsman of tabletterie on horn who shares more than half a century of experience especially the passion of his work within the framework of the Jura activities and also its turnery well known to all the players of pétanque because all the pigs commercially under various brands are manufactured in this turning plant.

Lavancia is a municipality in the Jura but comes under a postal code and telephone numbers from Ain. Formerly composed of three villages, Lavancia-Epercy is a grouping of three municipalities: Épercy, Lavancia and Rhien, the latter two having been attached to Lavancia in 1822. The July 12, 1944, in retaliation for the actions of the Resistance, the village of Lavancia was completely burnt down by German troops, with the exception of the church. After the war, the village will be rebuilt on a new location, privileged because of a more favorable geographical location. A odonym local (Rue du 12-July-1944) recalls this event in the new village. The old church, too far from the new location, is abandoned. The town, which cannot finance the construction of a new building, benefits from a donation made by the organizers of an international wood exhibition, which was held in 1951 in Lyon.

Lect is a French town belonging to Earth Emerald Community located in the department of Jura in the region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. The hamlet of Vouglans has been attached to Lect since 1822.

Located in the middle of the mountains, on the plateau which dominates the Ain valley, 6 km from Moirans-en-Montagne, Maisod is a small agricultural village which is part of the Haut-Jura regional natural park. Today, it is experiencing notable tourist development with Lake Vouglans, the banks of which have been converted, a few kilometers from the village, into a leisure center with a beach, holiday village and marina for sailboats and small motor boats. It is also a site frequented by fishermen on foot or by boat.

Meussia is a town nestled on the first plateau of Jura. Close to Lake Vouglans, it is part of the Petite Montagne jurassienne. The towns of Lons-le-Saunier, Saint-Claude and Oyonnax are approximately thirty kilometers from the village. Moirans-en-Montagne, Clairvaux-les-Lacs, and Orgelet are villages located 10 km from the village. The area of the municipality is 1364 hectares. The altitude of the town hall is 585 m. The town is part of the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park, and it is located at the northern gate of the South Jura Community of municipalities to which it belongs.

The town was once served by the Jura local railways. The town, which was called Grand-Villard, annexed that of Petit-Villard in 1822 and took the name of Villards-d’Héria. In 1946, it was that of Grand-Châtel which was absorbed.

Capital of Toy
Moirans-en-Montagne, a town of 2,418 inhabitants, has become, through its history, the toy capital. From the Middle Ages, turning has been developing in the region of Saint-Claude. It is first of all the production of objects of piety by the monks of the abbey of Saint-Claude. Little by little, the peasants of the region thought of making small objects with which the children of the pilgrims could play during the pilgrimages. Spinning tops, skittles, whistles and rattles replace the monks’ rosaries, beads and patenostres. In the 19th century, the city established itself as the Jura capital of woodturning. The range of toys is growing, from “100 sous” toys to wooden horses, dolls and other puppets. The towns in the region are developing various specializations: Moirans-en-Montagne specializes in the manufacture of the bibi (small cylindrical whistle in turned wood at the end of which a balloon can be placed), which earned it its nickname “Bibiville”. The advent of plastic in the 1950s established the reputation of the city which, thanks to its know-how, negotiated this shift to its advantage.

Today it produces more than 50% of toys made in France, withSmoby Toys, and the majority of wooden games and toys with JeuJura, Foulon, Vilac or even Charliluce who have perpetuated the tradition. Land of know-how, in the heart of the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park, Jura Sud is characterized by a rich and varied craft activity. The presence of the Toy Museum is significant of this history and this know-how.

Historical heritage

Wooden Church of Lavancia
It is one of the only contemporary wooden churches in France, built following the destruction of World War II. Remarkable for the material which composes it (16 species of wood) and its architecture, this church is one of the only wooden churches in France. In October 1951, Mr. Edgar Faure, Minister of the Budget, after the International Timber Exhibition in Lyon, obtained for the disaster-stricken town of Lavancia this wooden church which was the masterpiece of this exhibition. This is how it was transported from Lyon to Lavancia in 1952.

Villards D’héria Archaeological Site
Ranked among the very first archaeological sites in France, it is one of the major Gallo-Roman sites in Franche-Comté. The sanctuary of Villards d’Héria has been the subject of several excavation campaigns which today allow the splendor of the main sanctuary of the Sequanes to be revived. At the “Pont des Arches”, one can still observe the remains of various structures: temples, sacred fountain. A global recovery project and additional excavations are underway. The objective of the excavations is to deepen knowledge of the site, prior to any enhancement (scenography, reception building, interpretation center, fun and thematic trails, etc.).

