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Gao Cen

Gao Cen (Chinese: 高岑 1621-1691), courtesy name as Shanchang or Weisheng, is a famed Chinese painter active during the Qing Dynasty. A native Hangzhou, he lived in Jinling and was one of “Eight Masters of Jinling”. Good in drawing mountains and water and ink flowers, freehand into God.

At the beginning the Qing dynasty was formed by a group of artists, called Eight masters of Jinling (current Nanjing). Junling was the most important city after Beijing. Many loyal supporters gathered for the foundation of Qing. Eight masters de Janling: Gong Xian, Fan Qi, Zou Zhe, Wu Hong, Hu Zao, Gao Cen, Ye Xin and Xie Sun, kept their fidelity mostly to Ming and expressed their feelings in their writings.

“Jinling eight” is the era of Kangkang dry active in the Nanjing area, influential a big school. Eight have Gong Xian, Gao Cen, Fan Qi, Zou Zhe, Wu Hong, Ye Xin, Xie Sun, Hu and others. Eight painters are included in a genre, their own style is far away, division also have their own cases. Their common place, is indifferent fame, was lofty, only with poetry and wine, painting and calligraphy as a companion, depending on the temple for the fecal mud pond, hi rivers and lakes and leisurely tour Zai. Eight occasional Accor gathered, no more words, but to the emperor Danqing Qingqingqing Xing, Yu Shihuohuai.

Gao Cen in the “eight” in the achievements, second only to Gong Xian, he is not only good painting landscape, but also skilled in ink flowers. His early years of admiration Zhu Han, after learning blue Ying, and from the Song Dong source, generous pen and paper in the search for the foundation, and even Huang Zi Jiu (Huang Gong Wang) of the ethereal simplicity, Shen Shitian ﹝ Shen Zhou) rough service, he devote themselves to , Mastery.

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Gao Cen early to peace and stability-based, and to middle-aged later, advocating freehand, the pursuit of spiritual and realm, the painting gradually become high spirits, old age is increasingly unrestrained, insisted, in fact, this is from the inevitable step into the process of freedom Destination.

Gao Cen domiciled for the known part of his life in Nankin where he was considered as part of «Eight masters de Nanjing» as painter but also poet. He was good at painting flowers and landscapes. Number of his landscapes, as escaped Vision of the stony city, represent surroundings of Jinjing.

There wasn’t found the method of ink accumulation by Gong Xian; he used rather traditional linear methods. He was gifted for the drawing of outlines and employed job magnificently in the dry brush for the shade. Unlike Gong, most of his writings were accomplished in colour on silk.

Handed down works of “Wanshan green map” axis, is now the National Palace Museum;
“Fengtaiqiu month map” axis, “Qiushan Wanmu” axis, Kangxi eight years (1669) as “Lin Yinping ancient map” is located in Nanjing Museum;
Twelve years for the “floating window waterfall” is now hidden in Tianjin Art Museum;
“Jiangshan thousands of miles map” volume, fourteen years as “Shangeqing autumn map” is now hidden in Liaoning Province Museum;
“Wild map” is now hidden in Qingdao City Museum;
“Spring King landscape screen” is now living in Yantai City Museum;
The album “Taniguchi” is recorded in the book “Chinese Painting History”.
Kangxi eleven years (1672) as “mountain fan”, respectively, income “celebrity painting fan” set three seven; “Ming and Qing Dynasty painter seal.” Kangxi five years (1666);
Kangxi eighteen years (1679) as a “landscape book”, respectively, the income of the National Palace Museum Museum “Jinling Zhujia”; “Ming and Qing Dynasties painter seal.”
Beijing (Museum of the imperial palace):
Vision fugitive of the stony city, section of a portable roll, inks and colour on silk, 36,3×701,8 cm
Paintings of landscapes, dated from 1672, ink and colours on paper, album of twelve canvases according to the masters