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Maso di Banco

Maso di Banco (Bron in 1348) was an Italian painter of the 14th century, who worked in Florence, Italy. He and Taddeo Gaddi were the most prominent Florentine pupils of Giotto di Bondone, exploring the three-dimensional dramatic realism inaugurated by Giotto.

Maso’s name and work are known to us from Lorenzo Ghiberti’s autobiographical I Commentari, which identifies frescoes in the chapel of the Holy Confessors at Santa Croce, Florence as his chief work. The frescoes, not signed or dated but probably c 1340, represent scenes from the Life of St. Sylvester, the Last Judgment, and The Entombment.

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His fresco of a particular judgment is in the Bardi banking family chapel of Santa Croce. It features Gualtiero de’ Bardi pleading on behalf of his soul before Jesus Christ.

Nanni di Banco, a sculptor of the early 15th century, is not related to Maso.