Civil heritage

Fruit 1900 – Thoiria
Witness the making of the county as it was done in the last century (cooking over a wood fire in a copper cauldron). Sylvain, the cheese maker, works and comments on all the production phases in front of the visitors. Herisson Valley Fruit – Doucier Manufacture and sale of AOC cheeses from Jura, other dairy products and regional products.

Grande Riviere Fruit
It is one of the rare cooperatives which refines and markets a large part of its production itself.A visit gallery open during store hours will allow you to explore this universe freely.

Brillat Farm
Visit of the goat farm with an introduction to milking goats by hand. Other animals are on the farm: chickens, geese and two little pigs. Sale of farm goat cheese (fresh, semi-dry and dry) and faisselle at the cheese factory.

Heria Animal Park
An educational mini-farm allows children to have direct contact with farm animals. At the foot of the Hedgehog Waterfalls, discover American bison, aurochs, Highland cattle, Yaks, Deer, Mouflons, Tarpans, Wolfdogs, birds of prey, New Pets (rodents, ferrets, birds) and aquariums. On site, small acrobatic games, pony rides, farmhouse, shop…

Cultural heritage

Toy Museum
Once upon a time… a place of life to explore to remember, have fun, dream, play, thanks to a collection of 2000 games and toys from all countries and all eras. Family workshop-tours, discovery or guided tours for toddlers, treasure hunts, Escape Games, shops, outdoor play areas, entertainment and shows… there is something for everyone. A 100m² shop awaits you. There you will find a fine selection of ‘made in jura’ toys, great classics that echo the museum’s collections of games and toys, and products chosen in connection with temporary exhibitions. Free access during museum opening hours.

Quality objects that speak of the Jura… It is a craft company that specializes in the manufacture of wooden dolls and puppets (spruce, alder or beech). Charliluce has a large exhibition space to make you dream. They offer you for sale traditional toys from Jura (toys Vilac, Foulon, Jura Buis, Chavet Chess…) and regional products (beers, honey, chocolates and ready meals).

Horn turner – m. Muyard
2002 Departmental Grand Prize for Crafts. Turning, engraving, horn sculpture. Demonstration, sale, items made of ox horn, buffalo, ram and goat. National label workshop of living heritage. Access for people with reduced mobility only in the shop. Suitable for children from 6 years old.

Events and festivals
Twice a year, the streets, squares, gardens and workshops of Moirans-en-Montagne are transformed into a large playground, shows and fairy tales: these are the Idéklic and Noël au Pays festivals. of the Toy. The Fête de la Petite Enfance is also inspired by it with a day entirely devoted to activities and shows for toddlers from 0 to 6 years old.

Childhood Day
Enjoy many activities and activities: Mini-farm, visual arts, images and words, musical sculptures, sensory journey, Montessori space, sensory discovery tours of the Toy Museum for toddlers from 18 months, motor skills space, exhibition, break gourmet, “early childhood” craft market…

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Moirans-en-Montagne, Toy paradise for children. The magic and magic of Christmas make, as usual, a breathtaking passage in the French toy capital. Thus, from December 18 to 20, Moirans-en-Montagne will live to the rhythm street arts, shows and fun workshops… and will metarmophose into a life-size playground. More than 9 companies providing around fifteen performances. Creative Christmas workshops around puppets, reindeer, snowmen, Christmas wreath, candle holder, giant wooden games area… Christmas market, pony rides, discovery visits to the Toy Museum…

Natural heritage
The Jura Sud territory is located in the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park and to the south of the lakes region. Its privileged location, in a remarkable natural environment, far from mass tourism, allows you to best appreciate this protected nature.

Vouglans Lake
Lake Vouglans, a lake in a green setting, with sumptuous landscapes, the multi-faceted “emerald lake”. From several belvederes, you can admire the meanders of this lake, overlooked by forests stretching majestically as far as the eye can see. It stretches over 35 km in length, it is the largest artificial lake in the Jura and the third French water reservoir.

A lake with many water activities, cruises, boat trips or canoeing are ideal to contemplate it in all its aspects. Located on the first Jura plateau, 430 m above sea level, Lake Vouglans is a very pleasant place to swim in summer. With water at 24 °, even the most cautious have no difficulty diving in the clear water of a mountain lake. Catamarans, optimists, pedal boats, canoes, windsurfing boards … all water activities are accessible for the whole family. You can choose from its three equipped and supervised beaches as well as a multitude of small “coves”.

