Gandharpale Caves

Gandharpale Caves is group of 30 Buddhist caves, 105 km south of Mumbai on Mumbai Goa Highway near Mahad. The caves are located near the NH-17 and well connected by Road.

These caves are Buddhist caves in Mahad tehsil of Raigad district of Maharashtra. These caves are carved on the hills on the Mumbai-Goa highway, 3 km away north of Mahad on the north side of Mahad.

These caves are on the hills surrounding the village of Gandharpale. This cave is approximately 50-60 m above the base. There are 28 caves in the caves and there are 3 chittagong and 19 viharas in it. There are steps to the cemetery immediately after approaching the plant. After climbing these steps, you reach the lake. It takes about 20-25 minutes to climb the steps.

Cave 1 – Has Verandah in front 53 feet long and 8 feet wide. Shrine has sculpture images of Buddha, with wheel and deer beneath.

It is a chaityagory and has seven arches. The lane has a six-pillared oasis, and there is a magnificent hall behind the ocean. Of the six pillars, only one pillar is fully covered, the other five are partial. There are three doors to the room. Two windows are designed to be light in the room. After entering the hall, we have two rooms on the left side of the wall on the left side, as well as the sanctum in the middle of the wall and the side of the sanctum. This magnificent hall is excavated from all sides. In the middle of the sanctum sanctorum, Buddha idol has been installed in the mountains. The statue is ruined. Under the auspiciousness of the idol, there are women, women, and women flying in the sky. The statue of Buddha is seen in the backside of the idol that is carved on the idol. Before digging idols, the method of painting it can not be found in any of the lanes of Maharashtra.

Cave 8 – it has high dogoba
Cave 15 – has dogoba
Cave 21- seated Buddha with attendants.

The inscription describes donations by bankers. A farm was given to Sangha.

Source From Wikipedia