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The Kagawa Museum Takamatsu-shi, Japan

The Kagawa Museum (香川県立ミュージアム) is a prefectural museum in Takamatsu, Japan, dedicated to the history and art of Kagawa Prefecture. The museum opened in 2008, consolidating the three institutions of the Kagawa Prefectural Cultural Hall (香川県文化会館 Kagawa-ken Bunka Kaikan?) (opened 1966); Seto Inland Sea Folk History Museum (瀬戸内海歴史民俗資料館 Seto-Naikai Rekishi Minzoku Shiryōkan?) (opened 1973) ; and Kagawa History Museum (香川県歴史博物館 Kagawa-ken Rekishi Hakubutsukan?) (opened 1999); the first two institutions now operate as annexes of The Kagawa Museum.

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With the Seto Inland Sea to the north and Mt.Yashima to the east, The Kagawa Museum is located in a scenic beauty spot with rich cultural and historical environment. The museum is also adjacent to transport terminals such as JR Takamatsu Station and Takamatsu Port, as well as tourist attaractions and public facilities including Tamamo Park (Takamatsu Castle Ruins) and Kagawa Citizen’s Hall. This museum is a general museum with the function of both a history museum and an art museum. It is a focal point for Kagawa’s culture with a wide array of activities through exhibition, propagation, investigative research, and other events. In addition, as annexes to the museum, there are Kagawa Prefectural Cultural Hall for various cultural events, and Seto Inland Sea Folk History Museum with full of information about the folk customs around the Seto Inland Sea.