Fed by the Ain, the dam was, after 5 years of work, completed in 1968. 103 meters high, it is the 3rd dam in France in terms of water retention capacity…: it retains some 600 million m3 of water, and with 1600 hectares of water, 35 km in length and 450m in average width, it makes Lac de Vouglans one of the largest artificial lakes in France.

D’antre Lake
Perched above the village, surrounded by spruce forests, Lac d’Antre is nestled at the foot of an enormous cliff called “La Roche d’Antre”. It is on the shores of the lake that the legendary and immense city of Antre would have stood, of which there is no trace. Myth or forgotten reality, Lac d’Antre still exerts its fascination on visitors. The site is also an exceptional acoustic site. A path is built along the Héria. However, it is quite difficult to approach the edge, there is no real path to go around the lake. Possibility of walking to the Roche d’Antre belvedere with an exceptional view of the lake.

Etival Lake
Located in the heart of the forest in a most peaceful site, three lakes, the “small”, the “large”, and the “lake of the Fauge”, shelter a fauna and flora characteristic of wetlands. A nearby path allows a panoramic view of the lakes and the village from the belvedere. You can go around the large lake along a very uncrowded road (4 km), accessible on foot, by mountain bike, bicycle and stroller.

Chanon Lake
In the municipality of Martigna, this small private lake is located in a peaceful area. An information panel mentions the details of its layout as well as the famous typically Jura legend of the “Vouivre”. It is possible to go around on foot (1.5 km).

Coiselet Lake
Lake Coiselet is an artificial lake located at the limit of the departments of Ain and Jura. It is the confluence of the Biel and the Ain rivers. It was created in 1970, when the Coiselet dam was filled. Cliffs surround the lake on all sides and offer spectacular landscapes. Many nearby trails allow you to discover exceptional views of this lake and the Ain Valley. An unsupervised beach with a restaurant nearby is located in Chancia. Another beach is located in Condes. It is also very popular with fishermen, known for predator fishing (pike, perch and pike-perch).


Through 300 km of marked hiking trails, between forests and clearings, lakes and mountains, there is a traditional heritage made up of fountains, bread ovens, farms, small chapels…

Hiking with Animals
Go horse or donkey trekking for an hour, for the day or for several days with the Jura du Grand Huit.

Climbing, canyoning, caving
Enjoy activities with our accompaniers. The activity providers, state-certified instructors, offer mountain activities to immerse you in the depths of the wild nature of the Jura. Passionate about outdoor and outdoor sports, they will take you on outings adapted to your abilities and your desires in complete safety. Young and old, adventurers or contemplatives, athletes or families will find with them an accompaniment to their own summit.

Mountain Biking, Cycling
Relaxing walks around the lakes, or training in the mountains, all circuits are possible, and the advantage is that you can choose. 6 mountain bike loops crossing the territory of Jura Sud. Cyclists will also not be disappointed with marked routes on small roads, uncrowded and still crossing magnificent landscapes.

Leisure and Water Sports
in the South Jura territory, water is omnipresent relaxation and physical exertion in lakes and rivers for fun. There is something for everyone and all year round. You will appreciate its pre-planted, wild spaces, free of any development as well as spaces more suited to the practice of nautical activities.

Family activities

Family Hikes
Family hikes are fun, especially when the kids aren’t dragging their feet. Whether in a pushchair, on short hikes or with the “Seven Tales on a Balade”, Jura Sud is ideal for beautiful family walks. Young and old will be able to discover the riches of its natural environment: lakes, forests, rivers…

Welcome to the imaginary land of the Seven Tales in Stroll… Take these short family walks and immerse yourself in the stories of the Learned Lizards, the Perfume of Estrela, the Elves with colds, the Lost Mermaid, the Flown Lake, Arthur in the Clouds or the tender Witch. Each departure is materialized by an entrance door (in the form of a giant book), on which is written the type of object that you will have to look for and follow during the whole walk. Go through this door to enter a universe full of mysteries and let your imagination run wild.

Arthur In The Clouds Walk Trail
The start of the trail is materialized by a book on a human scale (access from the front door): once you arrive in Étival from Les Crozets, cross the village then turn right when the direction “Prénovel Les Pairds” is indicated. Park in the immediate vicinity. The direction of the sign “Prénovel Les Piards” is directed towards a small sloping path along the cemetery as well as a large house. The gate is fifty meters further on (follow the directional signs “Sept Contes en Balade” in the town).

