Hong Kong Food Expo 2009, China

The 20th edition Food Expo, a favourite among food lovers, held together with the 1st Hong Kong International Tea Fair, 1st Hong Kong Lifestyle Showcase and the 8th International Conference & Exhibition of the Modernization of Chinese Medicine & Health Products (ICMCM), open simultaneously on August 13, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The four fairs under the same roof, offer a one-stop trade and consumer gathering catering to growing demand for gourmet food, health food, tea, daily necessities and Chinese medicine.

Given that Hong Kong is a prime trading hub, and that its people have the highest tea consumption levels among Asian cities. Hong Kong has its own unique tea culture and many special tea products. The inaugural tea fair facilitate global trade and encourage an even higher tea culture in the city.

The inaugural Lifestyle Showcase, which include a public element, by providing public accessibility attractive to residents, help exhibitors to learn first-hand about consumer tastes and trends. By providing combined trade and public fairs, exhibitors can gather market information at the wholesale level, as well as pick up some good intelligence from the consumers.

The combined presentation of the four fairs represents the HKTDC’s recognition that Hong Kong is increasingly being recognised as a trendsetter for the region, due to the maturing of its creative and design capabilities, the popularity of its culture, and its high standards of health care and food safety.

All four fairs reflect well on Hong Kong’s growing role as a hub for Asian lifestyle trends, as Asian markets mature, regional consumers demanding more of their own styles and trends. Hong Kong as ideally placed to provide the necessary platform in growth areas such as lifestyle, tea, food and Chinese medicine.

Hong Kong Food Expo 2009
Renowned as a gourmet paradise, Hong Kong boasts a wide variety of culinary delights ranging from local snacks, international cuisines to expensive and rare food ingredients. The Food Expo as a pre-eminent gourmet event is growing from strength to strength. Food companies from around the world also flock to the event to explore business opportunities.

Food Expo is the annual signature event in Hong Kong, a feast for foodies, by featuring a wide range of international and local delicacies, providing an ideal trading platform for exhibitors to showcase their latest products to international buyers, as well as featuring a wide variety of products for public visitors to choose from.

The Food Expo sets a centre stage for good food from all over the world. It has been popular among industry players and consumers. Many exhibitors made use of the Food Expo to test consumer response to their new products and to demonstrate their products’ marketability to local and overseas retailers and distributors.

Hong Kong is a convenient and ideal place to trade and do business while the expo is effective in drawing buyers every year. The Food Expo attracted a large number of visitors, including distributors, chefs and consumers all in one place to explore opportunities.

The Food Expo spotlight Hong Kong’s reputation as a business hub and lifestyle trendsetter in Asia. By bringing high-quality products and lifestyle solutions to consumers and trade buyers, each striving to help consumers enjoy a better and healthier lifestyle.

The Food Expo is hugely popular with the general public and has proved highly rewarding for trade buyers. The fair provide a platform for sourcing and networking, creating business opportunities among different sectors. In addition to bringing an international gourmet feast to visitors, to enhance the cultural exchange between Hong Kong and other regions as well.

The HKTDC organised a number of business-matching sessions between local retailers and exhibitors and overseas buyers during the fair. Exhibitors received a lot of sincere inquiries, purchases and cooperation agency intentions. The Expo provides a good stage to showcase products and raise the profile of regional local flavours, fine food and snacks.

The 20th edition of the HKTDC Food Expo is Hong Kong’s annual food extravaganza, featuring a Trade Hall for professionals and a Public Hall for the general public. This year’s event features an all-time Food Expo record of 607 exhibitors, and brings together food retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, brokers and food agency representatives under one roof. The fair welecome some 60 buying missions, representing 2,770 buyers from 35 countries and regions.

Exhibitors come from 24 countries and regions including Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Chinese Taiwan, the Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Food Expo serve up a feast of opportunities with manufacturers and suppliers presenting delicacies from around the world. Trade buyers and public visitors was able to sample each cuisine, and savour each mouthful.

Food Expo theme zones include: Alcoholic Beverages; Bakery Products, Noodles & Rice; Kitchenware; Sauces & Seasonings; Canned, Frozen & Processed Food; Health, Green & Organic Food; Non-alcoholic Beverages; Snacks, Confectionery & Dairy Products; and a Premium Food Zone.

The Food Expo 2009 has received an unprecedented response from manufacturers and producers, the fair will use the newly expanded Hall 1, as well as part of Hall 3.

Premium Food Zone was a new feature, hosting brand-name quality food, beverages and associated products, including Appolo, Arome, Munchy, CARE & HEALTH, CHEWY, EDO, Eu Yan Sang, HANG HEUNG, Hoi Tin Tong, Maxim’s, IMPERIAL BIRD’S NEST, Kee Wah Bakery, KIMLAM, Nongshim, Chongga, NG FUNG HONG, NIN JIOM, NISSIN, NU Pharm, SAU TAO, SUPER STAR, TAIPAN, Tao Ti, TUNG CHUN, VITA GREEN, J’s GOURMET, WING WAH, and YUMMY HOUSE.

Trade Hall in Hall 3 was open through 13-15 August. For the first two days, only trade buyers attend, including food producers, dealers, suppliers, wholesalers, franchisers and agents. In a strictly professional environment they was able to discuss business, promote products and expand their distribution network. Group pavilions was also be set up in Trade Hall, shaping a distinct and favourable image for food-producing regions.

Food Expo 2009 feature special events such as cooking demonstrations by celebrities and famous chefs, and games. These will not only mix business with fun but also serve as a platform for attracting a maximum number of buyers either for product launches or building brand names.

Hong Kong Tea Fair 2009
Co-organised with the Chinese Tea Culture International Exchange Association, the Hong Kong International Tea Fair features exhibitors from the great tea-producing centres of the world, including Argentina, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

Complimenting the fair are several special events designed to build awareness of tea including brand building, market opportunities and the cultural aspects of the beverage. Apart from seminars, highlights are the final round of Kam Cha Competition (Hong Kong-style milk tea) and the “Most Beloved Tea” voting game, which is open to public participation.

ICMCM 2009
Co-organised with the Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association, ICMCM features exhibits in Chinese medicine, health supplements, health care and therapy, health equipment and related services, research and development among others. The fair provides a high-quality Chinese-medicine trading platform and promotes awareness of Chinese medicine around the world.

Here, 125 exhibitors from nine countries and regions, including Canada, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Chinese Taiwan,Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Singapore are participating. Seven group pavilions are present, including those from Japan, Korea, Pengzhou, Chongqing, Heilongjiang Province, Jilin Province and Qinghai Province.

Related activities include the ICMCM Conference on “The Integration of Scientific Research and Development in Novel Chinese Medicines” (August 13-14) and the Chinese Medicine Health Public Forum (August 15-16).

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