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Korean Art Museum Association Seoul, South Korea

The Korean Art Museum Association, a non-profit organization, is committed to developing and contributing to Korean arts and culture. Since its inception in 2005, the Association has been striving to nurture around hundred member museums through a wide variety of resources programs and projects.

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In order to truly know the history and culture of a country, you must visit its museums. It is there that you will find traces of the lives of the past, which enable us to better understand the present and anticipate the future. The Korean Art Museum Association seeks to be a catalyst for dialogue between regions, nations, cultures, and academia, not to merely serve as a window to the past and present. With the goal of igniting communication, NMK will help our nation open its mind and perspective in order to view the world without prejudice, while inspiring creativity. To this end, we will continue to collect, preserve, and research exceptional artifacts.

Project Specifications
Support career development – The Korean Art Museum Association supports career development of art professionals geared towards art major graduates as well as curator license holders. Through this program, the Association provides them with the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences in museum practices. While the Association positions itself as learning and manpower training center, the organization strengthens art museums to be socially responsible, activated, and financially-supported institutions through enhancing employment opportunities. This program is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Art Council Korea.

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On-line & Mobile Promotions – Korean Artist Project: Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organized by the Korean Art Museum Association, Korean Artist Project(KAP) is a global online platform designed to introduce Korean contemporary art with Korean private art museums. Launched in 2011, KAP introduces outstanding 86 Korean contemporary artists through a variety of web-based contents. These include virtual exhibitions curated by 28 art museums’ curators, video interviews, and digital archives which provide online visitors with and in-depth sense of the Korean contemporary art scene. In keeping with this, KAP strives to develop and implement a wide range of global outreach strategies to enhance its reputation as a global representative of Korean contemporary art.

E-magazine: offers network activation in order to exchange information between art museums. Also, its online and mobile services that can be easily accessible to all people provide art museums’ relevant news.

Art Festivals & Events
– provides the general audience with the opportunities to meet art professionals such as art museum directors, curators, and educators, and so on. This event includes introducing participating museums’ exhibitions, educational programs, special events, and archives and offering free art lectures to the public, thus streamlining effective communication and enhancing exchanges of information between art people.
– is a month-long art festival, in which private art museums in nationwide participate and open in May every year at the same time, offering hands-on art educational experiences to people of all ages.

Academic Events and the Publications
– The Association holds the symposiums and seminars to discuss about art policies in Korea and develop strategies in the art museum sector. It has been publishing the research reports and manuals on art and cultural management and administration including Manual for Founding and Managing Art Museum, Guide to Exhibition Planning for Korean Private Art Museum, Marketing Guide for Korean Private Art Museum, and Accounting and Tax Manual for Art Museum.