“Les Lutins Enrhumés” Walk Trail
The start of the path is materialized by a book on a human scale (access from the front door): once you arrive at the entrance to Les Crozets from Moirans-en-Montagne, take the small road that goes down to the left about a hundred meters later the entry panel of the town and which leads to a give way. Turn left to take the “Chemin du Clos de la vie” and walk 200 meters to see the front door on your left (follow the directional signs “Sept Contes en Balade” in the town). Take care near the Lapiaz.

“The Lost Siren” Walk Trail
The start of the path is materialized by a book on a human scale (access from the front door): once you arrive at the entrance to Maisod from Moirans-en-Montagne, take the road that leads to the left. Follow the signs for the Artisan Zone until you reach a large median where you can park near a huge reservoir. The entrance to the path is located near it (follow the directional signs “Sept Contes en Balade” in the town).

“Le Lac Envolé” Walk Trail
The start of the trail is materialized by a book on a human scale (entrance door access): the door is located about 100 meters before entering the village on your left by the roadside, when you arrive from Moirans-en- Mountain. Parking is available right next to the door (follow the directional signs “Sept Contes en Balade” in the town). Then take the direction of the village on foot to head in the right direction and you will see the 1st beacon.

“The Perfume Of Estrela” Walk Trail
The start of the trail is materialized by a human-sized book (access from the front door): in the village of Jeurre, take the direction of the castle, rue aux Monuments. Parking along the Biel near the castle. The entrance to the path is located below the bridge, near the river (follow the directional signs “Sept Contes en Balade” in the town).

“The Tenderized Witch” Walk Trail
The departure of the path is materialized by a book on a human scale (access from the front door): Take the direction of the campsite (formerly) and the football stadium. After the small bridge that crosses the Bienne, park on the right 50 meters after (follow the directional signs “Sept Contes en Balade” in the town).

“The Savant Lizards” Walk Trail
The start of the path is materialized by a book on a human scale (access from the front door): in the village of Vouglans, from the very small main square of the village, equipped with a fountain and on which you can park, take the small passage that goes up to the end of the square between the houses. The entrance to the path is located near it (follow the directional signs “Sept Contes en Balade” in the town).

Fun Walk for Children in Chancia
“No more walks where children drag their feet.” They will have to keep their eyes open to help Inspector Rando solve the puzzles along this lovely 3.4 km family walk to discover the village of Chancia, located on the shores of Lake Coiselet. Intended for families, this circuit is organized like a treasure hunt using dedicated sheets. The child assumes the role of guide-explorer, with the help of the mascot: Inspector Rando The natural and historical heritage… so many clues leading to observe and research to solve the suggested puzzles. Each member of the family is equipped with a card. The parents hold the description of the circuit relating to the village.

Adventure Survey-Game
A hectic adventure around the theme of resistance, inspired by real events. You will need to put all your senses on alert and work your brain. 4 km course in the village of Les Crozets and in the forest: bring suitable shoes and clothing. You will have to show ingenuity and cooperation to solve the mission given to you using a suitcase and associated tools. Two levels of difficulty: all audiences or experts. Ideal activity to practice with families or friends: children (from 7 years old), adolescents and adults.

Treasure hunt: “what is ludy’s favorite game?”
Ludy loves to have fun. He likes games of skill, reflection, the outdoors… That’s good, the Toy Museum in Moirans-en-Montagne is full of toys and games. However, there is one game that Ludy loves more than the rest. To find out, look for clues in downtown Moirans-en-Montagne. Solve each of the following puzzles and place the colored letters of each of your answers in the final keyword. You’ll discover Ludy’s favorite game.

Treasure hunt: “find ludy’s mystery companion”
Ludy and his companion were walking in the town center when suddenly, Ludy’s mystery companion vanished. Go in search of it with Ludy through the city circuit of Moirans. To do this, solve each of the following puzzles, and place the colored letters of each of your answers in the final keyword. You will find the name of Ludy’s companion and his favorite hiding place.

Treasure hunt: “deliver lud”
A witch cast a spell on Ludy and locked him in a toy box. However, to be able to free Ludy, we need to find the code that the witch composed. Help us to deliver it. For that, go on an adventure through the territory of Jura Sud to collect the clues that the witch has sown to obtain the code of the chest and thus free Ludy.

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