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Fred le Chevalier

Fred le Chevalier from Underground Paris, France. Fred le Chevalier’s message is a combination of sweet emotions about love with more difficult, harder sentiments and reflections about life.

Underground Paris is focused on the street art movement by engaging in various cultural projects and initiatives.

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Since early 2012, the project has gathered up material including personal artist interviews, written articles, videos, and a virtually unlimited photographic database. In addition to this documentary work, we act as a liaison for street artists, helping to facilitate site-specific works and private and public commissions. It is through these relations with both artists and institutions that Underground Paris contributes to the strength of the movement.

We also offer the public to join us each week by offering walking tours to discover and learn about the street art scene, by exploring the North-East areas of Oberkampf, Ménilmontant, and Belleville. This experience is enriched by a critical comprehension of the evolution of the different techniques of street art, from New York graffiti and lettering to paste ups and stencils. The layers of work in the areas we visit allow us to illustrate the depth and complexity of the movement.