JRA Horse Racing Museum, Tokyo, Japan

The JRA Horse Racing Museum is an exhibition facility operated by the Japan Racing Association (JRA) that specializes in horse racing. It opened on October 26, 1991.

Located on the site of the Tokyo Racecourse (Fuchu, Tokyo), it displays all information about horse racing, from the birth of horse racing to the spread and development of horse racing in Japan, its history, behind the scenes of horse racing, There is a video hall where the related video materials of horse racing are shown on weekdays. Special exhibitions on horse racing and equestrian culture are also held from time to time.

Following the entrance hall, along the courtyard, there is a memorial hall and a video hall, a museum paddock and a gallery, and a special exhibition room. There is an exhibition room, exhibition room 2, exhibition room 3, theme corner and lobby on the 2nd floor. A racing simulation is provided.

On display at the facility are commemorative horses in the central horse race (33 horses in 2018), and trainers and jockey prizewinners.The Japan Racing Association (JRA) honors racehorses and horse racing officials. This is also called “entering the hall of fame”.

The Honorable Horses Exhibition, which had been held at a rest house in the Tokyo Racetrack since November 2, 1985, was relocated with the opening of the museum. The award winners were initially on display with the honoring horse, but have been on display separately since 2009.


Horse School (Manabiya) Museum Hall
In this hall, a life-size horse model will be displayed, a 150-inch screen with a projector will be used to show images of horses, and various exhibitions on horses and equestrian culture will be held as follows. The hall itself has a versatile design, and on certain days, various events such as a talk show with a stage will be held.

Horse statue model display
Thoroughbreds (racehorses), ban horses (banei horse races), and three native Japanese horse models will be on display.
You can see that there are differences in body size and limb thickness depending on the horse type. In addition, a riding event is held on a specific day, and you can actually experience its height.

Screening about horses
The popular “Anime Horse Story” will be screened on a 150-inch screen. For more information, please see “School Horse Screening Schedule”.

Panel display on horses
We will introduce various themes related to horse racing culture and equestrian culture in panels using photographs and illustrations.

Live Theater “Thoroughbred” & Jockey
It will be the biggest attraction of this renewal construction!

The live theater “Thoroughbred” is a theater-type attraction where you can experience immersive video and audio with a 4-screen and 5.1ch surround sound. Children and adults can enjoy it.

In addition, jockeys can freely choose from eight game uniforms (horse dresses) worn by jockeys who have straddled many famous horses, and race on the screen as if they were jockeys It is a fun attraction where you can run.

Horse Racing Hall of Fame
The Horse Racing Hall of Fame displays paintings, bronze horse statues, and related materials in order to convey the success of the horses selected as JRA’s honored horses to the posterity, with a particularly brilliant achievement. In addition, as part of the 50th anniversary of the JRA’s founding, bronze shields (with relief statues, nameplates) and profile panels with photographs of the “Trainers / Jockey Honorers” selected in January 2004 will be exhibited. I am.

2nd floor lobby
In the lobby on the second floor, large photo panels of Vodka, Deep Impact, Ascot Racecourse at the time of Royal Ascot are displayed as Photo spots.

About honorable horse, portrait, bronze statue, related materials. For the award winners, a bronze shield (with a relief image and nameplate) and a profile panel with photos.

Exhibition Room 1
The development of horse racing —300 years of romance. Exhibition Room 1 introduces the history of horse racing in the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, and other European and Asian horse races, as well as the history of horse racing in Japan. If you look at this exhibit, you can see how the race of each country and the development process in Japan are different.

Exhibition Room 2
In Exhibition Room 2, there are exhibits where you can learn about various aspects of horse racing, such as the life of Thoroughbreds, horse racing in the world, horse racing management mechanisms, pedigree, history, etc.

Above all, the new Tokyo Racecourse History Picture Scroll has a long story lined like a picture scroll, and you can freely select episodes according to your favorite era. Please thoroughly enjoy the tradition and history of Japanese horse racing such as the history of the famous derby horse.

In addition, you can experience the starter with the launching machine actually used by the JRA, a sire line where you can enjoy learning about the Japanese derby horse pedigree from the three great founders, a recognized horse, a heavy prize race video You can enjoy the viewing corner as before.

Exhibition Room 3
In Exhibition Room 3 with a new wall case, you will see various planned exhibits in the future.

Special exhibition room
Various events and special exhibitions will be held during the Spring and Autumn Tokyo Horse Races.

Tokyo Racecourse
Tokyo Racetrack is a central horse racetrack in Fuchu City, Tokyo. Also known as Fuchu Racecourse from its location.

In addition to the JRA Horse Racing Museum and Horse Riding Center, playground equipment and events such as an amusement park such as a horse-drawn carriage, a water play area, and a mini Shinkansen are being held on the premises.