Ai-Mitsu (Japanese: 靉光 1907 – 1946) was a Japanese artist and painter. He is known for a unique style of painting such as surrealism style and Song original style, but since it discards many works before life and the remaining work has been lost in the atomic bomb, it is very few.

He was born into a small landowning family in 1907 in Hiroshima, and given the name Nichiro Ishimura, which he later changed to Ai-Mitsu when he moved to Tokyo to pursue his career as an artist. In 1934 he married Kie, a teacher of the deaf who helped support him through his struggles as an artist. His most famous work is « Landscape with an Eye », currently held in the collection of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. It consists of shapeless forms with a large eye in a landscape setting.

In 1944 he was conscripted and sent to China, where he died of a fever in the months after the war.

Representative work:
« Woman doing knitting » (1934) Aichi Prefectural Art Museum
« Landscape with eyes » (1938) The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
« Double statue » (1941) Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of Art
« Self-portrait » (3 works, 1943 · 1944)